Suxxorday (aka Saturday Daily)


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Suxxorday (aka Saturday Daily)

Well, so much for my great weekend plans, looks like I've got plenty of time to play D2 on Sat. & Sun. Racing fell through for a variety of reasons, not the least of which was my driver's grandfather died :( .

Yesterday I wished everyone at least half as much fun as I was planning to have this weekend. Today, I wish you 18 times as much as my projected fun quantity.


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Just finished work. Saturday is a short day thankfully. Going to see War Of The Worlds shortly and then I might go out and have a nice tea. After that might fit in some D2 with MFO & Blues going it's going to be a hectic period!! Have tomorrow off thankfully, but will probably be shopping then.

Have a great day!


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Not much to say other than everyone have a great day!

Oh, almost have my Meteorb Sorc up to 92 doing Pindle P8 runs.


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I'm sorry that your weekend didn't go as you had planned sirpoopsalot :(

I've started another nekkid character and have just defeated the Duriel in normal. All p/1 which left me at Duriel at lvl 21 and without decrep. We did well, Duriel dropped quite easily even after loosing half of our skellies.

Have a great Saturday all ... to those in the MFO, may all your drops be tc 87 :)

- Jas :howdy:

slappy sam

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My brother is going to a sailing regatta this year that I've opted out on going to so I'm basically chilling at home for this weekend :p.

Edit: War of the Worlds was a great movie. I saw it on opening night.


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slappy sam said:
My brother is going to a sailing regatta this year that I've opted out on going to so I'm basically chilling at home for this weekend :p.

Edit: War of the Worlds was a great movie. I saw it on opening night.
You make me feel so old. I've been listening to the sound track for so many years now, its so good and a real favourite :D

I've just got the Gibdin quest on normal with my newest nekkid char and going strong ... of course lol. I'll crow why I can is my motto *giggles*

Happy Saturday all.

-Jas :howdy:


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well today d2 wise i got my TS/DT/LS/DS sin to act 2 NM. she is now level 56 and she does 13-21 k kick damage so far :) gota love sin power. i will esaly be able to get to 30k in no time but until then... i will just have to own every thing doing a 21k kick to ther heads! lol have a great weekend guys



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did 300 pindle runs with my meteorb. Now I am off to see the war of the worlds, and later, I plan to level my trap assasin a bit...

and :surprise: I found the cranium basher :)

Have a beer on me :)


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I might as well take the opportunity, since I was too busy last week to post in the daily thread:

Last Monday, my necro Brogdo was able to get through the Hell Ancients at players 8, after about a dozen attempts! :) I had to wait for the right set of monsters to spawn near the AS entrance (ones with high hit points) -- about a dozen or so of those lightning-spitting 'dogs'. A fire golem was also essential so that Korlic wouldn't focus on my necro, which had caused a death in a previous attempt. Basically, my summons and golem distracted the Ancients while I used LR and Firewall to bring down Korlic's life. As my summons died, I used Bone Spirit to eventually kill Korlic. Then I did the same for Talic and finally, Madawc. WHEW! That was quite a rush! First time I killed the Hell Ancients without running around waiting for one of them to die as I fired off missiles at random behind me.

Tuesday, I eventually went for Baal. I almost died in the Worldstone Chamber because a boss pack of Frenzytaurs boxed me towards a group of bloodstar-firing witches; thanks to a TP scroll, I was able to escape and regroup. Lister and his gang gave me some headaches (they were tough) but eventually I got them; I used Decrepify to slow them down. Baal was also tough. Took a while to kill him. He spawned his clone twice, and I almost died several times because of the tentacles but eventually he went down (LR and Firewall again). My FIRST Patriarch was then crowned (I had two before but both were Matriarchs)!

Wednesday, did the Moo-Mo Farm. I was on a standstill for a while since the cows on Confuse didn't do enough damage to each other. I finally got a good solution: confuse, 1 dozen bone spears, and repeat until I got enough dead cows. Then it was Amp + CE extravaganza! Wow. One set was so densely clustered I had to clear the items for a while to see everything. That enabled me to clear the level, and not kill the Cow King to boot!

Friday, I am doing gold chest runs on the Glacial Trail with Brogdo. His WP spawned next to the area where Bonesaw Breaker's crew are, so I use Naj's to teleport. I thought it was going to be easy, but those guys and the nearby random monsters are tough. I have to kill most of them so I can open the chest and grab the contents unmolested. There are times I had to simply give up and quit since I'm likely to get killed in that small room if I continued.

Brogdo's success meant a big deal to me. Brogdo is my FIRST ever regular character, the first one to kill Normal Diablo way back in D2 Classic. He's also my first Patriarch, having Mat'ed a Sorc and an Amazon before. He's also the first to finish Hell in 1.10. And as I mentioned, he was the first character who killed the Hell Ancients without running wildly around the Arreat Summit and praying the missiles kill the Ancients following me around. :D


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Congratulations on Brogdo! I know how it is to get that first Mat/Pat, and to know he's been at this so Kudos to you! :D


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I have got some kind of diseas, a sickdom, wtf is it callled?

Well, well, it makes my throat swollen, and i have a hard time swallowing food :(

2-4 weeks, said the doctor.. :'(