Talk to me here, WW or Frenzy or Both?


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Talk to me here, WW or Frenzy or Both?

Ok, been playing Diablo again after a 1 year break in Iraq. I've got a lev 71 SumNecro and 76LF Zon so it's about time to start another char. I'm trying to decide if I should go WW or Frenzy( maybe a Hybrid and go with both skills?). I remember the days of 1.09 when the WW Barb owned all and would love nothing more than to do another. However, is a S/SS weilding Barb gonna be able to kill groups with any kind of speed at all?
Should I even consider a dual sword/axe WW Barb? Help me make a decision here.


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Welcome back and Thanks!

I (personally) love the WW and a friend "had" a really nice level 95. Tis so sad. He went into his WW and didn't see the cursing fool around the corner. Halfway into the spinning he got iron maiden and that, folks, was all she wrote.

I was right next to him when it happened. Was very sad, BUT I've been thinkning about making one myself, just because they're so much fun!

Good Luck!


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I had a frenzy baba last ladder season. It was a lot of fun, check the baba forums I think someone over there made an untwinked HC frenzy baba that went threw hell.


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I found that frenzy works great until u git into hell.

The monsters are so much tougher that you really need the block from a shield. 75% is awesome and with SS u get 35% damage reduction!

Use one of the skills that lets wear a shield.

If you go frenzy then blast Howl before attacking hords of monsters and you will do much better.