TGI Fridaily

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TGI Fridaily

I thought I'd start it as I am bored.

RL: Nothing happening at work - waiting for the phone to ring. Godson's B'day on Monday (he'll be 3) and I am taking him and his family to Sunday lunch. Looking forward to it.

D2: Got bored running NM meph with my skelliemancer. No Skin of the Vipermagi yet. Got a Snowclash - so I thought I'd make a Blizzsorc last night. Tried twice didn't get into it. Damage sucked and I ran out of mana all the time. Couldn't even play @ /p8.

Rolled a 'zon instead. MUCH more exciting as I have a few bows in stock to twink her with. She's already @ the Inner courtyard @ lvl 15 playing on /p8.

Got about 5 skillpoints to allocate - atm she has 1 in all passive skills to lvl 12 (inner sight, critical strike, dodge, slow missiles and avoid) and 1 in magic, cold and multishot.

Not sure if I am going for an Icemaiden, a strafer or a multi 'zon.

I read a very nice runeword guide for bowazons today I am tempted by
4 Socket Missile Weapons
Amn + Shael + Jah + Lo
100% Chance To Cast Level 40 Blizzard When You Level-up
25% Chance To Cast Level 22 Frost Nova On Striking
Level 18 Holy Freeze Aura When Equipped
+20% Increased Attack Speed
+140-210% Enhanced Damage (varies)
Ignore Target's Defense
+25-30% To Cold Skill Damage (varies)
-20% To Enemy Cold Resistance
7% Life Stolen Per Hit
20% Deadly Strike
3.125-309.375 Extra Gold From Monsters (Based on Character Level)​

Does an Amazon make a good MFer?



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A Frostmaiden would be absolutely ideal for Pindle runs or even Baal runs (if the first two waves were done at /players 1). I've always enjoyed the Frostmaiden build above all other Amazon builds, come to think of it. It does rely heavily on charms and skills - keep collecting all the small charms with cold damage you find. All of them will add 1 second of freezing time to your FA freeze length :wink3:...


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RL: got very late on my morning class, fortunately the lecture is in good mood, she let me in :p
d2: pushed my blizzy to halls of the dead. She is Hardcore, I don't want to lose another HC char, I'm planning to invest 20 points on telekinesis (sysnergy) and one point on mana shield (boost with +skill itamz), do you think this is a good idea?
KoL: Somebody donated a huge amount of meats to me and other gave me some booze, some nice other people there. (not saying that if you gave nothing you're not nice though, I receive a lot of buff from sint and Water_moon) the SPF clan message board is not so active, we need more people to join there :smiley:

Have a nice day everyone


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RL: Same old same old. Took a friend's car around the block while he is in the USA. I am having the brakes fixed (installed?) on Tuesday.

D2: Surrounded by Trappist Monks, but I found MM's post #3 hilarious.


RL: Well, quite offended by what dickiesmom post in the SPTF. Hope he gets what he deserved. I don't really like the words he use. Anyway, it's saturday here, early morning, so i wake up and do some my maths revision.

D2: Stop questing for now and i'll run NM Andy till my SPF elite runner project is done.

Happy day everyone..


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RL: I have to help my Papa and my Dad move furniture at Papa's house, so the painters can do their thing. Yay (not). Hopefully I'll make a few dollars while I'm at it though... Papa usually pays well.

D2: My wind druid is in act three now, and due to the donations I've received, and the trades I've made, he's kicking butt. Thanks to all who helped me with this guy! :thumbsup:


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Thyiad said:
I had to go here and check to make sure I didn't say anything hilarious I may have forgotten. Silly boring me.:cry:

RL: Work was work today, but it was a good kind of day, so I'm not disappointed. I am disappointed however that my best friend is in Boston so can't hang out this weekend at all. Poo.

D2: Got Sirius through the Great Marsh, back down through the Spider Forest, and up to the Flayer Jungle waypoint, and cleared the Swampy Pit. I'm heading for Kurast tonight!

~The real MM


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@suiling, yep, he was a foul-mouthed jerk. Good riddance.

RL: Just finished working from home. A mellow day, as I didn't have to deal with my (least) favorite contractor. He's down to 13 days on his contract, and it broke my heart when his contract wasn't renewed... Can we get a desserted island and put all of the high-maintenance people there?

D2: Questing on /p8 with my Frenzy barb in A1 Hell. It's slow.


I found that his thread has been deleted. Hope he deserves what he got for wheat he had done.. Hate this kind of person..