Teleporting bowazons??


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Teleporting bowazons??

Why does it seem like half of the bowazons are able to almost instantly travel a screen away in the direction they are running? It reallly doesnt help them much as it just means I have to take a half a second to namelock them w/ mb and tele instead of just dfing, but it is irritating none-the-less. Is it just simple desynch(didnt think anything couldnt desynch w/o charge or some ww) or is there some technique to doing this?

Bullet-Tooth Tony

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Teleport from Enigma/amulet?
If you don't see any casting animation, it must be just a normal running, but with a lag on the server.


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RebirthOfMak said:
I've heard about teleporting zonz. (mabye im behind :confused: )


Behind what? :D

It is like Tony said; either teleporting from items, or lag.
zons are the slowest casters, which is why you dont often see zons wearing enigma. this reminds me of some certain people, and their "tlee zon!!11!" chant.

ill leave their names out. ;)

zons like to load up on frw, since they run a lot and it can be deadly if they can run, stop and shoot, then run again w/o you being able to catch up. but yes, its probably just lag on your part.