tankadin build


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tankadin build

I was thinking of making a tanking paladin which uses the conviction aura and uses the cheapest equipment possible (im sick of all these mega expensive runeword builds). This build will follow my meteorb sorc around tanking monsters while the sorc kills them. this build will have 95% all resistances and 50% dr. The build will make use of the vengeance skill for its damage source.And having the conviction aura active making the sorc do massive damage to any monster thats not immune to fire/cold.

Heres what i thought i might look like.


20 conviction (main aura for taking away resistances, boosts sorcs dmg)
20 holy shield (Main defense source, gives better block chance for less points in dex)
10 resist fire (synergy for vengeance and passive resistance bonuses)
10 resist cold (synergy for vengeance and passive resistance bonuses)
10 resist lightning (synergy for vengeance and passive resistance bonuses)
1 vengeance (main attack)
1 in all defensive auras (just for when you need them)
rest in defiance (synergy to holy shield)


upgraded guardian angel armor (either pruby or hel rune)
verdungos belt
gimmershred axe/spirit sword (prebuff holy shield)
stormshield (pruby or a shael rune)/spirit paladin shield(prebuff sholy shield)
venom grip
two rings with life leech
offensive skillers and + life charms in inventory


defiance mercinary
reapers toll armor
upgraded guardian angel armor
andariels visage helmet

So then, what you paladin people think of this? I also need a suggestion for my helmet, thanks.


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No not that!! skills that i would do!:
20 conviction
10 res light
10 res cold
10 res fire
10 vengeance
rest holy shield

Armor: Upped Guardian
Belt: Dungos
Weapon: Gimmer's
Weapon Switch: Spirit
Shield: Stormshield
Gloves: Bloodfist, (or Gloves with nice elemental dmg.)
Helm: If u use Shako u could switch ur Dungos if u find a Better belt (suggested = Trang belt & Nosferatus) those belt will give u massive ar (u can wear 2 angelics with trang beacuse of Cbf) or Life leech + slow (Offcourse this open up some great PvM opportunities even if this build has it allready)
Jewelery: Amulet: Angelic wings. Rings: Angelic halo + Ravenfrost (if u use trang belt use 2 angelics)
Charms: Smallcharms Of Life all the way! this can give u massive life without CtA (then imagine with it :D )

Thats what i would do, beacuse now u could PvP if u want ^^ (1 hit ko ppl)


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Thanks for the info but it hasent really helped that much :(

I've got meditation for mana regeneration. The reason i chose to put only one point in vengeance is so that i have extra points to put into the compulsory 1 point wonders in the defensive tree. And attack rating isnt really a problem because its not me thats going to be attacking anything, its the sorc, i dont think you really read my post properly.

Cta......no point in even trying atm, ive just started d2 all over again and thats the reason that i have to be using the cheapest equipment possible. This build is just a pure tank, a meat shield for my sorceress to deal out some painfull elemental dmg which is massively boosted by my aura. Ill be doing mainly hell baal so a good tank is a must. I will also have prayer active from my sorcs merc so i probabley wont even need to potion except in extreme situations.

Doll Call

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max defiance,
max holyshield,
and use a 1 pt smite as your main offense,
use a might merc too,
use a upped HOZ to smite,
wear a upped shaft/ber'd levi, and verdungo for max DR.
could wear a veil of steel, andys visage, gillume's, or a coa for a helm.
wear dracs for gloves, so you can leech.
gore riders for boots, or eth treks for FHR
sink the rest into passive elemental resistances if you want... for the hidden bonus.
viola, a true tank... with max defiance, holy shield, and while using defiance he'll be impossible to hit. combine that with stupid high resistances and a solid merc... there you go. now all you need is a CTA =)


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JasonBriggs said:
This build will follow my meteorb sorc around tanking monsters while the sorc kills them.
Wait, how is that going to work? Do you have a friend to play your tankadin while you play the sorc?


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wear a upped shaft/ber'd levi, and verdungo for max DR.
two computers and my brother will follow me around or i will follow him around.

wear a upped shaft/ber'd levi, and verdungo for max DR.
is that ber gonna drop out of the sky? :D

Thanks for your help ppl, ive decided to go with my original idea and use a shako.