Taking my license test tommorow

Taking my license test tommorow

Tommorow I go to take my driver's test to get my license. I don't know why but for some reason I'm not to excited. I'm more scared and nervous. Eh I think its because when I did my driving practice with the driving school I had this mean fat guy who constantly told me what I was doing wrong and never what I did right so it made me think I'm a horrible driver.

So anyone have some good tips for me so i won't fail like a loser?
my intarnet pooped out and i did it on accident. Lets change the subject, what shall it be I'll let you decide turd, and it can't be boobies or beer.

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The topic of this thread will be about neither boobies, or beer. But a thread where you can vent out your stocked up insults you've never had the chance of unleashing Possibly because the person who was the target to your monster insult left because the this forum doesn't agree with them, or for reasons unknown.

Unleash your fury.


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Edit: Oh yeah, I should probably mention that it is a quote from a critically acclaimed independent movie.


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My best insults are those I don't dare post here for fear of being banned. And my best retorts depend entirely on the situation.