Tal Rasha... :p


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Tal Rasha... :p

Hey! :)

My Tal's set sorc just made matriarch. She's the sorc of my class-set septivirate. Aldur is already finished and Natalya is work in progress.




TalRasha was a Blizzard/Firewall sorceress. Why did I choose those skills? Well, this is basically my 7th sorc. I have played only sorcs for a long time and they were all Orb sorcs, except a blizzard sorceress in bnet (cough). The bnet sorc was blizzard only and I didn't like her because of that. Since some serious problems with one element sorceresses in SP, I now only play dual sorcs. After I figured out that I didn't likeBlizzard because I hadn't a backup skill, I chose it as my main spell on this dual sorc, because I think dual sorc works best with Tal's set, because it has only +6 to all skills, but some +% damage on the orb.
Now I need a backup spell. At first I wanted to use fireball, but after some calculations, I felt that it wouldn't work too well with this gear setup. In the end I used firewall, because it doesn't have synergies and can be effective with only 1 point into fire mastery. That allowed me to pump blizzard's synergies further. Now the idea sounded tempting, a kick ass blizzard for all non-CI and firewall + merc for the rest. But sadly firewall doesn't work that well, because monsters will walk out of the wall. They just ignore my merc sometimes. However, it was manageable, but not that much fun in all situations. TalRasha has about 455 mf and she should be a mf runner after matriarchisation. I turned the /players setting up to 8 from act 1 hell on in the hope to find something nice on the way and it worked surprisingly well. Although I had only 2k blizzard damage (but lvl 27 cold mastery), blizzard killed everything easily, even CI's were ok to smack. But I got impatient, because I never find something on my way through hell and I wanted some real mfing, resulting in heavy problems afterwards. The Anya quest was hard because everything was CI there and the sirens pwn my merc easily, especially with AD curse. Because I had maxed res anyways, I just proceeded to kill the ancients. After a roll with only 1 CI, I killed them and my merc had Korlic down to a sliver when a power failure occured. ¬.¬ It was already late so I went to bed and after trying to play lod today, I noticed that everything was messed up and didn't work, so a reinstallation was a necessity! Now it works and after she was matriarch, I managed to complete that damn anya quest. I just needed patience. Which I didn't have last night! ;)

Now, what does TalRasha do? She actually should be a new pindle runner, because my lvl 94 javazon gets little experience from him and I feel it was time for a change and would like to see the exp bar raise while killing pindleskin, a second motivation besides the items. But in the course of hell I thought that I should really try out the tc85 areas more and in act 5 I remembered the scourge baal drop screenshot of SideShowBob and thought I should run baal. It's just that baal runs are so hectic...
I *think* I will just run pindle now, that's what she was meant to do anyways. Maybe he will finally drop that elusive Stormlash or even better Schaefer's!! ^^

Question: With my sorceress pindle is often CI and never LI and with my javazon he's never CI but often LI. Go figure? Is it meant to be like that?

Hmm, once I started writing, I can't stop. So let this end here...

Well done! glad to see you made it. Im 1 item short of the tal rasha's set (the ammy) but i migth be intersted in using it for some odd build later on. See, blizz does kick ass doesnt it? :D

Reborn2k said:
Question: With my sorceress pindle is often CI and never LI and with my javazon he's never CI but often LI. Go figure? Is it meant to be like that?
Yes, blizzard developed the worlds first AI which can tell what you want to happen, then give you the opposite. its why you always get bolts with a bowazon, mana potions when your down to 20 life and 3 boss packs of conviction gloams when you have negative lightning res.


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No really, I have run pindle from lvl 83 to 94 with my javazon and he was NEVER CI. And with my sorc he's always CI... Heck, that's strange again, like "what is the best mf value?", I guess I just didn't see it, because that pimp drops that fast!

And I forgot one thing. A ghost boss pack dropped this while completing the damn Anya quest:

Executioner's Justice
Glorious Axe
Two-Hand Damage: 233 to 482
Durability: 38 of 50
Required Dexterity: 55
Required Strength: 164
Required Level: 75
Axe Class - Fast Attack Speed
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 86
Fingerprint: 0x98486a44
+289% Enhanced Damage
30% Increased Attack Speed
-33% Target Defense
25% Chance of Crushing Blow
50% Chance to cast Level 6 Decrepify When You Kill an Enemy

A tc87 graily!! :D So it was worth it...


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gratz on the mat reborn, well done (and in no time)!

gratz² on executioners justice, it seems to be a great endgame weapon (i haven't found one yet, same with tals armor...)


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Good mat, and a TC 87 to boot.

The FW/Blizz combo works much better as a dual element if you max Firemastery in lieu of cold mastery/synergies. I guess it all depends on what you want. I can use FW with a lower resist wand to kill Baal (p3) faster than my 2K blizz with 17 cold mastery.


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Masas said:
A bit OT: Could people stop saying TC 85 area? It's alvl85 area.
Sure! ;D

Fafner, my blizzard wouldn't be that ass-kicking if I hadn't maxed the synergies and cold mastery! :D Maxing CM is almost a necessity for blizzard's effectiveness. I didn't max it, because of the +2 to CM on the Tal's orb and only lvl 27 is required (-150 res). You can get most monsters to -100 res (= double damage) with it. Only mephisto and magic resistant monsters have a little more resistances afterwards. However...

And something more about TalRasha: This was my first sorc with maxblock! All my 6 sorc's before this one didn't have it (so basically all orb sorcs without maxblock ;D), but I really like it. You lose some life, but thanks to the tal's set I still have 950 life (my Orb/CL sorc has about 1000) and it will probably reach 1000 at lvl 90 or something.