Tell me what you think about my DTail Assassin.


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Tell me what you think about my DTail Assassin.

I'm thinkin' about this for being the build.

20 Tiger Strike
20 Claw Mastery
20 Dragon Tail
5+ Burst of Speed
11 Shadow Master

Strength: 200
Dexterity: 222(with items)
Vitality: Rest

Giant Bone Visage w/ Fire Facets
2x Raven Frosts
Bartuc's w/ Fire Facet
Stormshield w/ Fire Facet
Gore Riders
Dracul's Grasp or +3 MA w/ Crushing blow mod
10 MA charms
Rest 20 life charms

At the end of this build, if everything is perfect should have close to 400 Strength. Dealing quite a bit of damage to those willing to step up to you. I'm not to sure about the Fire Facets(if they work). If they don't please tell me.

Tell me what you think.



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if pvm, c/c is better for the stats and +skills. It should add more than the facets, if facets work with dtail.

You will also have problems with PIs...

1 point in bos is enough too...


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It's a PvP character. I might make a PvM one and go with another Bartucs w/ Fire Facet. Oh and before I forget, Thanks Frenzied Bovine for tellin' me.



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By the time you get 3 TS charges you're prolly dead. It just doesn't work as good as it did in 1.09 for 1 very simple reason. In 1.09 you leeched alot more life back , which meant it was possible to get 3 TS charges. And you killed most ppl before you got the 3 charges.

In 1.1 you won't get that much Ar as you did in 1.09 , other chars have higher def , leech is nerved , so using charges makes this alot worse. Then ofcourse there's the fact that Dtail's dmg is calculated bot the phys dmg part. So frankly , I don't see Dtail working at all.

Dtalon might do less dmg , but it hits alot faster (which means 1 hit is bound to happen , and that'll trigger open wounds usually. And open wounds and pvp mix very good.