test our your reaction time

.29 with track pad
.19 with mouse.

I wonder what the average time is for just noticing the difference. Like when your brain registers the change.

diablo loves donutz

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I kid you not, 0.165 avg

The reason for that was on my second hit, I think I accidentaly got jittery and just clicked it and appaerently it timed it perfectly and it came out 0.08 lmao.


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My "avarage" was 0.235 - normal. I'm actually surprised at how long it takes for my finger to push the button after I see it. I can sense the reaction time.

On my first try I got 3.3 - I took my eye of the screen for a few seconds, and when the big one came along I wasn't sure if I was supposed to click or not for a second.

Ooh, 1.98 on the third try.

0.184 That why I infuse I guess.

btw, hi all. /wave

Are you coming back or what?