Teh Official 1337 z0d Tourney Results

Teh Official 1337 z0d Tourney Results

The results are in, all entrants have finished, so all that is left now is to unveil the winner.
With me tonight i have special guests Steven Spielberg and the lovely Olsen twins.
First, in 3rd place, with a points score of 120, Its lucky Seven and his Enchantress Coxa!
*gives LS a handshake and a bronze medal.*
And in second place, also with a score of 120, its water_moon, with her bashbarb, BashyLoveU!
*gives WM a kiss and a silver medal*
And the winner, with the only guardian, corax, with his Vemon sin, black lotus!!!!
*lots of clapping*
Mr. travis aka Corax, please accept this gold medal and this little pebble i found a while back!
*olsen twins seductively show Zod to audience, then places it in a plastic bag and chucks it at Corax*
And Before we go, i would like to invite Steven Spielberg to make this announcement.
"Hello ladies and gents, as you may know, im a bloody good director, and make top notch films. And having followed this Zod tourney from the beginning, i am pleased to announce that as of today i signed a multi-million dollar contract with farting bob to make a movie of the tourney, right from finding the zod, to the early rivaly between mordallas and goltar, and the heroic dash for the line between 3 very worthy competitors. Brad pitt will star as farting bob himself, and we are looking for a child actor as we speak to play the role of corax. Well done to everyone!

Now, a quick word from our sponsors.....
.......Buy beans, their nice!........

And after that ad break, all that is left is to here from the winner himself, so corax, would you like to say a few words?

small print: your zod will be on its way tomorrow corax. Final table is in the other Zod thread.

Sint Nikolaas

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GG cor, how go socket that etheral phaseblade of ages :D

@whomhead about 4 posts below:
you crack me up man :lol: true, but also funny.. gg


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Awesome! Another post about FB's Zod! Now that makes me a happy camper.

Anyway, since its here, congrats to the top three. Its pretty cool that you guys made it that far.


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hhmmm, silver, is this sterling? I don't see the .925 on it, oh, wait there it is. Nevermind.

seroiusly, how would we have had a tie breaker if I had finished, too?

And who's gonna play my part? I want the right to vet the actors if you're gonna go selling the story, no way am I gonna let some washed up blond do it.

Disco-neck Ted

The Dark Library
I like the zod-formerly-belonging-to-Durf posts, few though they may be.

Congrats, Corax. Besides going to Disneyland, what plans now?
isengart said:
congrats corax!
besides that I really respect what you have made of this rune, fb.
With practise and commitment i can make any achievement, no matter how small, into a world wide event.
@whomhead: :p


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Congrats Corax on the Guardian!

now make sure you put that sweet roonz in an Isenhart Breast Plate where it rightfully belongs.


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vajurewi said:
Congrats Corax on the Guardian!

now make sure you put that sweet roonz in an Isenhart Breast Plate where it rightfully belongs.
Of course, he should place it in the 6-socketed cystal sword. As time goes by, we'll slowly fill the sockets and then will be the final zod tourney of them all!.

Congrates again on the zod, Coraz. I knew I should have chosen a better build :lol:


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:drink: hooray. first I'd like to thank fbob for finding the zod, then being stupid enough to host a tourney to get rid of it. then i'd like to thank all the entrants for making it a close race :drink: for you all

then id like to thank whoever it was for giving me enough luck to pull through this :D . and the rest of you for congratulating me.

The Zod will find a home along with Rizzo's Vex in a superior 1.07 eth Glorious axe. does anyone have one???

oh and bob. wheres mah zod? ;)


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Congrats to Corax, and the rest of the participants. I had great fun with this tourney, and look forward to more like it in the future.


yay lol



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Congrats to corax, incredible achievement.

Also congrats to fbob, the excitement and action you got from your zod is tough to beat.