Telekinesis = Teleport!


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Telekinesis = Teleport!

So, I was just messing around with my sorceress in Normal Act 3, Upper Kurast. I am going single-pass, full-clear, in Singleplayer. I was using Telekinesis to pop the countless chests and baskets in all of the Kurast (very useful!). I clicked on a stairs to a temple so that it would open (since TK seems to be able to interract with any interactive object in DII). Then, I clicked one more time, just for laughs. The bigger was my surprise when I suddenly found myself INSIDE the temple! I stood half a screen away from the entrance, I didn't walk to it, I just used Telekinesis. And I entered the temple.

So, I did a small analyzis on the possibilities of TK. These are the portals I could use (Act 1 - 3):

Act 1:

Tristram/Stony Field red portal (only 1 way)

Act 2:

Lut Gholein/Sewers level 1 (trapdoor) (Only 1 way)
Arcane Sanctuary/Palace Cellar level 3 portal (Both ways)
Tal Rasha's Tomb/Tal Rasha's Chamber (only 1 way, obviously)

Act 3:

Upper world/Kurast temples (only 1 way)

I didn't yet test the red portal to Act 4, and neither any of those gates on Arreat Summit in Act 5. Also, I didn't yet test this with the Cow portal.

However, I did test this on normal, blue portals. I found that, while it is impossible to TK-use them from the outside, I managed to use them while in-town. I.e. I make a TP, use it, and then I can TK it from the town, and immeiately go from the town to the area, even if I stand far away from the TP! But there's more. You know the usual delay one has to endure from the moment one used a TP until one can use another? Well, with TK, the delay is absent. You can TK the next TP immediately, and it will still work.

My theory is that TK can only use-enter portals that are not-permanent. It won't work on any normal dungeon entrances, but it will work on any entrance that has not been there before, but then appeared. That includes all red and blue portals, Tal Rasha's Chamber entrance, Ruined Temples entrances etc.

I wonder if anyone else have discovered this unique use of TK.


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Re: Telekinesis = Teleport!

Here's the list of things tk can be used for. Yep, pretty neat.

arreat summit said:
Effect: Allows you to pick up items, trigger objects, and attack others at a distance.

* Knockback and Stun disabled when used against Super Unique Monsters and Bosses.
* Telekinesis can be used to activate the Seals in The Chaos Sanctuary.
* Telekinesis can be used to open chests and to quickly grab the contents which will be placed in your inventory if there is room.
* Telekinesis will only pick up scrolls, potions, keys, gold, arrows and bolts.
* Use Telekinesis to stun enemies and shove them away. At low levels you will find Telekinesis is useful for killing enemies but as you take on more powerful enemies you will find that you will have to cast it many times to finish off an enemy by yourself.
* You can use Telekinesis to activate Shrines. This saves the time of walking to a Shrine to touch it and also can be used to beat other players to the most desired Shrines.
* Telekinesis can be used to enter Portals created with Town Portal scroll or Portal Shrine. Red portals like The Secret Cow Level or Pit of Acheron can be also used. Note that you can only enter the portal with Telekinesis inside the town or level.
* You can activate and use Waypoints with Telekinesis. Your private stash is also usable with this skill. These can significantly hasten up your town visits.