Terrible FPS after fresh install


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Terrible FPS after fresh install

Ok, so I've just formatted my Compaq MCP61PM-HM to Windows 7 and am having a hard time running D2. I've downloaded and installed the appropriate motherboard and video drivers, so I'm not sure that that is an issue.

Basically the problem is that I'm getting around 15fps with constant spikes.

Anyone have any idea what the problem might be? Should I post my DxDiag info?


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Re: Terrible FPS after fresh install

sp is framelocked at 25fps

first, windows aero desktop may be getting in the way
right click the shortcut -> properties -> compatibility tab
tick "disable desktop composition"

then check for lag or low framerates

ingame chat /fps to see your lag (ping) and your framerate

if the framerate goes lower than 25fps
check what video mode d2 is using
if its using direct3d, try 2d, or the glide wrapper

to change the video mode from d3d to ddraw 2d
run D2VidTst.exe from your d2 install folder -> run testes -> pick ddraw(2d) -> ok

if its still slow/unplayable try the glide wrapper

download gl32ogl14d.zip and unzip to your d2 install folder
run glide-init.exe, pick english/dutch, opengl-infos, query opengl-infos
if nothing is listed under unsupported extensions its fine
pick settings
tick keep aspect ratio, desktop resolution, and vsync
then test to verify it works

if its successful (framerate stays higher than 25)
run D2VidTst.exe -> run testes -> pick glide

if it is lag, find out where it could be coming from
tracert to battle.net

start -> run -> cmd [enter]
tracert battle.net [enter]

you will get a list of 3 pings followed by the server name
* * * timeouts will begin after the attens.net servers (this is normal)

and look where the numbers start getting larger
if they are all under 150 you should be ok
repeat a few tiems just to be sure

if the spikes are still random, try pinging your router

start -> run -> cmd [enter]
tracert battle.net [enter]

the 1st ip listed will be your router
ex. 1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms []
ping that ip

ping /n 20 [enter] (/n pings it 20 times)

will result
Reply from bytes=32 time<1ms TTL=64
if the numbers are still random, and its using a wireless card, try using a cable

if ping is low (under 200) and framerate is high (50+)
close some background apps that could be running
antivirus scanning ect..


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Re: Terrible FPS after fresh install

Thanks so much! The glide wrapper thing worked a charm :) Doesn't like closing the game afterwards, but at least I can play now! :D

Also, one other thing that I think may be related is the minimap appears over to the left instead of directly under my char, and pressing V shifts it way over to the right. If I use the arrow keys to move it, it starts to get cut off when it reaches the centre...strange indeed.