Technical advice: Running Windows on a Mac


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Hey gang,

Long story short, my wife loves apple and we just got a brand new shiny iMac for the house. I know from playing D2 on my macbook that 1.14 runs well enough on iOS but I'd really like to be able to go back and play older patches. Now that we've got a nice new awesome machine in the house I was thinking about running a dual installation of windows and iOS by partitioning the hard drive, so I can play all my favourite old patches and even (gods forbid) regain access to RWM!

I know it's possible to do the the dual installation but I have a few questions that I'm fuzzy on.

Q1) What's the best windows OS to use if I want to be able to run multiple patches of D2 as well as D1? I've been using Mac for so long now...the last Windows OS I used on a machine I owned was windows XP....*hides*

So yeah, windows 7,8,9,10? What's the best to use?

Q2) Does anyone have any experience doing this, or are you all just normal people who use windows and i'm a weirdo?

Cheers in advance!


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1 - I'm on 7 and it works very well.

2 - Why the weirdos choose to torture themselves with mac has always been a mystery to me.


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1) I use 7 as well. XP takes up less space and has better compatibility with some older games, but there probably aren't any drivers for your computer. You might not even find 7 drivers, so 8 or 10 will be the only choice.

Don't forget you can try Linux as well. Linux Mint has a similar interface to Windows and with Wine you can run most games.

2) Never touched mac. However, here is the RWM for MAC if you haven't got it.


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I'm a Mac user who has partitioned my hard drive and runs Windows just so I can play those Windows-only games. I used to play D2 on Mac but moved it over to the Windows side once I got my current set-up. Using Bootcamp this is very simple and works very well ... in fact, I find Windows more stable running on a Mac than on a PC.

(1) I've used Windows 8.1 and 10, although haven't been interested in multiple patches or D1.

(2) Nothing weird. All my editing/design software is for Mac, but some games need (or are better) on PC. I can either buy two super-charged rigs, or get one beast of a mac and the Windows OS for an extra $100. A Mac set-up for high-end video editing gives a really, really nice gaming experience.


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Derp. Also forgot you could just get WINE for Mac and run the windows version of D2 without any extra OS.


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I use Windows 2000 Professional running on a Virtual Machine using VMWare Fusion on an early 2011 MBP. You can even setup a separate VM for each version if you want. I have two, one for Classic one for Expansion.

Daemon Tools so you don't need the disc ofc. I also have old versions of Winzip, Firefox, Java etc running on it.

I did try VirtualBox (free) but it wouldn't run 1.07 whatever I tried.