Temp banned??


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Temp banned??

Can someone please explain to me the exact mechanics behind the temp ban for joining/leaving games too fast? I joined one game with 2 mule characters in about a 1 minute time period and then went to get my 3rd mule and i received a temp ban. Needless to say several runewords were lost.

Does anyone also know why exactly this temp ban is in place at all? It seems to me the only purpose is to screw over people with only one computer and no people they can trust in the online community.


battle.net said:
Multiple Users on the Same IP:

If you're connected to a network with the same external IP (assigned by your Internet Service Provider), and two people are playing simultaneously on battle.net, there's a good chance that battle.net will view it as a single user using twice the bandwidth of a normal user, greatly increasing the chances of an IP restriction.
B.net is not the safest place where to drop items on the ground and pick them up later, especially in these days.