Tales of the CMF (Casual Magic Findah)


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Tales of the CMF (Casual Magic Findah)

After combing through the inventories of a handful of mules last night, I took a moment to reflect... Man, I have ALOT of stuff. Then, I thinks to myself, "self, I got all this from nuthin! nada! zilch!" I still remember making my first ladder char a week or so after the 1.10 release, not having a clue about how to build it or any idea how i was going to get all the same junk that I craved in the 1.09 days. I consider myself on the low-end of the magic-finder with luck, but i have all the desires and ridiculous hope of the hard-core uber/leet MF'er...
I just thought I'd take a moment to make a posting in the spirit, of say, the way some used-to-be-fat dude would extol the virtues of "the gazelle" fitness trainer... "and yes you too can look just like me!" but with a little modification... yes, hopeless MF'er, wish just a little _patience_ you too can have a big ole pile of uber loot!!!
The keyword is _patience_. Little baby steps i guess. I started with no gear and no MF and now I've got 3.5 accounts full of stuff and runes and gems and money. (NB. i know there are people with WAAAAY more accounts, etc, but 27 some-odd chars with full inventories aint too shabby) If everyone, especially myself, has such bad luck, how did i get all this crap? I guess it has to be just keeping my perspective limited. I set my sights and my desires on the little things that will hopefully (and so far have!) led to bigger things and continued interest in doing runs! and odd MF charm here, or some set item that will complete something there or some chipped/flawed gem that allows a rune upgrade, whatever... and on those _inevitable_ times when something uber drops, it's all the more sweeter..
As far as the details go, pretty modest I'm sure with all the ebay MFers out there :) I roll with about 350% mf and I have a little set pattern that I do for my runs: eldritch/shenk, meph, andariel, pits, countess. Arbitrary, yes, but that combination of places keeps it fun and ain't too hard. that's it.
And for you pit haters, I scored the unique sacred armor "Templar's Might" yesterday.
So, kick open all those chests, break open all the crates, kill all the baddies and you too will have rock-hard abs of steal and maybe some good loot too!


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I know a lot of people who are in need of reading your post. And it makes me wanna take a round looking for nice stuff. Thanks for sharing your experiences! :)


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i barely mf at all, like i only do a tristram run etc... here or there when i make a game and im waitin for other ppl to come

but in the past couple of weeks i have had alot of luck bringin my chars into hell, i have had 2 consecutive "gul" forge drops...i found a lem from nm forge yesterday and in the same game as that a lidless dropped...also in the same game as when i got one of the guls some unique grotesque dropped me a andys visage

idk, but for me the best things come when i dont expect them


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Sounds like my mf runs, but I add pindle. You should think about adding him too, it only takes like less than a minute. Yeah, generally he drops nothing, but you never know what you might find....