TCP/IP Problems


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TCP/IP Problems

I have a question about hosting a game using a router. Me and a friend are trying to play some tcp/ip games but we've having problems. I use a wireless connection on my laptop and my router gives me inside network ip's (like 192.168.whatever) Now if hes not on my network he cannot connect to the games I host. I even gave him my real IP and that doesn't work either. I also tried pluging into my router with an ethernet cable (not using the wireless) and it doesn't work either. My question is there a way I can host though my router, or do I need to unplug it and plug my cable line directly into my laptop. Thanks.


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He should be able to connect to your real IP address just fine. Try disabling your firewall, if you have one on. If nothing else works, try it with a direct connection, without a router.


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You need to set up port forwarding on you router.

This website ( has good walkthroughs of the process with most router brands.

(As already mentioned, you will have to configure any firewall software to allow the connection as well.)

Edit: Also thought it would be useful to mention that the port that needs to be forwarded is 4000. (The other ones listed on the Arreat Summit are only needed for, only 4000 is needed for TCP/IP)


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Apart from firewall and port filter issues, you probably have to set up port forwarding properly on your router. Because you have only one IP address in the internet, the router doesn't know which computer incoming connection requests are to be forwarded to, so you have to tell him.