Sweating the Details: Build Questions


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Sweating the Details: Build Questions

Hey Zon Experts,

I'm an experienced Zon player from the pre-1.10 days. I never had the best equipment, but I did alright (Lyc, Buriza, LF hybrid w/Titans, etc). That said, I tried to build a new Zon in 1.11 using my old Multi/GA methods (and a Lyc/Buriza combo) and she's just not cutting it. I've acquired a decent stash of tradeables using different chars (sorc, necro), and I'd like to give a Faith Zon a try.

First, I'm partial to Multi so I'm building around that. I'd like to use Strafe as my tight space & boss killer. My question would be on the extra skill and/or immunity handler: Should I try to max CA/FA for freezing power? Or use MA for magic damage? If I use CA/FA, I'll obviously have less points for Strafe and Penetrate/CS (considering ~10 in MS and high/max Valk). If I use MA, I can dump more into Strafe and Penetrate. Can one get away with not even using a immunity handler if Strafe can bring elemental damage? What would be your recommended pts for MA, CA/FA, and Strafe? I realize it's probably personal opinion, but I'm just looking for a few suggestions.

Second, regarding GMB vs. Mat bow, which one should I go for? This doesn't have to be the ultimate Zon, just one that's Hell viable and fun to play.

My basic equipment would be:
Fort Armor
Laying of Hands
Cats Eye Ammy
Dual Leech Ring

From what I've been reading here, should I go for a Mat to ensure I have the speed I need? Or can I muster enough IAS to go for the GMB?

Thanks in advance for any insight!


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If you can spare it, go for Atma's Scarab? That can trigger Amplify Damage
and will solve most of the PI problems.

If you are PVM, you might try to use faith on the merc and windforce your self, with good valk and perhaps decoy, you should have more then enough tanking and you'll be knocking back too.


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If you use multi a lot, definitely get a Mat Faith. Reaching the last bp is very favourable for multi and mat bow make getting there so much easier.

My starfazon has almost the same setup as yours.....she uses a GMB fatih cause I like the style and she use starfe mainly anyway. Skillwise you dont need penetrate at all except the 1-pt for pierce pre-req. Faith will take care of the AR. So you have more points to play with. I recommend maxing starfe and ~10 points in multi.


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This is definitely PvM only. While I thought of the Windforce idea, I'm not that rich. I'm getting the Fort from a friend. I'll be trying to acquire a Faith bow and a couple minor pieces (I don't have Gores yet). I do have some decent equipment for a Might merc, so I'd prefer to go that route. Besides, being that this is my first Faith Zon, I'd kinda like to use the bow myself. Once I've tried it out (if there is still time before the ladder resets), I can always work towards getting a WF and using the Faith on a merc later.


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windwingwind said:
So you have more points to play with. I recommend maxing starfe and ~10 points in multi.
What else would you put points in? What do you use for phy immunes?


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There are many options:

1) Max CA/FA
2) Max LF and put a javalin and spirit shield on switch
3) WWS on switch then a) starfe till amp dmg trigger or b) shot with the bow's build in lvl 20 MA
4) If you can reach the last bp without 20 IAS ammy (which depends on your helm choice), you can use atma scarb and starfe till amp dmg trigger
5) Reaper's troll on merc

From my personal experience the best is 2) LF. 3a) and 4) when combined is great too. 1) FA is very expensive skill point-wise but very fun. And it's mana-intensive and cant' be used for long. 5) can't break all PI and is a bit uneffective so it's just a help but nothing you can rely totally on.

Someone may give more thought. ^^


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I do have a decent WWS, which sounds like a good idea on switch (on the cheap). I also happen to have a spare Reaper's Toll which I planned to use on the merc. That'll give me two options. My last few amazons had LF/Titans on the switch, so I was looking for a different option. Guess it will come down to CA/FA or maxing Strafe and acquiring a Scarab.