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Ten game questions from a beginner

Discussion in 'Newcomer Forum' started by Akrean, Dec 2, 2017.

  1. Akrean

    Akrean Diabloii.Net Member

    Dec 2, 2017
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    As a novice (D2: NM act 3, LoD: NM act 1 so far), I have a few questions about the game. Any answers would be appreciated.

    1. What do the relative drop rates for runes look like in the current version? I found an old post that lists some data, but I don't know if it was/is accurate.

    2. Is the relative rarity of runes always the same, regardless of which ones are available from a given enemy?
    For example:
    You kill an enemy that can only drop runes 1-3. A rune drops. Rune1 has a 15/30 chance to be selected, Rune2 10/30, and Rune3 5/30.
    If you then kill an enemy that can only drop Runes 1 and 2, and one dropped, would they have a 15/25 and 10/25 chance to be selected, respectively?

    3. The wiki mentions a bug/oversight caused by the introduction of guest monsters that caused many enemies native to Act 5 to not appear at all on Normal, and appear as guest monsters on NM and Hell. Is that still the case?

    4. The wiki mentions some items only dropping on Ladder and Single Player. What does single player actually mean in this context? SP only? SP and TCP/IP? Or any type of game where you use a local save file?

    5. Is any kind of cheat detection ever applied to any type of local-save game? If I play a modded game or use a modded save (only with people who are okay with it, of course) over open Bnet, can I be banned or have my items deleted?

    6. How easy would it be to make minor modifications to the UI, such as fixing the ambiguous '5' and adding digit grouping for gold?

    7. I just started NM, and it feels like I'm drowning in random bosses. I often (usually?) end up fighting more than one at a time. Are they actually more common on higher difficulties, or am I somehow imagining it?

    9. Does the Andariel 'first kill loot every time' bug/exploit still work (assuming it ever did)? If so, would saving and quitting before talking to Warriv be enough to avoid it?
    The wiki mentions bosses no longer getting a loot bonus on the first kill, but I've seen people talking about exploiting the bug long after the patch that supposedly removed that feature.

    10. Why is Andariel blue in NM?
  2. krischan

    krischan Europe Trade Moderator

    Aug 17, 2003
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    1. I think the rune drop chance hasn't changed since then.

    2. Yes. For axample, that means the nightmare Countess is about as good as dropping a Sol rune as in hell. In fact, she's even a bit better because she cannot drop a couple of runes which might appear in hell mode :).

    3. I don't get the "Act 5" paragraph as well and it might be even partly wrong. I don't think that anything has changed in normal act 5. All monsters selections are as I believe to remember from my old pre-1.10 days. Regarding act 5 nightmare and hell, the old act 5 monsters are just a selection among the guest monsters. The only difference is that they aren't beefed up, like those from act 1-4, as they are already meant for act 5.

    4. TCP/IP games are like single player games in that respect, so ladder-only uniques might drop there.

    5. I doubt that bnet cares about open bnet, but I wouldn't bring modded stuff to there, not to mention hacked items.

    6. I'm not sure which file would have to be altered in order to have less ambiguous letters, but it it was easy, it would have been done long ago. In any case, it would require a hack that is not approved in these forums. What do you mean with digit grouping BTW? That all the 0-9 letters have the same width?

    7. Random bosses are great! They offer way more exp and they drop far better stuff. Of course, you have to take more care by not drawing the attention of too many at the same time. In nightmare, the strengths and weaknesses of player characters become a greater factor. After all, it's called nightmare and not fair-play land ;). There might be a few scenarios in which certain players are screwed up when being alone, but it happens rarely. In that case you can still leave the game and start a new one.

    8. It seems you forgot that one :).

    9. Yes, it still applies. Quitting before talking to anybody after Andariel's defeat would avoid it.

    10. Just because. Diablo has a different color in other difficulties as well.

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