(Tesladin) Just Solo'd DClone!


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(Tesladin) Just Solo'd DClone!

So, I was playing a game "Come now" where only one other person was there, and he was cool. We were chatting, and I was noticing like 1 SoJ message per minute, then he had to leave. So I stuck around, waiting for dclone. Went from 3057 SoJ's sold, to 3081, then Diablo Walked The Earth!

I spawned him at the brute that drops scroll of infuiss because there aren't any lightning imm's around there, and started whacking at him. After about 50 seconds I had to TP to buy more pots (he was landing a bunch of hits on me), and I switched to Blackhorn's mask for the prevent heal, absorb and slowing. Lowest health I got to was right around half (1100 hp). It took me 34 greater healing pots to finish (and 4 TP scrolls), but after about 7 minutes I killed him. Woohoo! Got a 12/17/10 anni from him (by the way, this was the first time I've ever killed and the first anni I've ever had.

I was "schocked" [lame pun :) ] when I killed him, didnt think I stood much of a chance.

Stats (before bonuses)
20 HS/RL/Holy Shield
5 Zeal
12 (I think) Sacrifice
A couple in salvation

Crescent moon Phase Blade
Gris armor with a 4/4 light facet and some jewel I accidentally put in
HoZ (clean)
Laying of Hands
Blackhorns (Usually PTopaz tal's mask)
Ravenfrost (18/190)
A real nice dual leech rare (6% both, other mods)
IK belt


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glad to here it. i have the gloves and hat. now, if i could only get the rest. d clone came to a game i was in today. we ran all over the place looking for him, but, couldnt find him. :(

fugitive alien2

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with max HS you probably could have kilt him a lot quicker by smiting. good job though.

also if you have it handy, rising sun = no pots needed.


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fugitive alien2 said:
with max HS you probably could have kilt him a lot quicker by smiting. good job though.

also if you have it handy, rising sun = no pots needed.
How's that? Crescent moon has itd and zeal is uninteruptible...right?


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Sorry, this may sound noobish, but, Does holy shock work with ranged weapons?
Is there any limitations (like 1/2 the damage) if you use a ranged weapon?


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I just met D Clone for the frst time tonight, and wow was he tough (as he should be). I was in a solo game but I kinda was giving up, I mentioned it in channel and another guy helped me out. I let him have the charm at the end. Took at least 30 minutes, first time either of us had encountered him, geez, he regens bigtime. I ran out of money and pots early on, but we kept plugging away.

I'll be ready for him next time ;)


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From now on, keep a weapon with prevent monster heal in your stash or switch. If you encounter him again, use that weapon and smite. Smite will hit him for sure than use whatever other attack you normally use, this way you will not have to beat his crazy regeneration rate.