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~~~~~~teh OMFG PVP SHAMAN GUIDE~~~~~~

Discussion in 'Druid' started by ClanIrak, Jun 11, 2005.

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  1. ClanIrak

    ClanIrak Banned

    Jun 11, 2005
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    ~~~~~~teh OMFG PVP SHAMAN GUIDE~~~~~~


    Yes, it is here...

    I. What the hell is it?
    II. Uh what did you just say?
    III. Stat placement
    IV. Skill placement
    V. Skill explanations/uses
    VI. Gear set-ups
    VII. Merc
    VIII. Leveling
    IX. Dueling Techniques

    I: What the hell is it?
    The PvP Shaman is a elemental/summoning druid.
    You use the skills Fissure, Molten boulder, Volcano, Armageddon, and Summon grizzly.
    These might seem like underused/weak skills to you, but I tend to disillusion people when I kill them.

    What this build loses against:
    Extremely powerful wind druids
    Absorbing Chargers
    Absorbing WW Barbs (not assns, usually)

    What this build kills
    Everything else.

    II: UH What did you just say?
    Yes, this build is among the most powerful pvp builds in existance. In fact, the only build that is generally better for dueling is imo the Wind Druid, who, unfortunately, gets either completely annihilated or has a hard time against certain chars (fire sorcs/trappers/hammerdins)

    The PvP shaman combines two extremely powerful druid builds, the Fire Druid and the Summoning Druid.

    The Fire Druid has powerful caster spells, but will generally lose to other casters, who can either overpower him or absorb him.
    The Summoning Druid can pack a deadly combo with teleport/grizzly, but he is helpless against most melee/ww chars, and bone necros (and wind druids).
    When you combine the two, you are left with a char with very few weaknesses.

    Using Volcano / Teleport / Grizzly, in that order, you will kill 90% of casters.
    Fissure will kill 90% of melee people.

    My stats:
    [ul]Level 91 Druid "Grizzly" (useast ladder sc)
    2100 Life (3400 with oak)
    Maxed Resistances, stacked about 30 deep.
    -20% Enemy fire resistance
    83% Faster Cast Rate
    Lvl 40 Fissure (3k Fire Damage)
    Lvl 40 Volcano (900 Physical, 1000 Fire)
    Lvl 40 Molten Boulder (1400 Physical, 800 Fire)
    Lvl 31 Firestorm (3300 Fire / Second)
    Lvl 21 Armageddon (3200-4000 Fire)
    Lvl 36 Grizzly (4800 Physical, 3700 w/o how)[/ul]

    Molten boulder is only really helpful against wind druids :/

    III: Stat Placement
    Strength: enough for enigma, make sure to have enough for a monarch, since this is what you will most likely use (ss, spirit, resists shields are all monarchs), so make sure after all other gear you have 156 strength

    Dexterity: enough for Wizardspike, if you ever plan on using, or none. Blocking is hopeless here.


    Energy Base

    IV: Skill Placement
    Remaining points in Firestorm
    20 Molten Boulder
    20 Fissure
    20 Volcano
    1 Armageddon / prereqs

    1 Heart of Wolverine / prereqs (includes 1 oak)
    20 Summon Grizzly


    V: Skill explanations/uses
    A powerful skill.
    I get this to do ~3000 damage. This is extremely similar to Blizzard but has wider radius, hits more, and does less damage.
    This is good against melee/ww people, since you can drag them through a fissure, inflicting massive damage. You can generally hit a ww barb 5 times or so if he teleports on top of you into a fissure. A pally trying to charge through will get hit about 3 times. If a necro or druid is minion stacking, get them to teleport into a fissure, and all their minions will die.
    Fissure will not work very well against casters, since they can teleport out of it before it hits them.

    Deceptively powerful.
    Volcano will work on casters. Namelock someone with a volcano, and it will always hurt. Not only packing fire and physical damage, volcano has a very good ability to stun. If your volcano does more then 1/12 the hp of someone, they will be put into FHR. While the volcano is under them, they will be stuck in FHR lock. Seeing as volcano lasts 6 seconds, this generally kills weak people in 1 casting. This stunning ability is especially useful against casters, since you can stun them enough for you to teleport onto them with Grizzly, usually killing them right away.
    Volcano's main use is killing casters. Toss one under their feet, and teleport on top with Grizzly. Keep in mind, however, Volcano CAN be blocked.

    The telebomb.
    My old build was pure Grizzly, but the synergies aren't neccessary, since the +skills can add to them. The idea with your Grizzly is to teleport onto someone with a namelock (or teleport close to them), and your Grizzly will hit them within ~5-7 frames. This can kill many sorcs/bowazons in a single hit. The minion stacking it provides also makes it impossible for you to be hit by guided arrow.
    Grizzly is also helpful defensively. Against characters that teleport onto you (wind druids, hammerdins), it will hit them as soon as they land on you, before they can attack most times. Keep wary, however, that your Grizzly can be frozen. Dont shy away from recasting it.

    Molten Boulder
    "Pshh I can tank that"-
    Idiot-Sorc was slain by Grizzly

    This skill looks very weak.
    It's slow, near-impossible to hit with, and packs absurdly high damage.
    The reason: When you hit with molten boulder, it knocks your enemy back, and hits them again.

    Getting hit 5 times from my boulder results in:
    7000 Physical 4000 Fire damage.

    For the most part, this skill is just there to make fun of people. However, it is extremely vital in fighting wind druids.
    Wind druids cannot be hurt by fissure, and volcano lacks the damage to put them into FHR.
    However, the ~1400 physical on Molten Boulder is enough to clobber most wind druids, if you can trick them into teleporting into one.


    This is not Thunder Storm; it's better and worse.
    Armageddon is a cast/forget skill. With one point, I do 4k damage with it. The trick is, while you teleport, the rocks from armageddon fall behind you, leaving a wake behind you if you teleport away from someone. Not only giving an incredible scare factor, this kills any melee chars that attempt to chase you down. Very useful against trappers that get a stunlock on you, since it will pelt them while you sit there.
    Just don't count on Armageddon killing anyone. It's pattern is random, so you can't target anyone with it, it just strikes randomly.

    VI: Gear Set-Ups
    No other options in this category. Your best bet would be with either breast plate or mage plate, since they have low strength.

    The best caster weapon, and perfect for this build.

    Adds to your grizzly damage, but the fanat aura gives 1/2 listed damage, meaning that hoto will add 1-2x the damage beast will.

    Nuff said?

    Insane mods. Use.

    Like spirit, but with less str requirements. Use if you plan on ultra low strength

    Helpful to have in your stash for dueling melee people / wind druids.

    Excellent help to your fire skills, along with resists. Keep in mind it might leave your Grizzly a bit weaker.

    Very nice bonuses, the +2 all skills help alot but with spirit the fhr is generally not as useful.

    Kira's Guardian:
    An Umed 70% resist Kiras is great to have in your stash for ANY char.

    Absolutely neccessary to duel trappers, or most lightning based builds. Provides both vit and str, making it a great choice.

    High vitality, along with that dr that you will be lacking, very good if you insist on not using absorb.

    Very nice caster bonuses. Just make sure the fcr will help you reach a breakpoint before you think too hard about it.


    What do you think they do? -_-

    All-round good boots, but lack useful resists.

    Best choice unless you don't wanna make people hate you.

    High Resists/Stats/Skills makes this invaluable

    +3 Elemental or summoning:
    Good, but will leave your opposite branch lacking.

    For this, just leave in your stash:
    2x Wisp
    2x Dwarfs
    2x Ravens
    And use either sojs or bk rings.

    5x Elemental, 5x Summoning
    Use and anni, and fill 9 spots left with resist scs.
    Make sure to stack on resist scs even if your resists are maxed. This is to counter -resists equipement.

    On weapon switch
    Because it is, uh, is good.

    Good if you skimped on the cta, you can switch to this to regenerate mana.

    My personal set-up:
    Enigma (mage)
    Wisp/Raven (with rest in stash)
    5x Ele gcs, 5x Summoning gcs
    9x Resisters, 1x Anni

    VII: Merc
    3 Main choices here:

    1) Act 2 Might merc:
    Adds great damage to your bear, and with a reapers, can help you pvm very well.

    2) Act 2 Holy Freeze merc
    When you teleport on someone, this will lower their run/walk, making them an easier target for your bear.

    3) Level 27 Act 2 Prayer merc using Insight
    The ideal pvp merc, it provides fast hp regenerating from synergized prayer/meditation, along with the obvious mana regenerating, all at a cost of ~5k gold per revive.

    VIII: Leveling
    If you don't know how to level a char, You realllly shouldn't try pvp yet.

    The order to max skills:
    1) Fissure.
    2) Grizzly
    3) Volcano
    4) Molten Boulder
    5) Firestorm

    Pumping points into fissure will dominate norm for you. Level 1 will pretty much solo trist runs in 8 player games.
    Once you get up to norm baal runs, you should max your grizzly to use as a tank.

    Since this is a pvp char, the leveling and order of it is pretty much irrelevant, but Fissure and Grizzly will help you the most in pvm.

    IX: Dueling Techniques
    Just run them outa mana. Typically 1 volcano is enough to take out a weak singer, since they have no shield almost always. You can slap on some dr to basically null their attack, but the main thing is to just play offensively. The barbarian is also playing offensively, but if you can turn a duel into a teleport chase, your bear will finish them off with ease.

    If they don't have an enigma, it's pointless for them. Just fissure/teleport, and you've automatically won.
    If they are a tele/ww barb, however, the game is now much harder. If they are single-handed, you need to duel like a blizzard sorc; lay a fissure underneath yourself, and teleport away when they teleport on you. Fissure + ww has an interesting reaction. If you attempt to ww through a fissure, you will be hit ~5-10 times. Ouch. By laying these under your feet, you can force a ww barb to run. Once a ww barb starts running, or playing defensively, take the offensive right away. Namelock/teleport if they try to escape, since they will only have 25% blocking while running, along with 0 defense. This basically means a free shot for your bear.
    If they absorb, then they actually have a good chance of winning. If they are 2-handed, you can just fight with volcanos and grizzlys. If they are one-handed, however, they will leech more then your grizzly can dish out, so switch over to oak sage and just toss volcanos as best you can. If they are teleport/ww/absorb, its a very hopeless duel for you.

    Concentrate or Berserk
    Point and laugh.

    Leap Attack
    See above.

    Fire Sorcs
    These come in one flavor; Fireball.
    The one thing to bear in mind is that fireball doesn't just pack a decent punch, but if you teleport on top of them, it will stunlock your bear, preventing it from hitting.
    Unfortunately, fire sorcs are also 99% of the time weak. Just lay one a namelocked volcano under them, to stun, and teleport/grizzly to finish them. If they are the type that tries to outrange you, chase them with grizzly. It packs more damage then energy shield can absorb, so a grizzly/volcano combo almost always kills.

    Lightning Sorcs
    Almost identical in every way to fire sorcs, except these can't outrange you as well. The main problem is that they also tend to pack a higher level energy shield, meaning they can most likely take a full grizzly blast without breaking. To counter this, simply play on the offense. Chase a lightning sorc down, and dont let go until they are dead.

    Holy Shock Sorc
    Put on a t-gods.

    Blizz Sorc
    Main thing is to be careful. By laying down a namelocked grizzly hit, you will 100% of the time make them instantly turn defensive. Take advantage of this by following with a namelocked volcano. They now turn offensive again. Follow with a grizzly. Rinse, lather, repeat.
    If they duel by trying to outrange you (aka archiocoax style), just play their game. Fissure has a larger radius then blizzard, so you can win the outranging game. When they realize this, and go on the offensive, follow up with a hit from your grizzly. Guess what comes next.

    Orb Sorc
    Grizzly is useless against these, since orb will freeze him. You can kill these by dueling entirely with volcano. If they have enough es to take your volcanos without flinching, just duel by doing passes with your grizzly, resummoning each time. While it seems futile, with careful precision, you can get a hit off, which will always drain their mana leaving you to kill with a volcano.

    Oh and if they are BM, dont forget that you can always just stack your cold resist with 2x raven to completely null any kind of cold sorc.

    Melee Sorc
    If it is a werebear sorc, refer to my previous section on how to duel a concentrate barb.
    If it is zeal/teleport, simply namelock volcanos. These will hit them before they can tele onto you, and will almost always stunlock them anyway, so they never really stood a chance, regardless of how much damage they can pack.

    A caster that kills bowazons. Hurrah.
    I've gotten it to the point that I can kill faithazons with autoaim and 2k life. The trick is, when you have minion stacked grizzly/sage, guided arrows CANNOT hit you. So if you teleport directly on top of a bowazons, they cannot hit you with guided arrow, and you are free to volcano them from there with impunity. Thats if they are pure g-arrow though. Heres how to fight the different skills:
    G-Arrow: Use grizzly, teleport on top of them, then drop a namelocked volcano.
    Strafe: Keep a very good distance. If you namelock/teleport a strafer, you will die. This is like trying to teleport onto a wind druid. Just a keep a distance, and drop fissures or volcanos.
    Multishot: They tend to move alot, so duel like you do against strafe, but fissure will oftentimes be more helpful then volcano, since it will hit them while they move.
    All good bowazons are hybrids, so make a point of switching between tactics as they switch skills. Volcano packs enough punch to kill them, and will always put them into a dodgelock. Grizzly will make it hard for you to hit them, and will often kill a bowazon in a single hit.

    Fissure. Lots of fissures.
    This basically takes any javazon down. If they absorb, which I've never seen them do, use molten boulders / volcanos. You can even kill most javazons by teleport/grizzlying. Just make sure they are running while you teleport, that way all you have to worry about is dodge. Avoid lightning furys by keeping a distance, and keep tossing fissures under them. If they have lots of -resist, stack yours.

    Thar yah go. BTW no whining about the name this time around.
  2. proudfoot

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    You have a lot of guts posting this here without changing the name or getting an official account reinstatement. Ban-dodging is NT.
  3. ClanIrak

    ClanIrak Banned

    Jun 11, 2005
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    My most corking and cordial apologies if I have buttered your crumpet.
    I seem not to understand the basic conceptual viewpoints of your communicae in that you do so finely reference my posting as some sort of masculinity. As I can humbly assure you, this affore-mentioned "Ban-Dodgerment" is a kind of methodical activity that is most facile to one such as me that is graced with a solid myriad of both "proxies" and "email addresses" (a plethora of cdkeys for the forums too). I can likewise grant you assurance that by so forth Ban Dodgering I utilize none of my once again afforementioned "Guts".
    As a seasoned and battlehardened troll, I have little business on these communication boards. There is little understanding of my kind, and too many people here may not yet understand the fine arts of sarcasm and trolling for that matter.
    Needless to say, I have little reason to bring harm to you or your kind. But as the inhabitants of this small area seemingly do not understand the concept of "link"s or "url"s, I found it in my best interests to post a direct copy of one my guides, to shine a tiny bit of light on a heathianic cave.
    As for you good sir, though I held nothing against you as a person, I wouldn't spit in your mouth if your tongue was on fire.
    I would more appreciate if this thread was reserved for discussion of the above build, rather then your views upon the ancient and most sacred trollpact, broken and let loose upon the people by the archangel Jammno, who was frowned upon for being a bit sexist.
    I bid you good day.
  4. Garbad_the_Weak

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    Cry more kid. Then squeal when the banstick comes.

  5. ClanIrak

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    Jun 11, 2005
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  6. pAnda_fury

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    would it not be beneficial to reach the 99 fcr breakpoint, especially when quick teleporting is necessary such as when dueling a tele/ww barb?

    also what do you suggest to socket in the helm? a facet?

    also what fhr breakpoint is best?

    i like the build despite the controversy surrounding it and yourself


    edit: you also missed out some dueling strats...what do you suggest for dueling a bone necro for example?
  7. Useratuaer

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    May 22, 2005
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    Well, the guide is nice.
  8. Davie.

    Davie. IncGamers Member

    Nov 23, 2004
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    I like this guys guide. Why does every good guide author here get banned? SERIOUSLY SOMETHINGS WRONG. Dumbpig flamed a bit too much ok w/e. Koda...r.i.p -.-. Clan irak..dunno why..
  9. Shaperla

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    Oh yeah, and your proxy isn't changing your IP. OMGLOLZBBQ
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