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tele-auradin..fcr bp?

Discussion in 'Paladin' started by mystified, Apr 14, 2008.

  1. mystified

    mystified IncGamers Member

    Nov 10, 2006
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    tele-auradin..fcr bp?

    well I've made auradins before, most of them were straightforward ones until i got bored...

    made couple using beast and turning to bear for added defence, made pure fire, pure light, mixed, phys dmg variant, elemental variant and so one..

    now I 've decided to make a tele auradin...maybe pure fire or pure light onto to hit FCR bp (and possibly fhr but this is pvm..) i reckon pure light is way to go since I am gonna use eni as a main armour.

    so here are few questions

    1) what bp should i am for, and to achieve it?

    i can think 48 (irrc), and 75. latter using spirit sword in pb as a weapon...XD
    it wouldn't break, still do low phy dmg to worry about IM, addes elem dmg, and skills with 55FHR and 35FCR. too bad about low phys and lack of LL from that. throw in trangs/mage and arach andI can hit 75, with problems such as lack of leech ias becoming a bit of a problem. :undecided:

    2) think I will need ll and ml?

    both of them I had no problems before. most of my previous builds had enough ll and did not require much ml. zeal doesn't cost mana (well it does but...)

    3) ias?

    4fps zeal is nice. but to hit above fcr, i think i will miss this. possible suggestions w/o using faith merc would be nice. right now, I am thinking of making this guy in L, and do not have funs to make a faith as well as dual dream, eni, etc XD. or should i just miss this completely? :scratch:

    if successful, this guy will be my next mf-er. hopefully able to kill just by teleing in nm. (yes i mf in nm..what a noob :p)

    all suggestions are welcome :prop:
  2. Addict

    Addict IncGamers Member

    Jun 29, 2007
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    Re: tele-auradin..fcr bp?

    Well I would say Spirit PB & Wizzy are your 2 main options.

    Either one will make leach almost impossible for all practical purposes (both weapons have avg physical dmg in the 30's with no ED on weapon)

    Spirit will give you +skills & let you reach the 86FHR bp(i think thats the bp) but will require some combination of the following to hit 75% FCR:

    Trang/Magefist + Arach
    Trang/Mage + 20FCR crafted ammy
    Arach + 20FCR crafted ammy
    Any one of those three + 2 10FCR rare rings

    That means you'll have to give up either:
    20IAS gloves that let you reach 5-frame zeal (PB needs 13IAS)
    Mara's for 20-30 res all
    Raven for CBF
    Goldwrap for MF

    If you take the wizzy, you'll lose +2 skills & will need to get 20IAS gloves AND 10IAS belt (goldwrap has mf also) to reach the 5 frame zeal (you need 26%). Note that either weapon is a 6frame zeal with no IAS. However since Wizzy is not a runeword, you can shael the wizzy & you only need 6 more IAS to hit the bp.

    However with the 50%FCR it becomes easier to hit 75% FCR:
    Trang/Mage + 10FCR ring or ammy
    Arach + 10FCR ring or ammy
    20FCR rare/craft ammy + 10FCR ring
    2x 10FCR rings + 15+FCR craft ammy

    In either case you'll need some res charms to hit max resists. You'll just need less with the wizzy, where you'll need a couple FHR charms instead.

    I hate having low resists so I would probably take the shaeled wizzy, goldwrap, trangs, 10fcr/resists rare ring, raven, maras, & war travs. That would guarantee AT LEAST +35% res all in hell with the worst possible rolls on all items that grant resists. It would also give me the desired FCR & IAS breakpoints, +4 all skills, over 200mf with a Gheeds, & CBF.

    Due to the lack of leach on this build I would suggest a Prayer merc with an insight for some decent life regen. The 14 life/kill from nigma won't hurt either, & you can always drop a few points into redemption if you need to since it looks like your only skills will Lightning Resistance aura, zeal, conviction, & maybe holy shield. Hope that helped!

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