Tea_Time My Sorc Untwinked Journey


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Hey guys.

As mentioned in my intro post, I am fairly new in general to D2 past killing baal. I never had any good items for my characters and only killed baal hell solo once before. For example, in the past few months of playing, I found my first magefist, shako, and trang-ouls claws. That's right, I never had any of those, or even a gc skiller. Lol.

After thinking about it more, I also never made a runeword during my first stint of playing.


Tea_Time and I have spent a decent amount of time together in the past month or so. I figured I would make a post about her.

Tea_Time was my forth time betting hell Diablo solo (Still saving the ancients and baal for a later date). I have been watching some speed running etc to improve my playing and theory crafting a lot.

She will be my first "mfer" and general wealth builder.

She was my second entry in the weekend warrior tournament. I ended up getting her to level 85 in the span of the 54 hours of playing (I would link that post if I wasn't new to the forum). (I recommend you give the tourney a try if you haven't and have the time for it). I will hopefully claim the title and get to level 89 in that time span some time, but I haven't gotten there yet.

She started out as a charged bolt/nova/static field sorc through normal. Then respected in FO. After that, did another respec into blizzard for the last few levels.

After getting to level 85, I took a little break from leveling to spend some time in LK. I was struggling to keep motivation in doing that. I found a good amount of charms to improve her life (under 1k hp still, used a lot of strength for a monarch spirit that I still haven't found the monarch for.)

I did 400 runs through LK. The first 300 were a struggle, but then I found a Lo and Sur within a few runs of each other. I am new to the forum or I would have screen shotted them :D. I have been recording my play through and plan to upload the video of me playing her soon. The only time I didn't record (I intended to and thought I was recording) was the session where I found the Lo and Sur, lol.

I have run pindle to take a break from LK. I have done about 400 runs of pindle or so (I lost count) to get to level 89. Some decent grailers found (don't know if I will do a full grail, but am finding some ok gear that I have never owned before).

I did find an archon plate with 518 def and rolled 4 slots I will save for CoH. Still looking for my 4os Monarch :D

I am still level 89 now. I will likely go back to LK to farm up a Chains of Honor and Infinity.

At this point I plan to level until at least 95 for gambling and shopping purposes. When I get there I will decide if I want to make the trek to 99.

More screen shots and posts to come when I find some decent gear.


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I am on the fence about if I want to go all the way to 99. I will probably make that decision when I get to my goal of 95. Are you working on a 99er?


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I hit 91 last night running pindle. Man deaths are painful at this stage. I had 3 total. On the first I got my body back. On the second I clicked my body and died immediately again. I S&E and didn't realize I would losing some gear :(

I didn't lose too much, my boots, mask with 3 ptopaz, my shield, my harmoney bow, and trangouls. At least I have another pair of trangs and another harmony bow. I would have been very said if I lost my HOTO. I just made it before making the trek to 91. A decent roll of 38 resist. I am satisfied with that.

I couldn't image deaths at level 98, those would be terrible.

I will probably run LK some more to try and find a CTA and maybe my Chains of honor. Right now, I am sitting just above 1k life with a ton of life sc's I found in LK.

Also found a Fungal skiller with decent life suffix. Some other skillers including a chilling one my sorc is happy to use.

Not much else to report. Still trying to make it to 95. Not sure when I will switch to CS runs, leaning towards level 92, but I might try some now and see how they go. I feel pretty weak in there with my low hp and not maxed resist.

I am also a Pul away from giving stone to my merc for now. Hopefully that shows up soon. Also still no 4os monarch :(