tesla freeze zealer vs. uber


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tesla freeze zealer vs. uber

i about to devlop tesla freeze zealer vs. uber and i n your help
i didnt buy all yet so i n your advice, this is the equip i think for my zealer
tell me what u think:badteeth:
helm:perf gaze/coa/dream helm
amu:highlord/serph 2 2/angelic
wep:doom ba/crescent moon(ba or balrog blade dunno which?)
shild:dream pala shild/zaka/exile
belt:verdungo 40/15 / nosferatu 7
boots:uped gore 191
ring 1:raven 223/20
ring 2: rear ring lich and ar/angelic

what do u say do i have a chance or is it a waste of time?
or the r better items for me to use? or should i devlop tesla alone or freeze alone i n help!
and the skilles r 20 scrafice 20 zeal 20 fana 20 holy shild 20 conviction???
tell me what do u think i n to change or just try it?

thx oran


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really nice guide but i want to use doom as wepon and the helm and shild is dream not exile can it work on uber this setup?


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k then i use exile but would this setup will work
(dream exile doom eni/coh loh/draculs)?


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Use the CoH, and make sure you have godly resist. Other than that, many people have done it with much cheaper setup than you have.


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You won't be able to break the cold immunes.

You need lvl 23+1 conviction to override Meph's conviction. His conviction will have no effect and your max resists will remain max.

I would use Grief PB over doom.

Your going to have 2 dreams ? then grief will hit tons and do tons of both phy and elemental damage.

You need life tap of some sort. With Dream shield this leaves dracs as the only really practical source.