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Tentative Frenzy MF barb build needs advice

Discussion in 'Barbarian' started by Immortal_King, Sep 2, 2006.

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    Aug 30, 2003
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    Tentative Frenzy MF barb build needs advice

    Hi ^_^;

    I really havent played a barb or known anything about them since Classic when Iceblink + big lance = deth 2 flayers.

    So anyways, here's the skills layout I have planned:

    20 Weapon Mastery
    20 BO
    20 Frenzy
    20 Double Swing
    1 Zerk
    Rest prereqs and Taunt

    Then the tricky part is items layout. I wanna be using Zerkers I gather from all the various threads, but other gear seems to baffle me.

    Arreats Ist
    War Travs

    Thats what I think most barbs for MF would be using, but base magic find is pathetically low on this. I know charms can be added, but it still seems like I could be getting alot more out of gears. Botd and Arreats should give enough lifeleech so I could drop a BK for a nagel, but from what I remember a +1 skills on a barb gives huge dmg from mastery and whatever combat move you're using, not to mention synergies and whatnot. Dropping Rends and Dungoes for Chancies and Goldwrap gives another 70 MF but its a huge sacrifice in damage and survivability. So if anyone has a MF Frenzy barb, whats your prefered build? Hopefully I'll be able to run Baal, Pits, Travincal with him. Merc I'm guessing will be might/conc aura polearm.

    Also, I've never tried Enigma on a barb. How are they for casting? Like w/o any faster cast are they able to teleport to Throne of D without getting stunlocked? I dont have a MH to avoid Souls and Dolls and other fast hitters, so should I use 2 Hoto's on weapon switch? Or is he safe enough to just keep 2x Ali baba's?

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