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Templar-Vindicator Guide to own pubs in 1.11b by: Jared if

Discussion in 'Paladin' started by KaythonXE, Oct 26, 2006.

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    Templar-Vindicator Guide to own pubs in 1.11b by: Jared

    Why choose a Vindicator Templar?
    The reason I chose such a character, is because it has an attack that cannot be sorbed. Like any elemental attack you are exposed to the weakness of absorbtion and stack. This isn't the case with the v.t, as it has an attack of smite and foh. Foh is sorbable, but it only opens up the enemy to be more susceptible to your other attacks. This character, in my opinion, is one of the top pvp characters around. It has few weaknesses, and many advantages over many characters.

    Stats and skills
    Strength - You want enough to be able to wear CoA with your cta/spirit or cta/hoz.
    Dexterity - You will need 136, to be able to use grief pb, and to have max block with Hoz which will be your primary weapon.
    Vitality - All of you other points go into here
    Energy - Base

    When choosing which skills to put, remember these rules. A point in Fanatacism > Holy shield > smite. Also, 20 in foh and 10 in holy shock will yield less damage than an optimized layout, for example(I dunno' if this would give more damage, just showing an example), 17foh/13holyshock.

    What I chose to do.
    Max Fanaticism
    Max Holy shield
    Max Foh
    Max Holy shock
    4 in smite

    Some put into vigor, I don't suggest this, it hardly helps.
    Some put into lite res aura, which really isn't worth it. Since you can carry a shield to stack lightning res, but in the cases of fighting off a foh'ers conviction there is a trick you can do that negates it.
    Some put into cold res aura, I suggest this, this is salvation.

    Stats I hit
    I hit, with normal gear on
    4135 life / 487 mana
    Smite damage(visible): 2616 - 2656 6 frame ias
    Foh damage: 5124 - 5244 (-95% res from conviction)
    23121 defense.
    Max res, with a stack of about 50-60.
    86 fhr(this is important)
    The ability to effectively sorb/stack cold attacks, lightning attacks, and the small ability to sorb fire attacks. Though, fire never gives much of a problem.

    What gear I use, and other suggestions

    There are really two builds, shako and CoA. CoA in my opinion is superior, so I will list it.

    Weapon: Griefpb - No thanks to repairing the Zerk, for an extra one range, it's really not that important if you know the mechanics of desyncing. Also, with a pb it's possible to negate the slow of holy freeze.

    Shield: Up'd Hoz(Um'd) - This is the only shield that's viable other than a stack shield. It has consistant damage, amazing mods, great blocking, and good defense. The main part, is the +4 to foh and smite.

    Amulet: I use Armageddon slippers, which allows less points in str and dex that can go into vita. Also, maras or any other amulet is viable.

    Armour: I personally like the look of dusk enigma, so I use it. Other enigmas work well too.

    Ring 1: This has to be a 20 dex raven. It saves you 20 points in dex, and cannot be frozen mod.

    Ring 2: Bk ring, or perhaps a soj. Other alternatives may work, but you definately want this slot open for wisp/dwarf and in some circumstances another raven.

    Belt: Dungos. It does not have to be perfect, just make sure that you hit max dr from CoA+Dungos+Enigma. Also, try to get 40 vitality.

    Boots: I use Marrowwalks. While, of course, the rare duped boots may be a better alternative I use these for three reasons. The ability to cast lifetap, the defense, and the 19/17 str dex mods, which is higher than any duped boots I know of.

    Gloves: Dracs, they have OW which is helpful in many duels where you use strategy over brawn. Also, the chance to cast life tap can help somewhat. But mainly I use these due to the low str req which allows me to use dusk without any points in str which allows me to equip the rest of my gear.

    Helmet: Crown of Ages. You want it with enough dr to hit 50% after your dungos and enigma. You also want it to have decent res. Defense isn't as important as the others. Some other builds use Shako, which isn't as effective in my opinion.

    Charms: You want to have 9 pcombs. I personally use 8x 35ish lifers, and one fhr pcomb. And then, as my scs(torch and anni of course), 7x 5fhr/5res for res stack and 86 fhr bp. And the rest are 20life/5 res scs.

    Sorb gear for switching out, also, foh gear: 1x EXTRA raven, 1x 205 cr shield, 1x 205 lr shield, 1x 10%+ fr, 125 fr shield, 1x 20% wisp, 1x dwarf star, tgods, and Griz helm-ThulThul. Some might ask why not kiras? The answer is simple. Kiras has fhr, but not hard point cold absorb, which helps a lot versus a orb sorc. Not so much versus a blizzer, but, the fhr won't save you much because you have charge anyways. Also, carry an foh stick and a griffs to switch out when you do not need dr or smite, and plan on only using foh.

    Dueling Strategy
    I'm only going to list the most important builds, as some aren't even a contest.

    Bone: This is a touch match up. Use foh, get them to play offensively. Try not to run directly at them, even if trying to desynch, due to invisible bone spirits. If they begin to spear at you, Charge at them in a circle and namelock. If you notice they are max block, attempt to teleport on top of them and smite. If you are golem slowed, charge/foh until you are no longer, as this cripples your smite attack. If there is a trail of bone spirits on you, never attack, especially if the number is over three. If they minion stack, foh them to the best of your ability and lifetap the monsters for a free full juv each hit. I've noticed, if you aim your cursor to the upper left of the necro's torso you can commonly get a namelock.

    Poison: This shouldn't be too hard. You can charge away from their poison attacks, which makes it so they can never really damage you. You can also tele on top of them and smite. If they use minion stack, foh them. The trick is to not click on them, so that your attack auto targets them and not the monsters. Also, you can lifetap their creatures and get healed 100% after hitting any creature.

    Hammer: These are sometimes tough, sometimes not. Most of the time, it's hard to defeat a hammerdin that sorbs your foh. But even if he is sorbing, it is very important you continue to foh him, as it destroys any desync he had. Also, he will always be looking for an opening to tele on you, so watch out for it.

    Smite: A smite is very easy. I can beat most smiters with just smite. If you cannot, you can foh him with your overwhelmingly damaging foh. Also, carrying a phoenix shield is beneficial as it adds more damage than HoZ.

    V/t: A hard match-up, gear, skill, and your build will decide this.

    Foher: An foher is a very easy opponent. There is a glitch, so to speak, that you can use to stop the conviction from affecting you. It doesn't matter what level yours is, or if his is higher. Just before the foh strikes you, quickly tap your hotkeys of fanat and conviction. This will render the conflicting convictions to check over and over, at which point your res will remain at it's normal. This will cripple his foh damage, while you can still effectively charge/smite him. I wouldn't suggest fohing him, as he will likely have more damage.

    Zeal: If you die, you are horrible. Just smite, foh if you reaaally need to, but you shouldn't.

    Bowa: Easiest match-up. Don't bother fohing, just charge up to them and smite.

    Farcasting cs: Sorb them, charge smite. Also, if your sorb isn't working properly, use your lite shield for the stack, as some of these zons have -80+ minus res.

    Cs zons: Smite should overwhelm them, faster than their cs can overwhelm you.

    Hybrids: Very easy duel, you will be able to tank their attacks as they will be low damaging, while yours won't be.


    Wind: Wind druids can be tough and easy. Try to foh their oak, and attempt to charge them. If they have max block, wait for them to come to you. You can also lifetap their minions for easy healing. Never try to foh them, as their elemental armour can take 2-4 hits.

    Fury: You will lock them in smite, they won't be able to damage you.

    Rabies: Foh them, avoid them from biting you. If you feel their damage won't take you down fast enough, then smite them. There aren't many of these kind of druids, but, you will die if the poison gets you to 0 health. Unlike other poison.

    Fire: Not very difficult, especially with your gm/bm sorb on. Charge, foh if need-be. Their elemental shield won't tank as much as a windies, so foh is a viable option for killing them.

    Wwsins: Very easy duel. Charge out of a trap lock, foh them if they continue to try to lock you in traps. Smite when they ww through you, though clipping rarely works on a wwsin due to the low range.

    Trapsins: Probably a good idea to put on sorb. If they're c/c foh isn't as viable as w/s trapsins. C/cs do more damage, but have little fcr so charging them is very effective. W/s's can prevent you from charging them effectively, but you can foh them and always hit if you get under them and use your diagonals to auto-lock foh.

    Kickers: Very weak, they need to be close, and smite will own them. Foh if they're far.


    Any non es sorc: Gm sorb + charge will defeat them. If you're having trouble, use foh, it is very damaging to them. Many won't have any stack at all.

    Bliz es sorc: Put on Griz helm(only if it's 1v1, otherwise keep CoA for dr + all res. Put on your cold res shield, second raven. Charge them. Blizzers have a tendancy to have bad fhr - this is an observation but isn't always true. Smite them when you get close. If they play too defensive, foh can chip at their life somewhat.

    Fb es sorc: Wear shield and dwarf, this will make her attacks weak. Same strategy as above can be used. If she stays off screen, desynch towards her, or unsummon namelock her to tele on top of her. Many fb sorcs hit the 174 bp in fhr, so don't expect to lock them.

    Lite es sorc: I haven't met any good ones. Use the same strategy as above. Watch out as they have - res items, so your stack shield may be applicable for this duel. Along with sorb if needed.

    Infinity nova/lite sorcs: In this case, they have no block, so charge > smite. Use your stack shield, and simply charge them to death.

    BvB: Won't give you much trouble at all. Foh, they won't have decent res due to being a barb vs barb. They can be damaging if they hit though, and they will have max block and dr. Always walk.

    BvC: Expect a decent stack, max dr, and no shield. You can smite, zeal, or foh. If you notice him clipping or triwhirling you, foh. This normally causes them to ww through you, where you can smite them. If you really are losing, you can tap them and win. Always walk. You will always win, you should never lose.

    Zerk: Zeal, they have no defense.

    Thanks to the members of clan Sj for helping me with grushes, information gathering, and testing in several things. Along with learning to duel with the character more effectively.

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