tele bowzon?


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tele bowzon?

I was thinking of different builds, what about the typical bowzon skills set up but with the following gear:

faith mat bow - 45ias needed for 7 frame
enigma - tele, r/w, skills for bo
80/30ias giant skull - kb ias
highlords/cats eye - ias for 7 frame attack
arachnid - 20fcr
trangs gloves - 20 fcr

cta - bo
spirit - hits 68 fcr bp for tele

I would figure the damage would be quite low but with ds/cs this could be remedied and the survivabilty would be greatly increased from the glass cannon builds so prevalent. Just swap to spirit, tele away and snipe, continue til they die, or dont even swap to dodge a ww or bone spear. Lemme know what you think.


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Even with that cast you're going to tele really slow. Not worth it imo. I'd rather have nice stat gloves/dungos and just get a lot of r/w. Seeing as the tele is so slow they will just catch up to you and catch in you in mid switch.


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ya you need way more fcr than that. switching takes about a second which is quite a lot in intense duels.


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just for fun, i had a cs zon with wizspike and lidless on switch and even that seem too slow.

zons aren't meant for tele, though they could its best they have tons of frw with doom on switch to piss other offer :uhhuh:

bowsorc vs bowzon :clap: