Tazz's OS auction


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Tazz's OS auction

Interested in runes people Pul and up

ofcourse if I feel it's a low offer I reserve the right to refuse to
make the trade. If I do say the trade is done I dont care if someone bids a ber ... the trade is done.

4 os Superior CV (um miminum)
4 os Phase Blade
4 os Rune Sword
5 os Cryptic Axe (um mimimum)
3 os War Hammer
4 os Poleaxe (feel kinda foolish for throwin this one in)
4 os CV
4 os Crystal Sword
0 os Eth Ogre Axe
4 os Colosus Sword


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Re: Tazz's OS auction

Just gonna give this one bump and then pack them away for another auction another day.