Taste of Nostalgia - IceTea hits level 99


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Congrats on hitting level 99, and outstanding write-up. It felt like I was walking down memory lane, right along with you. Great job all around.


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Good stuff man! Congrats.
Thanks Fabian! Nice to see you're still around from time to time. Ready for the next MFO? ;)

Congrat on yet another epic build! Thank you for all the inspiration

all hail the Zod god!
Thanks drmalawi! Glad to be an inspiration! Looking forward when you take your first step with the Zod God Grail! ;)

Great stuff, major congrats! Those rune drops were ridiculous, and just in time for RFL too.

Glad to be of help to the Zod God and that the Phoenix setup turned out to work well overall. But I guess with all that gear it was very unlikely for her to be killed by CEs. ;) Oh I'm definitely male though, hope that doesn't screw with your mind now. :p

Let me rephrase that: What's the point of a 99er if you already have your best items? ;)

Join us in the untwinked awesomeness. DO IT!
Thanks ffs! It was definitely a good heads-up with the Phoenix etc! Sure, my first setup had some nice iPDR and all, but the Redemption from Phoenix along with the fire absorb made up for the loss of safety, let alone the better killing speed.

Lol, I don't know where that "her" came from. A Freudian slip perhaps :p

You're doing such a great job in the 99 untwinked tourney that you don't need me at all... never say never though!

Epic stuff Grape !! I'm humbled that I actually got a mention from the Zod God :).

Btw, which character will be your third 99er? :rolleyes:
Thanks T72on1 and GL with the Neverland's journey! :)

Hmm, after Vodka the 99er Hammerdin, I said I won't probably do another. Now I'm not so sure. I just tried two seal runs (and some P8 all three seals + Diablo) with my 97 lvl Javazon and it was decent fun.

But my next 99er is definitely going to be a 1.07 WW Barb running Travincal. Then I'd have two 99ers both in the 1.13 and in the 1.07.

Congrats, i have to say that Your threads together with Untwincked lvl99 thread forced me to return...always great to read, enjoyable and very fun...

GL with next project ;)
Thanks! That's nice to hear, welcome back! :)

Awesome awesome write up. Great backstory, wonderful to see such an fondly used character make it all the way. Congrats again. :)
Thanks Pb_pal, and thanks for your efforts and posts in the untwinked 99 tourney, they were really inspirational!! And good luck with Klaus, stay safe :)

Big big congrats. Always enjoy reading about peoples love for this game too. =)
Thanks Gynli! :)

What an epic achievement - congrats! :)
Thanks sanguillen! :) Not sure about epic though, it kinds of just adds up after you've played long enough with one character :p

Lovely haul pic and congrats.
Thanks! :)

If I ever decide to push my blizz MF sorc to 99, you'll be the one to blame.

Congrats on the 2nd 99er :)
I expect a mention, then! ;)

Thanks a lot! I actually looked back at your hybrid blizz build, when thinking about what to go 98-99 with. Such a cool character!

Huge congrats! Inspiring stuff as always.
Thanks! Nice to see you back in business as well, Burgomaster3!

Congrats and great work with the write-up. Tying in IceTea's progression through the game and your own progression through SPF was a nice touch.
Thanks NanoMist! And thanks for sharing your own progress in the untwinked 99er topic, reading about Izuna was one thing that made me long for doing this again :)

Most impressive!
Thanks! And welcome back! I think you may have left little before I started to actively post!

Congrats again, and very cool backstory! I hope you get those rocks from Trav because I'm anxiously awaiting the rune haul pic from that last level. Based on my hazy memory, I think it may beat Izuna's haul, which was pretty solid for @NanoMist
Thanks PhineasB! And THANKS for doing all the work with your own multiple 99ers and writing that magnificent guide about this all! Way to go :)

I really like reading stories of how people got into playing D2. Mine is very similar to yours, in that my first real PC was purchased specifically for D2(I still have that Gateway PC in my closet because I just can’t bring myself to get rid of it. The memories of coming home from work and seeing those big cow spotted boxes on the porch, and hooking it all up, and getting D2 going, and getting slaughtered!!!).

Congrats on the 99’er and you are one of the many that inspire me on top of the love I have for this game. I hope for many more characters and drops to come for us in the future.
Thank you :) Yes, I think many of us share stories little bit like ours. Little bit of nostalgia now and then is nice.

There will be many characters and drops to come, I hope!

2nd character that strikes 99? nice... congratulations sir! Epic achievement!
Yea! Thanks :) (although I actually do have a third 99er, but it's from 1.07. I kind of count that one as well.)

I somehow missed this?! Well done Grape! :D
Well, not by many days! :D Thank you!

Great write up! Congratulations!
Thanks! :)

@Grape Other than IceTea which you explained, why the beverage names for other characters like Milk etc.?
After I made IceTea I had that beverages theme to my names for a while, no particular reason really. Lack of imagination? :p Slowly I started to have some other names for my characters as well.

Congrats on hitting level 99, and outstanding write-up. It felt like I was walking down memory lane, right along with you. Great job all around.
Thanks Zylo! And welcome back! :)


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So, I went through all my +Vex screenshots to count how many HRs I found during the last level:
I was short of one Jah to be able to make this haul pic, so my Javazon was kind enough to lend one she just found.

19 +Vex runes is definitely more than believed I'd find during 98-99! And the quality!


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Yeah, it was as nice as my hazy memory thought! Izuna had 15 Vex+ with nice quality (3 Chams) and Mercy had 14 with lower quality (one Cham and 5 Surs). IceTea's haul blew both of those out of the water :eek: Congrats again on the 99er, but also that rune haul from Nihl!