Team Deviant - Week One


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Team Deviant - Week One

Last night the eight brave souls collectively known as Team Deviant got together for the first time. A untwinked, unrushed group of non-cookie-cutter builds working together with the ultimate goal of actually killing Hell Baal. Is it possible? Well, lets have a look at the lineup.

Team Deviant
Kitriara: Summoner [druid]
Pintail-Hunter: Tesladin [paladin]
UndeadDragoon: Daggermancer [necromancer]
viamede: Enchantress [sorceress]
lasthero: Phoenix Striker [assassin]
hc_ugajeremy: Crier [barbarian]
Iamthetest: Throwsmiter [paladin]
Lostprophet: Poison Javs [amazon]

We began by charging bravely into the wilderness. However, the fallen proved too difficult for such a team, and all were slain. No, wait a second, that cant be right...

The players of Deviant met up with all members accounted for. Various cries of "Charge!" "Onwards!" and my personal favorite, "They'll never see me comin" were shouted as we shot out of town. Knowing that such a team is going to need all of the levels they can get, we did a fairly robust clear of the Blood Moor before the Den. By the time we were grabbing that lovely extra skill point we were all about 5, if I recall.

We burned through the cold plains and my minions met Blood Raven's. She dropped nothing of note, but at least now there were 8 hirelings shooting arrows to back us up. At this point Lost's poison javs were wrecking groups as fast as we could get to them!

Everyone began to go all over the place in the Underground Passage, so I nominated myself as leader. However, I was already getting wailed on by monsters so I decided to stick to my summoning... our Barb took up his natural role and on we went to the Dark Woods.

The Dark Woods were a cakewalk that yielded a handful of rares. Everyone met back up in town to share the finds and outfit everyone, then on to save Cain. For a guy with such high drop rates, I've never seen Griswold drop anything decent, and last night was no exception. The only good that came from Tristram was that I made Wirt's Leg my weapon.

Everyone was doing quite well at this point, and we charged on knowing full well that most of us wouldnt even get to drop a point in our primary skill that evening.

The Countess was a joke, and so was the Smith. They passed without a problem and on we went to Andy.

I'd like to note that at this point our Daggermancer has had about 3 rare daggers drop for him! Our paladins had found decent Targes and at least one rare piece of barb headgear had dropped as well as a katar.

Our frontline kept all of the bosspacks off of us slightly weaker characters and before we knew it, we were knocking on Andy's door. It seems we knocked so hard that she... well, died. Reward: Bloodfists for our tesladin.

We had scheduled a two hour playtime but had a halfhour left, so we all upgraded to act 2 mercenaries and quickly dispatched radament before our time was up. At this point, some people went to do some quick shopping, and Deviant disbanded for the evening. Next week should be fun as we'll hopefully run up against something that we wont steamroll =)

Some Screenshots...
I posted a bunch of em... if you're bored at work this'll give you something to look at, otherwise feel free to check the ones with interesting titles.

Off we go!


Teh best




Bye Andy



Who are these scrubs?

Such language in a high class establishment such as this!

It owns

Pretty colors



All in all, really, really fun. Anyone from Deviant should feel free to mention anything funny or whatnot that I missed. I'm looking forward to next week, as everyone is pretty much 18 now and we should all be getting our good skills next week (well, maybe not las!)

I know via said he would be missing next week, but I assume everyone else can make it. Do we wanna do 9-11 again, or try and squeeze in some extra time, like 8-11, 9-12 or something? Just curious; I had a great time and wouldnt mind doing an extra hour next week if it fits in people's schedules.

Anyways, I'll post a reminder next week on Tuesday morning just in case =)



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I thought it was funny. You could tell a few people, including myself, weren't used to team play in this sense. I kept having to make myself ditch that last monster to catch back up to everyone else.

I had a good time, probably the best 2 hours spent on Diablo in quite some time. I'm completely up for more play time, even an additional day a week if it can be worked in.

:drink: to team DEV


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It was a fun start to a wacky team. About bit the dust when your wolfs kept hitting Rakanshu..... Close call.

I vote for extending the play time to 3 hours for those that can make it. When I created the Tesladin I made it on a separate account so that in the event I cant make it - a substitute can be found to play him.


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Holy Smoking Haddock..were we fast. Levelled faster than I could think where to put my skill points =). I thought the one point in frost nova helped stand everything still and static knocked a ton of life off Andy in about 5 seconds. Oddly I had practised levelling a sorc as a ranger last week in anticipation that I would need this to survive with most of my skill points going into warmth and no real spells of note. But thanks to finding a decent shield, someone kindly tossing a rare sword (crappy but badly needed at the time), and no chippies to socket my long bow I picked up, I found I was meleeing after all. I did pick up a unique sword, Blood Crescent and am now using it. Rarely lost more life than I could leech back =). So for now am a meleeing enchantress!!

As a result dumped rogue for defiance. As advised will sadly miss next week and actually will be away from Saturday until next Tuesday so have to level ahead of the team. Started this AM (why wait) and obtained cube. Now at 18 with first point in enchant. Will need everyone to hang outside way points to get enchanted as can only do it three times before draing mana right now also never be able to keep track of who is and is not enchanted if do it on the fly. Enchant will boost everyone's damage unless you are casting spells and not hitting.

I can enchant the minions in town if your going to keep em for awhile (best for grizz obviously). I will presume that the team wil finish act 2 and head for there unless Duriel kills me. By the way I need a Ral rune to go with Tir I have to make a leaf staff, if you see one lying around =).

See you in two. Thanks for pics.



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I forgot you got that sword!

Yeah, thats totally more than fair, no need to ask me. No need to really ask me about anything. If next game our daggermancer has a skeleton army and the enchantress is casting orb I'd be disappointed but thats about it =)

So yeah via, assume we'll be done act 2 next week, having another Dev member help seems 100% fine with me; not like he's 99.


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That's great Kit.

99 would be so lame.....Pintail bring teh ooober 85 barb...BO..BO...BO... :)

Pintail Not sure when. Give me a time that's good Thurs or Friday night after 9 or Sat AM early.


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I'm good with 8-11 or even 7-11, but 12 is pushing it for me on Tuesdays. I'd also defininely be up for a second day, if that's a possibility for everyone.

That was definitely the most fun I've ever had playing anything, ever.

And now, for the

Team Deviant Official Quote of the Week...

"I'll just pretend Kit and Cry are my summons." DEV-APoisonTouch (our beloved daggermancer, even though I deal far more psn dmg than he does), commenting on the unfortunate lack of minions at his disposal.

And yes, that's going to be a weekly thing.

I'm so glad you got the screenie of me with the "Who are these scrubs???" over my head! I was worried you'd stopped taking pics!

I went and ate that PB+J sandwich, by the way. With Smuckers (strawberry). And then I had another one, just for your guys.

Until next week (can't wait!)



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Just holler when you want to level I'm on every night. *catkiller22

I'm going to sell all the 'junk' I collected last night to shop for better gear. The 2-6 Damage 4% Life Leech scimitar is not cutting it - pun intended.


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For now, lets see what everyone thinks of playing 8-11 next Tuesday. It seems like thats probably doable.

I personally would be down for an extra day, but I'm not sure what everyone's schedules are like. For me the best days for a second day would be either Monday or Thursday. We can have a vote on this too if everyone wants to throw their two cents in. If it seems like its too hard to juggle its no prob to just do the one.

I'm glad everyone had fun... I sure as hell did.


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I prefer one night. Hours were fine too. 9-12 possible but 8-11 will bring me more flack.

I'll look you up Pintail. I figure for Act 2 I'll step on ALL the scorpions you kill evertin else...wouldn't want anyone thinkin I'm leechin.


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I'm good for an additional week day, I'd rather not commit to being at home on the weekends. Also, I'd like to keep the ending time at 11, being an old man and working 8-5 daily tends to wear on ya.

<insert picture of me hobbling on cane/>


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That was not standard deviation...

YAY...nobody died. Sad news though, I cant play next week. It turns out that our spring break is next week so I wont have an internet connection. Boosad. So if anyone would be willing to quest through A2 with me Id appreciate it. I promise I cant tweak as this is my only hc player (I am a hc least til sc angers me more).

SCREW teh Norm...DV8


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Yo we are in the same boat. I need to Quest before Saturday. Either tomorrow or Friday night. Pintail was kindly offering to aid me through. Already fetched the cube and have WP so can speed things a bit. I noticed a significant life droppage in single questing versus our group mayhem and had to take things at a slow pace not to risk life and ever flowing hair. Thus 2 or 3 would be safer =).


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im down with 1 day, being near the end of the year in University well getting there atleast heh gonna be studying for finals :/ so lets keep this to one day if we can