Sword and Axe Barb


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Sword and Axe Barb

I'm thinking
1 Double Swing
20 Bash
2x 20 sword and axe mastery
1 Leap
1 Increased Stamina, Increased speed, Iron Skin, Natural resist
1 Howl
10 Shout (rest here)
20 Battle Orders
1 Battle Command

Arreats Face
Angelic Rings Ammy
Azurewrath PB, Death WS
Trangs belt
Laying of Hands or Draculs



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Re: Sword and Axe Barb

As a rule of thumb, when making a pure build, it's obvious to fill out a single mastery to get the maximum damage, but making a hybrid almost requires a max mastery to do enough damage to make it work. That said, using two masteries, such as axe and throwing for Frenzy and Double Throw, respectively, never needs more than ten into each. So, I've come to the conclusion that no more than twenty points combined should be spent in weapon masteries either way.

Though ten into Sword Mastery and ten into Axe Mastery should do the job, what's the point of two? Think about spending ten skill points, which are limited resources, on aiding that other weapon in your off-hand. They don't benefit you in any other way and you already gain the exact same bonus to another type of weapon. It makes more sense to ask what a proper companion weapon to either Azurewrath (1.10) or Death (war spike) would be, and that's considering the runeword in that weapon is suggested.

I'd suggest one weapon mastery, maxing Double Swing for higher attack rating overall without the nuisance of using mana, having at least one point into DThrow for some range, and having a place for the extra two points after Shout is full (you spell out 108 points). Just remember that DSwing is used more like Stun is, but for dual-wielding, in that it only gets enough damage to leech from and is mostly used for infliction of non-physical (elemental, poison, etc.) damage on multiple targets. If you're expecting the damage from Death to be better in an axe than a sword when you're using it with DSwing... well, you'll be in for a shock.


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Re: Sword and Axe Barb

Yes, of course one type of weapon would be the reasonable thing to do, and I don't expect the warspike to be better than a sword. I picked azurewrath and death because i have them now and I thought a sword axe barb, like on the cover of a Conan book, might be cool.

Masteries give more AR than double swing and they give added damage and critical strike as well so I think they are a better investment than more points in double swing.

One point plus gear gets me too zero mana. Arreats gives +4 to combat (two and two) a torch is seven (I have an extra barb torch... oh will a pally torch ever drop), a hard point is eight and one combat skiller gets me to nine and zero mana. Even without the skiller the leach on death would easily keep me going.

Maybe it isn't a great idea, I still sort of think it would be hell viable.