Templar [Fist of Heavens pally] PvP guide v1.2 FINAL ifra

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Templar [Fist of Heavens pally] PvP guide v1.2 FINAL

Templar [Fist of Heavens pally] PvP guide v1.2 FINAL


I. Introduction
II. Skill Choices
III. Stat Choices
IV. Equipment Choices
V. Leveling
VI. Strategies
VIII. Conclusion and Closing Notes

Abbreviations Dictionary:

AR = attack Rating
Avenger = a paladin whose main attack is vengeance
bm = bad mannered
CB = crushing blow
Crusader = a paladin whose main attack is charge
def = defense
dex = dexterity
dmg = damage
dr = damage reduction
ds = deadly strike
ed = enhanced damage
ene = energy
fbr = faster block rate
fhr = faster hit recovery
fcr = faster cast rate
FOH = fists of the heavens
fps = frames per second
frw = faster run/walk
ias = increased attack speed
icb = increased chance of blocking
itd = ignores target defense
liberator = a paladin whose attacks are blessed hammers, FoH, and charge
ll = life leech
ml = mana leech
ow = open wounds
PvM = player vs. monster
PvP = player vs. player
ranger = a paladin who uses a bow
str = strength
v/t = Vindicator/Templar [smite/foh]
vita = vitality
Zealot = a paladin whose main attack is Zeal
Templar = FOH paladin
clvl = character level

Max Block formula: %to block=(%block on shield+bonus from skill)*(dex-15)/(clvl*2)

By responding to this guide, I hereby understand that I will not flame the templar build or that it can be nullified with enough lightning resist. My post will be productive, not deductive. I understand that if a problem with the guide needs to be changed - I will address the problem without letting my ego get in the way.


I am on USWest Nonladder and you may have seen me going through your pk games - Primat_WvX. I have been seing a lot of questions about a templar and a few requests on a good guide. Thats what I am going to do for you today. 'Why Fist of Heavens?' you might ask... FOH combined with the conviction aura is one of the [or THE] deadliest public duel skills in the game. This build is pretty similar to a V/T build, but is Very different as well. This guide if for the rich, poor, stupid, and the smart. So if its too elementary for you - put up with it because I made it reader friendly. Lets go to the skills choices...


-Fist of Heavens: This will be your main attack, and maxing it is a must. 20 points go here.
-Holy Shock: The only Synergy that effects the damage of FOH - and helps the damage greatly [a synergy is passive - you do NOT need to have this aura active to receive the bonus]. 20 points go here
-Conviction: This will be your main and always active aura. At level 25, this will reduce your enemies resistances by -150%. Without this aura FOH is next to nothing. DO NOT MAX THIS SKILL. ONLY put enough to get it to 25 with your end game items - since this skill is capped at lvl 25 [the -%resist]
-Holy Shield: This will help your blocking and defense greatly. Maxing this is not a MUST but it is HIGLY recommended for almost all PvP builds, since your defense will reduce the enemies chance to hit you. I highly recommend 20 points here.


At this time - with your necessities where the points need to go - you have used ABOUT 73 skill points. [It can change a bit depending on how much you need to get to 25 on conviction]. I will make this guide thinking you will get to level 80. Now at level 80 and with all your +skill quests done - you have about 91 skills to distribute - so this leaves you with about 18 left.


Now the recommended ONE POINT wonders:

-Holy freeze [a nice tool to have when you need it]
-Vigor [a lil +frw when you need it]
-Salvation [if you have low resists - or if you need help to nullify an enemies conviction this can help]

The skills laid out in a ‘ME NO LIKE TO READ’ manner:

20 FOH
20 Holy shock
20 Holy shield
25* Conviction
1-x Smite [rest]

Now with some points to spare - what do i do?!?!?

I would highly recommend dumping the 'rest' into smite. Since in 1 vs 1 duels - a good opponent will stack their resists MAJORLY to nullify your conviction - hence making your FOH pointless. With smite, you can do some good damage to them and the shield you will want to get for FOH - deals nice smite damage as well. Try to dump your extra points here.

If you are anti-smite , you can dump them into defiance. Defiance is a synergy to holy shield and will passively give you more defense.


Strength: Just enough to use the item with the most strength required. Make sure to factor all the +str you get from the items before it - so you can get maximum vitality.
Dexterity: Just enough for maximum blocking. That depends on the shield you use etc - just ask someone about that.
Energy: NONE - nothing here



Harlequin Crest Shako [98-144 defense]

+2 all skills
+1.5 life per clvl
+1.5 mana per clvl
+50% Magic Find
Physical Damage reduced by 10%
+2 all atributes

The above would be your BEST choice for this build. With the 2 skills, nice life and mana, and descent damage reduced - this is the best choice for your build. Lets see the cheaper alternatives.

Peasant Crown War Hat [92-108 defense]

+1 all skills
+20 energy
+20 vitality
+15% frw
+6-12 replenish life
100% enhanced defense

The above would be a descent and very cheap alternative with the 1 skills, 20 ene and vit, and the frw.

Vampire Gaze Grim Helm [122-252 defense]

+6-8% mana stolen per hit
+6-8% life stolen per hit
15% slower stamina drain
Physical Damage reduced by 15-20%
Magical Damage reduced by 10-15
+100% Enhanced defense
Adds 6-22 cold damage

The above would be a descent alternative if you Really needed the damage reduced. But since it isnt much more dr than a shako - and a shako has WAY better other mods - i would go with shako since they are about the same worth.


Enigma RuneWord [jah+ith+ber]

+2 all skills
+45% frw
+1 Teleport [this is not a charge - it acts as a skill for all classes]
+757 defense
+0.75 strength per clvl
+Increased maximum life by 5%
+Damage reduced by 8%
+14 life after each kill
+15% damage taken goes to mana [ does not effect life ]
+1% magic find per clvl

The above is your 1# armour for this build. The mods tell it all. 2 skills, major frw, the teleport skill [VERY effective in public duels], VERY high defense [can get up to about 1200], max life +5%, 8% dr. Expensive but worth while. If you can afford - get one.

Gaurdian Angel Templar Coat [707-825 defense]

+1 Paladin skills
+4 Light radius
+180%-200% enhanced defense
+30% Faster Blocking
+15% Maximum resists to all
+5 attack rating against demons per clvl
+20% chance to block

The GA [most common abbreviation for the gaurdian angel] is mostly used for the +15% max resists - giving you a possibility of 90 resists to all. With its one skill and good + max resists, this is the next best from the enigma.

Chains of Honor RUNEWORD [dol+um+ber+ist]

+2 all skills
+200% damage to demons
+100% damage to undead
+8% life stolen per hit
+70% enhanced defense
+20 strength
Replenish life +7
+65 all resists
Damage reduced by 8%
25% magic find

With two skills this is a nice armour. This is an alternative from the enigma armour, if you really need that 65 resists. Very good mods, and same worth as enigma on most realms. I still recommend enigma.

Orumus' Robes Dusk Shroud [361-467 defense]

+10-20 defense
+20% faster cast rate
+(10-15)% to Fire skill damage
+(10-15)% to Cold skill damage
+(10-15)% to Lightning skill damage
+3 Random sorc skill

This armour is another alternative since the possibility of +15% more foh damage is available. Some people prefer it - I dont.

Cheaper alternatives:

ANYTHING with plus skills will do if you have a very small budget. Ill give a list of some armours that add skills that are cheap.

-Vipermagi [+1]
-Spirit shroud [+1 - VERY easy to find in mf]
-Skullders [has good mf too]
-Que-Heagans [not a bad armour][+1]
-Silks of the Victor [+1]


Wizard Spike Bone Knife

+2 mana per clvl
+15% mana regeneration
+15% max mana
+75% all resists
+50% faster cast rate

The above is my PERSONAL favorite, but many disagree. YET, if you can achieve enough lightning resists to negate an opponents conviction [explained later] without using the GODLY +75 resists - use the next item listed.

Heart of the Oak RUNEWORD [ko+vex+pul+thul]

+3 all skills
+40% faster cast rate
+75% Damage to demons
+100 attack rating against demons
+3-14 cold damage
+7% mana stolen per hit
+1 blizzard [sorc only]
+10 dexterity
+replenish life +20
+Increased maximum mana +15%
+all resists +30-40% [varies]
Level 4 Oak Sage [25 charges]
Level 14 raven [60 charges]
+50% damage to undead

With the 3 skills, oak sage, and other descent mods - this is your Best choice UNLESS you need the +75 resists from the wiz spike to reach a MAJOR lightning resist. [that number explained later so don’t decide until you have finished reading]

NOTE: A wizard spike is Very easy to get so its either that or HOTO - no more options explained.


Herald of Zakarum [362-507 defense]

+2 Paladin Skills
+2 Combat Skills
+150%-200% Enhanced defense
+30% faster blocking
+30% chance to block
+20 strength
+20 vitality
+20% bonus attack rating
+50% resists to all

With the major skills, and the fact that EVERY stat is a nice bonus to all paladins [50 resists is VERY helpful as well], this is a no brainer best for a templar.

Alma Negra [138-164 defense]

+180-210 enhanced defense
+30% faster block rate
+(1-2) paladin skill levels
+20% increased chance of blocking
Magical damage reduce by (5-9)
+(40-75)% bonus attack rating
+(40-75)% enhanced damage

With The skills this is an ok alternative - but too expensive to not get a herald of zakurum instead.

Storm Shield [94-144 defense]

+3.75 defense per clvl
Physical damage reduced by 35%
+30 strength
+35% faster blocking
+25% lightning resist
+25% chance to block
+60% cold resist
Attacker takes 10 lightning damage

This is an ok shield if you stress the damage reduced part.


Arachnid Mesh [106-138 defense]

+(90-120)% enhanced defense
+20% faster cast rate
Level 13 venom (11 charges)
+1 all skills
Slows target by 10%
+5% maximum mana

This belt is one of two recommended belts for this build. The reason why it is so good is it's the only belt that has +1 skills. I recommend having this one and the next one listed to switch for different opponents.

Thundergod's Vigor [109-159 defense]

5% chance of casting a lvl 7 FOH on struck
+1-50 lightning damage [melee only]
+10% maximum lightning resist
Absorbs +20 lightning damage
+160-200% enhanced defense
+20 vitality
+20 strength
+3 Lightning strike [amazon only]
+3 Lightning fury [amazon only]

This built is my PERSONAL preference and I even sold my old arachnids mesh and use this baby 24/7. There are some VERY helpful mods on here and I think that they override the +1 skills on an arachnids. The 10% max light reists, absorbs lightning [not at %], strength, and the vitality are all great mods.

Verdungo's Hearty Cord [108-153 defense]

+(90-140)% enhanced defense
+(30-40) vitality
+(100-120) maximum stamina
10% faster hit recovery
Damage reduced by (10-15)%
Replenish life +(10-13)

This belt I have in stash for whirlwinding barbs. I do not have maximum damage reduction [which is now capped at 50% in 1.10] with my items on, and the 10 to 15% dr you get from this can help you with those barbs if they can take hits of your FOH. The vita is also very nice. Test them out first. If their life goes down on an foh - you can always run from them.


The gloves on a templar are next to nothing on the to-do list. There aren’t any legit godly gloves for this build. [there are the hacked wiz gloves but PLEASE DO NOT go out and support non-perm hacks]. I am not going to post the stats on the gloves here but here are a few possibilities.

-Frostburns [if you need the mana]
-Crafted gloves with resists/stats/ias [good for smite, and who doesnt want those resists]

I use crafted gloves with ias, str, resists, and some other mods.


My favorite for a templar are good rares with frw, fhr, stats, and good resists. Mine use the USWest dupes known as the Wraith Brands. With about 50% to all the elemental resists, +19 str and more - these are VERY helpful. Most expensive and useful option: get good rares. Here are the next best and unique options.

Waterwalk [94-123 defense]

+100 defense to missles
+20% faster run/walk
+15 dexterity
+180-210% enhanced defense
+45-65 life
+40 stamina
+5% maximum fire resist
+50% stamina regeneration

Some people prefer these boots but I don’t. The life and good defense and the 5% max fire resist are the good mods here. I still prefer rares with good stats.

Silkweave [94-115 defense]

+150-190% enhanced defense
+5 mana after each kill
+200 defense vs. missles
+10% maximum mana
+30% faster run/walk

These boots are very cheap and help if you need mana [for some odd reason].


Wisp Protector

Lightning absorb +(10-20)%
10% chance to cast a lvl 16 lightning on striking
(10-20)% magic find
Lvl 2 Oak sage (15 charges)
Lvl 5 Heart of Wolverine (13 charges)
Lvl 7 spirit of barbs (11 charges)

This is my favorite ring because the 10-20% lightning absorb and the oak sage. That lightning absorb makes you awesome vs all lightning attacks and most importantly, FOH. NOTE: These are very expensive...

Bul Kathos Wedding Band

+0.5 life per clvl
+1 all skills
+3-5% life stolen per hit
+50 stamina

This is another favorite of mine. I usually have a wisp and a bul kathos on at all times. The 40 life at character lvl 80, and the +1 skills is very sexy.

The Stone of Jordan

+20 mana
+25% maximum mana
+1-12 lightning damage
+1 all skills

This is an effective cheaper alternative. Yet if you can get a hold of a soj, then you could probably get ahold of a bul kathos. You will NOT need to worry about all that mana add, so the life on a bul kathos will do more for you in the long run.


A rare amulet with +2 skills, stats, resists, and other mods is your best option. If you are on west - a duped Viper Torc would be your best option. Now onto those non-rares options...

Mara's Kaleidoscope

+2 all skills
+20-30% resists all
+5 all attributes

This is your next best option from a really good rare amy. With the 2 skills, 20-30 resists, and the 5 attributes - its a great amulet and not hard to get.

Cheap amys:

If you cant get one of the amulets listed - get a rare amulet with combat skills on it. That’s a cheap and effective alternative.


To be very effective in PvP - you will NEED 10 combat gcs. They are not hard to get. When I made my templar I traded for a gc one at a time just cleaning off old mules... If you are very rich you can get them with life. For the small charms I recommend life / resists charms. Also life / lightning resists [solo resists - max mod is 11] are good to help you nullify an opponents conviction. If you cant afford life / resists mayby just look around for some solo lightning resists scs. I have found them in normal, nightmare, and hell and they are easy to trade for if your budget does not allow. Also try to get an annihilus [if you have one]. All the mods on that will help you be better.

V. Leveling Tips

This is considering you have a friend help you through the game for faster results.

1-12: Run through act one with a group of low lvls
12-20: Andarial runs / Countess Runs
20: Ancients Quest
20-25: Cows
25-40: Normal Baal
40-60: Nightmare Baal
60-8x+: Hell Baal

VI. Strategies


Bowazons: Bowazons are very easy in 99/100 duels. Just stand there and FOH the hell out of them. Notice zons have dodge [passive skill that gets annoying] so it may take a few to actually HIT them. But once you do most zons dont bother to stack all that lightning resists to nulify your conviction. Most bowazons are a one hit kill.

Javazons: Same as bowazons but a little riskier. This is one of the reasons why i recommend dumping points into smite. If they are too fast and you cant hit them with FOH in time for them to come up and hit you - smite and holy freeze takes any javazon out. But for pure FOH - run [teleport if enigma] and FOH.


Trappers: You will need some time to get good with them. Their mind blast skill [if they get it on you] will make it so you cant FOH. You - will definitely need teleport to get them with pure FOH. Stay on your toes and FOH. If you have a smite option [recommended to dump all extra points there] then put on holy freeze and run up to them and smite them. If your lightning resists are high enough the smite will do the trick since you can eventually get to them while running through their mind blasts.

All Melee Assassins: Just dont let them get too close to you. Stay a few yards out and just keep FOHing. If they use whirlind [granted from the chaos claw runeword], be careful. A good whirlwinding assassin can put some good damage on you.


Whirlwind: Unless they have HELLA lightning resists - they are a JOKE to you. It is VERY easy to dodge those whirwinds - and just keep FOHing them. If they have hella resists - throw on your low damage smite option and see if it hurts them [use holy freeze with smite]

Conc, Frenzy, Bezerk, etc barbs: Just run and FOH. simple with them. If you want to have a fun fair duel - smite them for the hell of it. Just DONT get hit by those bezerk barbs. Those hits Hurt.


Melee druids: Simple duel. Most dont have very good frw and most cant teleport. Just stay away and tele. If you want to smite them you can.

Elemental druids: These are your WORST enemy. Their absorb armour skill completely makes your FOH WORTHLESS. I recommend just staying away from elemental druids. But if you want to at least try, run up to them and smite them for the hell of it.


Necro Note: Without teleport you have a slim chance because of bone prison.

Bonemancers: Can be a very hard duel. You will need good skill and timing here. Those bone spears travel friggin fast. You need to be able to think about where they are going - and you need to go wherever they wouldnt expect it. Get Just close enough to get conviction on - then run and dodge spears and you try to get some FOH in there.

Bone Spirit: Not much different from bonemancers. JUST KEEP MOVING. If they have like 15 bone spirits following you - do NOT make that mistake of stopping to let them all hit you. It could very well take you out [i have this bad luck of having that last one kill me]. Also do not make the mistake of dodging on your feet only. They will bone prison you and sometimes you just aren’t ready to teleport out fast enough. Just keep moving and you will do fine.


Other Templars: These are fun duels. VERY fun as long as you have good lightning resists... With my set up, other FOHers heal me with my resists and absorb. Its very similar to a zealot vs zealot duel. Just stand and go. Its also very fun to throw some smites in there if they dont mind.

Melee paladins: Vs. all non-smiters, just run and FOH. If a good charger with a good weapon and good ar comes along, be careful. I recommend letting the charger come to you [that way you are standing still and you get 100% of your defense]. Vs zealots - just smite. Vs smiters - FOH them. If they can block your FOH this is a disadvantage since their smite wont be as good as theirs. Good luck with a very good smiter.

Hammerdins: With precision and patience this is a fairly easy duel. You need to let them come to you. DO NOT go to them unless you are ready to go through a maze of dodging hammers. Just stay back and wait for them to start going to you. When they do just FOH and they are gone. If they are liberators [charge/hammer] just wait for them to charge you. When they are charging - FOH them at will - but once those hammers start flying, stay away until the charging starts again.


Fire: Most fire sorcs are fireball / meteor. This duel is very easy with timing. If you can dodge a fireball and not run into a circular meteor timer on the ground - you should be ok. Vs. all those fireball sorcs with a LOT of fcr, do NOT teleport to them. Stay on your feet because it will be a hell of a lot easer not to make a mistake since most of them shoot in a semi-circular motion. Tip for fireball: Be off screen and start Running around them in a circle. They will start shooting you in the same semi-circular motion. The moment they try to shoot AHEAD of you so that you will run into them - charge [teleport if you have] to them from the opposite of the way you were running and if you can get there quick enough it is farely easy.

Lightning: Lightning sorcs have the ability to achieve hella lightning damage. Luckily for you, you are built to slay other templars so their lightning damage hardly hurts you with the right gear. Thunderstorm is easy and just get to a chain light sorc before she gets to you.

Cold: A fairly duel if they are a good blizard sorc. All other forms of cold should not be a problem. But as far as blizzard - think what he would be thinking [think ahead]. Try to guess where your opponent would drop their blizzard, and dodge them accordingly. This is a very hard duel to win, and if you dont have teleport since those blizzard sorcs tend to teleport a LOT more than all other sorcs, your chances will be little to none. Just dodge and hit.


Q: Isnt this build very similar to a V/T?

A: No. A V/T focuses on smite and uses FOH as their secondary. This build is the opposite.

Q: Do I need to worry about faster cast rate?

A: No. There is a 1 second delay on Fist of Heavens - so dont worry about fcr.

Q: What are those items I just NEED to get?

A: Things you definately need to shoot for and arent too bad to get are a Herald of Zakurum, 10 combat gcs, and good lightning resists. If there is one elite item you can get, GET AN ENIGMA. An enigma is the heart and soul of a templar.

Q: Why smite if you cant put hardly any skills into it?

A: If someone spent the time and money to make your conviction do nothing, and resists your FOH completely, you need to be able to use another skill to kill them. My reason for choosing smite is you already have its only synergy maxed [holy shield], and a herald of zakurum already has very good smite damage.

Q: Does -% lightning resists from a rainbow facet jewel work with FOH?

A: Yes.

Q: How much lightning resist in hell will I need to negate Conviction?

A: 100 [-100 base in hell difficulty] + 75 [max without +% max] + 150 [conviction] = 325 needed lightning resist.

VIII. Conclusion and Closing Notes

This has my intentions for it to be my final draft Templar PvP Guide, and I hope you guys find it useful. Sorry for the extended time it took me to get it all edited. This guide is dedicated to Ragnrod… We miss YOU!


The thing about FoH is it's very one dimensional, you'll own anyone who doesn't absorb, and anyone who does will make you useless, I don't like to limit myself to that (for example, my medic has foh as a support skill, his dmg will never be that of a pure foh, but he can heal his team as well)
Nice guide though.


Diabloii.Net Member
Nice guide. Pretty similar to my T/V build I'm dueling with now. Some comments/questions/suggestions:

1. Why suggest adding points to Smite when Fana gives more ED% per level and +% attack speed in addition? You already have 1 base smite.

2. Try dueling completely without vigor. I've found it unnecessary and that saves me 4 points (vigor + 3 prereqs). I use (non-vigor boosted obviously) charge to desynch and travel quickly.

3. I can't see Griffon's in the helmet choise section. IMO it's the best templar helmet.

4. If you use enigma breast plate and Thundergod (like me) you only have to add a few extra points in STR to be able to wield Upgraded Zakarum. Very nice smite damage boost.

5. Gloves: If you use hoto/high fana Bloodfist's 10 ias will lower your smite frames 8 -> 7. Awesome gloves. 30 FHR, 40 life, 10 ias *drool*.

6. Boots: Did you forget about Aldur's?

I'll read the dueling strategy section when I get home from work in about 10 hours. Good luck with your guide. :)

1) I recomend that you use holy freeze with smite on this build. Since your fps will almost always be lower than theirs, why not lower Theirs?
2) Did I put emphasis on vigor? [forgets.?]
3) Something I disagree on but if a quick revision is necessary pre-sticky, then I will add it
4) ... ok
5) Quote: "-Crafted gloves with resists/stats/ias [good for smite, and who doesnt want those resists]" Bloodfists are nice but crafts can top them.
6) I dont think aldurs are a good choice when speaking in Templar


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If you're dueling barbs, and they have stacked light resist, why do you use holy freeze? Doesnt that make them hit even mor instead of less like decrepify does?

Nice guide

fugitive alien2

Diabloii.Net Member
nice guide. if you're smiting much at all you'll definitely want at least 1 pt in fanat. that way you can use either fanat or HF depending on the situation. versatility is where it's at. you don't want to be HF-smiting a WW barb for example.

also, didn't notice if you mentioned it, but this build should have 1 pt in meditation. meditation is a 1 pt wonder that can save you in longer duels where one or the other party is playing defensively. contra what you indicated, some hammerdins (like me :flip: ) do have 90-95%/350 stacked lr.


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I'm going to use this guide, it's very nice but I just got 1 question:

Is a Hand of Blessed Light any good to use? It gives 4 to FoH and 2 to all other skills. It also gives +50 to defense and regenerate mana 15%.

I have a Wizspike but I just want to know if this is any good and usable.

Thanks in advance.
It could help for damage, but damage isnt the biggest factor in FOH. Its being able to take a lot of hits from all classes, and for offense its being able to effectively lower their resist. I Prefer wiz spike because that resist helps you become much more versitle, and its too sacrificial to get stacked resists elsewhere.


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Great guide. It's inspired me to build a Templar of my own. I don't have the generally desired gear yet, but it's fun none the less. My question being - does the - 35% Lite Res on Crescent Moon affect FOH Damage? And subsequently, would it be worth using. Obviously there are other things generally preferred.. but just in the name of curiousity. :scratch:
Yes, while FoH is a pretty cool skill, its too easily nulifed (4 Ptopaz shield anyone), although you can pick off most chars, FoHers have become so common that often, people will just Nerf your attack completely.

good man. made the final foher guide eh. well u did a very nice job. i would also like to thank wvx_leader for helping me through my early stages. I AM VERY GOOD NOW THANK TO U :)


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seems like non of you FoH-ers have ever encountered a skilled WW barb. Lets say duel is played in a private game. Lets say my barb has the light resist to nerf your aura(now I have +200 to all res, against a FoH-er I put the 4 topaz monarch). This automatically means that your primary attack is useless against my 5,4 k life barb with such light res. Then lets say you swith to smite. Surely it's unblockable but against a 5,4k life barb with 50% DR and the 1/6 penalty you dream that you stand ANY chance ??? Weeeeeeeeelllll let me tell you something. When you duel against a ww barb with godly items like mine and such skilled player like me, the ONLY thing that saves you from being erased even before you blink is your 75 % block. You say switch to smite and dodge the ww. Well even try to move when fighting against me and your 75% block is reduced to just 25% - meaning you are simply dead. I am skileld enough not to allow my ww to be dodged by anyone, have the AR too so my ww land at least 2-3 hits. And believe me its more than enough even against a 3k pala. Oh and one last thing - when you fight a skilled WW-er - DONT MOVE or your're dead. Ofcourse there's always a way to make you move.
Sure FoH-ers are very good chars and most of the time very good PK-ers but please dont underestimate WW barbs - you've simply never encountered one like mine.


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To Mr. uber barb above it's called teleport...how do you expect to hit a pally tele'ing around with ww? also 20k defense and if you put on 50 dr gear helps too. A skilled dueler should rarely get hit with ww


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Widann said:
To Mr. uber barb above it's called teleport...how do you expect to hit a pally tele'ing around with ww? also 20k defense and if you put on 50 dr gear helps too. A skilled dueler should rarely get hit with ww
It can't be more simple than that. Let me explain it to you. Let's say enigma tele is allowed even in a private game. A ww barb like mine has enough skill points to develop a second primary attack like zerk simply becouse ww has no synergies. From my enormous experience in dueling I can say it will take no more than 3 zerk hits to kill a 3+k life pala. Even with his 75% block I will land 3-4-5 succesfull zerks before his nerfed attack (FoH or smite - laughable) even begin to reduce my life bar.
I forgot to mention that in this case I will also use my Enigma tele - combined with the namelock - there you go:)


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nice guide, pretty much exactly the same as my FoH pally but you missed of the best weapon of all for this build, a Silence runeword weapon.

+2 all skills, 75* all resists and 20 (or 30?) FHR %.

Best by far, in fact i just got an ist so hopefully vex wll come along soon too so i can get that on my pally :)
warlock_666 said:
nice guide, pretty much exactly the same as my FoH pally but you missed of the best weapon of all for this build, a Silence runeword weapon.

+2 all skills, 75* all resists and 20 (or 30?) FHR %.

Best by far, in fact i just got an ist so hopefully vex wll come along soon too so i can get that on my pally :)
Actually a 6 facet weapon is prolly the best. +30/-30


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I've been told that fcr is impotant to FoH even if it wont incrase the number of casts over time but rather to make the cast itself faster. What's everyones opinion about this?



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il agree with fenris here abotu that 6 5-5 weapon and ill add that he can also use a 4 5-5 shield....have a socket kurast with +45 resists....only think u lose againt zhakarum is the +2 to conviction...if have JUST 25..and well u gonna have to switch if u want to smite;dd...other than that i think the dmg from 4 5-5 facets will be superior to the +4 skills...and all that not so becoz of the +30.....but mostly becoz of the -30 imo;dd ..whats more if they r die they do some serious dmg with conviction on....100-250 each most times..heh...imagine 11 facets*(100-250) dmg when u die:p


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Nice guide. But I would suggest not even mentioning that "best choice" is a duped one, and evenmore name it because that will probably encourage people to use those dupes, leading then to a dupe support. Just my 2€cents, anyway :)
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