Team GoP Sign Up


Team GoP Sign Up

I am wanting to create a team named GoP (Guardians Of The People.)
It consists of 8 people and now that it is summer i have all the time to play. We will all play together, and we will share drops equally. For instance, If we have a javazon and we find a titans then that is automatically the zons. If we find immortal kings then it is automatically the barbs. No matter what! I want to create this team so we will have a secure group of people to play hardcore in. I am tired of being pked and I would like some new friends as all my old ones have quite. The only rules are that we share drops among all the group members equally and that we play fair with no hacks. If you are caught using a hack then u will automatically be kicked from our team and we will recruit a new member. Every week the password to our game will change so no one can enter that might know. My account name is Greex983 on US West.

TO sign up for this team u must include ur account name and u must say what character build u would like to play. My only requirement is we must have a barb with bo. I am filling that role. I will be a ww barb. Now first come first serve so here is an example of a form.

Desired Character class:Whirlwind Barb,Wind Druid,Meteorb sorc
Where you live and ur time zone: Missouri and i have central time :D
Reason u want to join:

Remember first come first serve but include three desired character classes just incase u can't be what u want to be. We will talk about dates later.


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is this gonna be on west realm? I'm interested in joining, but I'm eastern so times might be bad for me


this will be on the east realm and im very versatile on times. Except weekends because friday and saturdays i usually spend with my girlfriend and on sundays i have football/weightlifting


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Account Name: Benofdeath
Desired Class: Tiger Strike/Dragon Tail Assassin
Timezone: Texas, Central.
Reason: After a long time, I've decided to pick up D2 again :D

I'm assuming this is untwinked?


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Account: Depends (Scott666 - East , Scott12345 - West)
Desired Char: Blizzard Sorc, Fire Sorc, or Frost Zealot
Time zone: NJ , East
Reason: I like team based untwinked play


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Caveman Basser

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Desired Character class:Javazon/strafezon, Meteorb Sorc, Blade fury Sin, concentrate barb, I'm easy I don't do druids or palis though.. :)
Where you live and ur time zone: Missouri CST :D
Reason u want to join: Why not I get bored playing alone and a group sounds like fun. I play an hour or two most evenings after 9:00



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Might I Join?

Account: Spatha (USEast)
Desired Character class: Summoner, Concentrate Barb (I have a love of spears, though), Lightining Javazon, I'm generally fine with anything
Where you live and ur time zone: Virginia, EST
Reason u want to join: I'd like to get introduced to Hardcore by what seems like a group of nice people

Hi all,

Well, not much needs to be added to the above, save for the fact that I have only played softcore so far; therefore I'm probably a last choice for the group. If you're willing to take me on, though, it sounds like a lot of fun.

Also note that I work over forty hours a week (despite the fact that I'm a lazy college student ;P ), so weekday playing would be limited to 7-9 or so EST.

I can make an account on West, if need be.

Thanks very much,


Ok guys good. We have quite a few members now but i would like to start when we have a full team. Sorry i haven't posted on this team for a while as i was playing diablo ond day ( i pulled a 34 hour day with just diablo) and my computer started to pop. It scared the hell out of me. I was sitting here doing pindle over and over again and a loud pop came out. I was like WTF!!! and so i had it looked at and it was that my cooling fan was bein bad. It was mad or somethin cause of the 34 hour day. Anyways im back now and im ready to start talkin bout times when u guys are. Post when u are available :)


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Hm, I'm generally available weekends and some weekdays from around 6-9 or so.

I personally think we should get an email list together, just because that seems a bit more efficient; however this works.

Once we find out who is playing which char, I'll take one that hasn't been filled and can support the group well. I don't really have a preferance (though there are some I haven't played).


Ok this is what i have down now as of who is playing:
BenOfDeath-Tiger Strike/Dragon Tail Assassin
Scott666??? or is it Scott12345??? Blizz sorc

This is only 6 guys. I might be able to get my friend to help us out but his step dad is one of those 40 year old guys who sit at there computer all day and play everquest and junk. So he doesn't have the computer alot. His dad is funny tho. He told us a story about how once he went to Kentucky fried chicken and ordered somethin. They didn't give him what he ordered. He took it back and is like i want what i oredered.. here is this now give me what i ordered. There like no u oredered that. So he went inside and used there bathroom. Only he took a dump on the bathroom floor!! He has also done this to our local walmart and a bar in sedalia. He's very weird and likes to poop on things. Have a great day yall and remember. When life gives u lemons poop on their bathroom floor. Gives a good laugh and a nice sense of revenge. Well im out peace out ppls