team pk oriented windy?


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team pk oriented windy?


I want to build a windy because me and harry_haller can't play on the trapper at the same time and hence we cannot play together.
I was thinking about a windy because I think it fits pretty good as a 2v2 3v3 and 4v4 partner to trapper and I like the offensive playstyle.

Since I am not experienced on wind druids I wanted to hear your opinion about this.
It should be mainly for 2v2 3v3 4v4 duels.

What would you suggest? I am mainly wondering castrate-wise and block-wise.
99fcr seems so slow on a druid - especially in tvts (where speed seems even more important than in 1v1s).
163fcr means no block - or - max block with spirit at the cost of a lot of life and at a very slow block rate.

What did you find most enjoyable and most viable concerning overall survivability and damage output (and comfortable playstyle)?

Thanks a lot in advance.

PS: bowzons are rather common in europe team dueling which might have an affect on this.

PPS: there is a bugbelt available for this one. this europe specific belt. stats are 1 allskills 15str 25dex 20%dr 20 prism (only statting relevant stats for druid).
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Re: team pk oriented windy?

I would go with max block, 99 fcr, and as a high a fhr bp you an manage. If you are partnered to trapper then it seems that a good strat could be to sit on top of the trapper with all ur minion stacking glory and have him attack people while you act as a kind of gaurdian, preventing any who get close from hitting the sin or attacking any bowazons or necros that come too close.

I don't play team duels though so this is all hypothetical. For 1v1 though, the 99/99 bp is more then enough.


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Re: team pk oriented windy?

Protip that made my druid a sexy team druid, and one that I'm surprised more people don't take advantage of...

Wizzy/Spirit mon on one weapon slot
Spirit weap/SS on 2nd weapon slot ^_~

He was a bit of an unusual 163/174 + 99/174 mb build but eh. Build your druid right (not too hard at all if you can count, which I'm sure you can ^~) and the only difference between 163 and 99mb are indeed the weapon/shield. So yeah. Simply have your partner BO =p


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Re: team pk oriented windy?

Hmm yeah seems like a good setup to me =)

I'm only worried about resistances in SS slot right now.
I'll try to list a setup I'm just thinking about:

- spirit/SS + wizzy/spirit as you said
- eni
- dancers
- 2 x fcr str dex life mana rings
- 2druid/18fc @ amulet
- 5 nado pelt shael shael
- arach
- trangs

Or alternatively switch the pelt vs a circlet and switch trangs to bloods or arach to bugbelt.

I dont know ... do you guys think that the 174fhr are really worth the effort?
It costs life and causes resistance problems which means it's gona be hard to find the ammy/rings with decent res on them.

PS: Europe got no 20fhr str trires dupe boots sadly. That's why I though dancers were the best bet.

Thanks Jai for response :D


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Re: team pk oriented windy?

You might wanna try somthing like this setup.

2druid 20fcr diadem socket 2* 7fhr/9dex/9str jewels
2druid 19fcr 20dex 7all res amu
Wizzardspike 7fhr/9dex/9str
Storm Eld
Blood fists
1* 10fcr 15dex rings
Raven frost
Bugged belt
Shadow dancers

That gives me maxblock/max DR%. 99fcr/86fhr. And i have base dex!
Life is 6737 with max block / max dr gear. Tornado dmg is 5792-6086.
With max dmg 99fcr 99fhr setup I have 7313 life and tornado dmg is 7046-7385.
And im lvl 91 right now

For me thats the strongest build 1vs1. Im not saying its a good build for team duells, just trying to help :D


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Re: team pk oriented windy?

At the moment, I'm using the 163 / 99 / 39 setup with Suicide / CoA and 163 / 99 / 8 with Suicide / Pelt. DR if they don't have amp and non DR if they do. Just putting out what I use.


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Re: team pk oriented windy?

i've used the spirit/ss option before (though not in a team setting so i had cta switch and stashed wizzy/hoto/spirit shield) and i must say that it's a damn fine set up. bonus is looking like a noob for using spirit sword.


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Re: team pk oriented windy?

I have now gone through different setups and concluded that I will not be able to use 99/174 + 163/152 (with wizzy) at the same time.
It costs too much DR, life, dmg, resists etc depending on how you build it.

I don't know, maybe I'm just too lazy to get several itemsetups ...

Europe tvts are not like yours I think. There are also magerush teams which include sorcs, trappers, whatever.
I would have liked to be able to have at least 75 all res in hell while maintaining OK dmg reduction and block.

After thinking about many setups this is what I found to be best if I try to get what Camden suggested (and I still like the idea):
- eni
- spirit CS 35
- storm 7/15
- arachnid
- trires dex boots (we got none with 20fhr and res etc) or dancers
- 2/18 @ ammy. preferably with prism or dual res, maybe dex
- 2 cast rings with str, dex, res, mana
- bloodfists
- 2/20 circ dual shael'd, if possible with 10+ prism

this leaves me at 43DR, 132fhr (162 with dancers), 113fcr (163 on switch).

res in hell:
40 anni/torch, 50 life/prism scs, 15 storm.
= 5 all res.
now with trires boots (40+ all) I would end up at lets say 45-50 all res.
together with some res from rings and amulet I could possibly get just enough for 75 res on lr/cr/fr.

I would have to use 3 fhr GCs and 1 fhr scs to reach the fhr breakpoint which costs a lot of life after barb BO and oak.
I have no stack res and no absorbing options.
I have no dex from equipment which means high base dex investment for block, which costs life again. (/E ok i talked bull**** here. but I'd at least lose 13 dex from dancers :p my trires boots have 8life 12dex).

I dont know, maybe I should rather go for a 99fc setup OR 163fc setup when I dont think that block is needed at all.
Could be either Spirit/SS or wizzy/SS (wizzy only requires 152fhr).

I still want to have 174fhr (or 152) because I think it will be very cool to have against all that leap/MB/multi/GA/fireball/trap spamming^^

I still do a lot of random tvts where I need resistances, block and DR. balancing this seems very hard to me on closed realms ...
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Re: team pk oriented windy?

make a bvc as a teammate for harry. i think you guys would do better with that setup.


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Re: team pk oriented windy?

nah it's not only for 2v2 only, and I have played bvc before. just no tvt ...
sold my inventory now and prefer druid for now.


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Re: team pk oriented windy?

163/99/8dr with a pelt

learn to box and play with a really good sin