Tesladin or Frosty


Tesladin or Frosty


i need a character to run hell with no items.
i have just returned to the fold after a year and naturally i am drawn to the pallys.

which is the better option of the two.

could you help please

also does the holy freeze work on bosses.

There is the crescent moon runeword for a tesladin but what is there pally wise for the frost zealot

lots of questions random order please help



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Tesladin i suppose since crescent moon sounds to help alot and afaik the only weapons with -enemy cold res is doom and Ice. Doom already has a holy freeze aura so it won't stack and ice is a bow.


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to me it would kinda depend on your wealth, if your poor, no biggie - i have a tesladin in single player who tears it up. if you have some tradeables and hrs i would personally do a dreamer (dreamadin) andd since my dreamer uses a cresent moon but with the conviction aura light resist is already busted i would personally add a doom weapon to him. then no need for a merc, your cold and light aura will kill the weak and you can kill the rest easily- and i really do mean easily. some will say just to make a full auradin, but i personally like to bash stuff and this way i get to hit when i want to and in the case of Oblivion Knights and such i can just sit back and let em die.


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If you're poor a Frostalot is pretty nice. You can run through Nightmare untwinked without any problems and with the grabs from NM Baal/Meph you can either get enough tradeables to move onto a bigger/better char or give you enough juice to make him into a hell roller. If you can get some decent CB and don't mind bailing on games with PI/CI packs you can make it through hell.

Frost aura does work with varying success on bosses as long as they're not CI or those rare monsters that are immune to the aura (like those big demons in the Worldstone).

I especially like frostys untwinked as they just need a fast weapon (and you can get plenty for pgems in the forums) and they can switch to gull or another MF weapon for boss kills w/o losing much of anything. My first frostalot got me enough gear from NM to build an IK barb who then got me enough gear to finish off my Frosty.

Talga Vasternich

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Cheap runeword for Frost Zealots: Voice of Reason
Lem + Ko + El + Eld
15% Chance To Cast Level 13 Frozen Orb On Striking
18% Chance To Cast Level 20 Ice Blast On Striking
+50 To Attack Rating
+220-350% Damage To Demons
+355-375% Damage To Undead (varies)
+50 To Attack Rating Against Undead
Adds 100-220 Cold Damage
-24% To Enemy Cold Resistance
+10 To Dexterity
Cannot Be Frozen
75% Extra Gold From Monsters
+1 To Light Radius

the only bad part of this is the lack of IAS.


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the only bad part of this is the lack of IAS.
Black (Thul, Io, Nef in a flail or pally weapon) is also a very nice, cheap runeword for a frosty. You get 40% CB and 15% IAS. That CB lets you deal with the CIs that start showing up at the end of NM.

IMHO better off making and then trading a couple PGems for a Zaks hand (lvl 37, +2 HF, 30% ias) and then Heaven's Light (PGems for a +2 skill/1os) when you get into the 60s.



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It depends. The slow is nice for Frosties, but you can get the same thing with a Holy Freeze Merc. Of course, a Frostadin can replace that HF merc with a Might or Defiance merc. Or if you're going to run Voice of Reason, you can skip them both and run Conviction as your main aura. Lots of choices, all of which tend to be equally valid.


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Does conviction upgrade all magic attacks?
Just Fire, Lightning, and Cold, although it also reduces enemy defense by so much that everyone has a pretty much guaranteed 95% chance to hit monsters of the same level as them.



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Another Cheap item to use would be Duress RW (Shael um thul). Cold dmg CB, OW, FHR and res. VERY good melee armor for frosty or tesladin. As for frosty or Tesladin. Frosty's slow targets as well which could be useful.