TeleBowazon in PvP

TeleBowazon in PvP

Is there a guide for one of these?

Or has anyone ever made one and what build did they use/gear selection?

It seem in theory to be a good idea, Bowa's shouldn't need too much fcr for positional tele's, and given that tele gives the best distance (and eliminates the need for fwr gear) provides more flexibility for "glasscannon" approaches.

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Re: TeleBowazon in PvP

I don't think that a simple change in equipment really warrants a whole new guide.
Same skills would be used.

Obviously the main switch would be from fortitude to enigma. Keep in mind that w/o much fcr your tele speed will be slllllllow. By equipping fcr gear you'd be most likely sacrificing ias--which is very important. You'd be forced to use a faith mb rather then gmb (still a great bow), in order to have sufficient ias, while maintaining fcr (at least if you want to hit 7 fpa).
Honestly I think you'd get smashed more easily then without the tele.

We'll wait and perhaps some others will comment further on this.

edit: Forgot to mention that the greatest thing (to me) about having high frw, is that you can dysnc.
If you are dysnching anyhow and are keeping on the move with nice frw,
then I really can't see a need for tele.
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Re: TeleBowazon in PvP

check out the amazon basin, they have a guide about telebowazon. We here on don't believe in them.