T.G.I.F - The Daily


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T.G.I.F - The Daily

Well it's 1.45 pm here, so I thought I would start the daily. Anticipation seems to be building for the Melee Blues Tourney and I am anxious to start, even more so that we are nearly 14 hours into the 1st of July already!! Hectic day for me on Friday, with house cleaning and washing and stuff. Not bad for a day off work!! :confused:

Been doing some Pindle runs to try and get my Sorceress up to Level 91 so I can go hard in the MFO. No special finds so far unfortunately, apart from a fairly nice orb:

Superior Heavenly Stone
One-Hand Damage: 21 to 46
Durability: 22 of 22
(Sorceress Only)
Required Level: 44
Orb Class - Fast Attack Speed
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 86
Fingerprint: 0xc1d3b263
+26 to Mana
+2 to Attack Rating
Increase Maximum Durability 11%
+1 to Thunder Storm (Sorceress Only)
+2 to Frozen Orb (Sorceress Only)
+2 to Meteor (Sorceress Only)
Socketed (2: 0 used)

Not sure if it any good or not, but could be useful for someone I guess.

Hope you all have a great start to Friday and good luck if you're starting your tourney character! :thumbsup:


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Two more hours of Thurs. here in CO, but close enough. I want this weekend to start, so I'll push it.

The roommates are all off for the long weekend, so it's just me & the dogs in this big ol' house. It's supposed to be hot so I'm thinking it'll be a clothes-optional weekend, lol. We've had a lot of solicitors knocking on our door lately, and I can't think any more effective way to scare them away that doesn't involve making direct threats.


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its friday arvo here.

my necro is now in act 2 arcane sanc. but have alot of stuff to do over the weekend and am working 4 days next week. i dont think i'll be able to get him and my wolfie up to speed for the MFO. not without some over night marathons. might have to fall back on good ole Quoth


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i got my assassin threw act 5 nightmare, i am gonna do some more baal and meph runs before i go into hell. I am only level 73. Got a good set up for meph, but a long walk for baal. Found a unique defender out of a "hidden stash" in durerence level 2, or chest w/e and a ethreal meatscraper from meph later on. Now my merc has LL for a change, and some mf! Good luck hunting, oh and btw 3 more hours or so till friday here.


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Friday... if I got this timezone stuff right, it's about 12 hours before the melee blues starts. I still don't feel very well, unfortunately. I didn't play the last two days, mostly because my comp is busy with other tasks.

I'm off work, as usual on fridays. I'll try to do some RoF runs during the day, we'll see.


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Hey all, how are you going? I've been less frequent around this place. Just read the whole FB incident - really sad. Now i have one perfect eth upgraded Hone Sundan to get rid of. Good thing I never put it into use - my mercs are too fond of their eth reapers, and a spearzon that would get to it never left normal.

Though I feel he got it comming, and have no second thoughts about his bannage, I feel kinda sorry for him. Not that he was treated unfair, or such, but just that he spent so much time here, and tried to make so many friends and gave a lot of his heart to this place, only to depart with a mix of can't-believes and harsh words. Pity. But that thread is closed. Travel safe bob!

In D2, I had some MF done recently, but I have played less and less, instead sinking my nose into KOTOR 2.

Good thing, because when the MF comes, I'll be fresh for non-stop MF marathon.

Hey Corax, still guarding druid's honor around? Orome the hunter druid got to level 60 in mid-NM around here, but that elusive windforce won't blow around here.


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Hey ric, haven't seen you much (as you admitted). I've been thinking about a Fire Templar...got any tips? (aside from fetching Trang's Set Pieces, of which I have NONE :lol: )

At any rate, I'm really tired right now as I just got back from seeing Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. I'm signed up to see two more plays this week with my family. Tomorrow I'm stoked, I think NM Andy deserves a visit from my Sorceress.

Edit: messed up the "lol" smilie at the end of a parenthesis for the 111th time.


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It's been a long time since I posted here, but I just finished my last exam the 27th, and having nothing else to do these holidays I've taken up on d2 again :rolleyes:

Instead of continuing leveling my hammerdin, I plan to start a few new characters, first one is an IK barb, since it's a shame having the full set in a stash gathering dust, he's at level 69 in act 5 NM right now, and I'm planning to pat him in two or three days, I'll keep you informed :)


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JicamaEater said:
Hey ric, haven't seen you much (as you admitted). I've been thinking about a Fire Templar...got any tips? (aside from fetching Trang's Set Pieces, of which I have NONE :lol: )
Hey Jicama, a Fire Templar is way too cool! I strongly recommend that you wear:

Trangs gloves
Trangs belt
A ring with level 5 Firebolt charges (preferably a rare one with FCR and other goodies)
fire weapon set: Moonfall (unique Jagged Star) + Dragonscale (I don't have it yet)
lighting weapon set: Hand of Blessed Light + HoZ
armor: Fireball Ormus - it works!
helm and ammy, my old faithful shako + maras
Soj on the other hand.
Boots don't matter.

I just got myself a def merc instead of HF - I like corpses for Redemption! - and remember that Conviction must be level 25 AFTER + skills. You will have a solid 1k fireball at stunning speed, and FotH is just awesome

It is a great char to MF in the ancient tunnels. I will actually use it in the next MFO - he is level 90 already! But for the MFing, I equip him as a pure templar (with too much Conviction).

You can have these if you PM me your email:

Entropy Grasp
Required Level: 14
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 86
Fingerprint: 0xcd7f7174
+8 to Mana
+11 to Maximum Stamina
+70 to Attack Rating
10% Faster Cast Rate
Level 5 Fire Bolt (32/32 Charges)

Trang-Oul's Girth
Troll Belt
Defense: 146
Durability: 18 of 18
Required Strength: 91
Required Level: 62
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 99
Fingerprint: 0xed0c7eb3
+66 to Life
+33 to Mana
+30 to Maximum Stamina
+85 Defense
Replenish Life +5
Requirements -40%
Cannot Be Frozen

***Partial Set Item Bonuses***
Cold Resist +40%
***Partial Set Item Bonuses***


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Ha! I'm back for 4 days. Staying in the school hostel for a month or so. There isn't any internet there, so I can't check anything or do anything online. Didn't play much, so nothing more to say. Gotta start practising Ancient Tunnel runs.


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good to see you around ric and rag:)

myself i have to much to do to play any diablo 2 today but i will play GMS if the patch gets done in time.

damn patch costed me a perfect x/x/4/4 archer:( i hate rerolling stats

ugh rolling dice for +1 hour is no fun if your unlucky


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corax said:
its friday arvo here.

my necro is now in act 2 arcane sanc. but have alot of stuff to do over the weekend and am working 4 days next week. i dont think i'll be able to get him and my wolfie up to speed for the MFO. not without some over night marathons. might have to fall back on good ole Quoth
Its about time you realised that Necro's are way better than droods :D
I've finally got Butt to Act 2 Hell. Its as far as I have taken any nekkid character. So I'm naturally looking forward to seeing if we can get to Act 3 :)
Have a great weekend all. May greens and golds drop aplenty :)

- Jas :howdy:


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Get well Sledge. *waves hi to everyone*

It's Canada Day here .... in Canada. (who would have thunk that!?)

We're gonna .... do stuff. Hang around with family and stuff. I think there's some fireworks somewhere in the evening.

Have a great day SPF.


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Well, Power killed that darn traitorous barbarian necromancer (?) last night. Still going strong on players 8, even though he's untwinked. Was going so well, I pushed all the way to the Ancient's Way, found the entrance to the Peak and the waypoint. Then it was a little late for the epic Ancients battle, so I called it a night.

Only unique was the unique Bill (blackleach something?), which wasn't as good as the Athena's Wrath with the AMN rune.

Probably not too much playing this weekend, but we'll see.



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Nacaa said:
So, what does TGIF stand for eh?

Nothing new to report from me.

Thank Goodness It's Friday.

Personally, I think that the only really good part about Friday is that it's pay day. Saturday, on the other hand...


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Started Javazon's journey through hell after outfitting her to have at least positive resists. The first part (Blood Moor and Den Of Evil) on players 8, but decided it was a bit slow for my taste and switched to players 5. After killing Blood Raven I took her to the Mausoleum for a bit more lightning immune practice. The monsters seemed to have a preference for attacking her or the valk above the mercenary. Noticed that lightning immunes take quite a while, especially non-demonic ones (she is wearing Laying Of Hands). Am still wondering what to put in her Witchwild String, any suggestions?
I'll give a list of her stats, skills, and equipment, this might help for suggestions:
level 75
Jab 1
Poison Javelin 1
Lightning Bolt 1
Plague Javelin 20
Lightning Fury 20
Inner Sight 1
Critical Strike 4
Dodge 1
Avoid 1
Slow Missiles 1
Evade 1
Decoy 1
Penetrate 1
Valkyrie 5
Pierce 5

helm: Tal Rasha's Horadric Crest
weapon: Titan's Revenge
shield: Rhyme
amulet: Seraph's Hymn
armour: Lionheart
gloves: Laying Of Hands
ring1: Dwarf Star
ring2: The Stone Of Jordan
belt: Thundergod's Vigor
boots: Natalya's Soul
weaponswitch: Witchwild String

Further charms to boost resistances and to a lesser extent mana and life. Resists are iirc fire/cold/lightning/poison 71/46/84/21.
And by the way she has still 195 spare stat points and 19 spare skill points.