Te Hunter - Fanmade


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The Hunter - Fanmade

Hi to everyone, first of all, who didn´t have thoughts about the last D3 character...well, this is my guess after some free time at work.

The hunter is a Van Hellsing like character, fast and confident armed with wide ranged bows and ballestas, he also throws knifes and crusifix.

I skeched something so you got the idea on papper and than took a photo of it and with some photoshop i got this, hope u like it! :D
I know, i know, i could have detailed a little more...but im supposed to be working, Shhhhhhh! :whistling:

One last thing, sorry for my bad english, im from the far south! ;)

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Re: Te Hunter - Fanmade

You all could at least leave a comment?? Uhmmm
I`ll leave the photo of the picture anyway, hope to get some feedback guys, this forum is more than quiet.



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Re: Te Hunter - Fanmade

Give em time. the way the bnet forums are we should get some kind of activity again. Also i like the compiled image you made showing the hunter up top. the added paper texture was cool. gives us that feel like its from an old book, much like from my wallpaper series ive started but lacked the wording.

A van hellsing style toon would be interesting. I could see him flinging the crosses as 2-3 in a direction like attack similiar to an early multi-shot but as those instead of bullets like Chinese starts type thing.


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Re: Te Hunter - Fanmade

It gives me a good representation of your character. Have you considered to do the other gender version? Could be interesting to see different type of cloths, weapons (like the bow), etc...

I guess you put your drawing in the multiply mode in photoshop. Have you tried other fusion mode, because it can gives you interesting results. I will often play with the contrast using the level tool with my greyscale drawings to give a more clean black and white picture.

I like your calligraphic skills also :)