Survival in Hell ?


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Survival in Hell ?


I find it almost impossible to survive in hell level.

I just lost my lvl 77 trapsin/dtalon. Trying to kill the big guy in tristram. He is cursed and light immune. He kills my merc and SM easily and I am trying to kick him with my goblin toe for crush blow. Level 24 dtalon, I get 5 very fast attacks. I just pushed it too hard.

My trapsins do great until hell where every other monster is LI and my main weapon is worthless. Do people really use that awfull fireblast to kill LI ?

What do you do to survive ? And what build can survive and kill in hell ?



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With a trapsin you can do the following:
1) Fireblast - in A1/A2 it's usable without great gear, later on it's less hot unless you've got killer gear, and even then your traps will be doing less.
2) Wand of LR - this will remove most lightning immunities. You will still kill them quite slowly as they'll still have incredibly high resists, but the main thing is that you will kill them.
3) Death Sentry - If you know there's a lot of LIs around don't use DS until those LIs are on top of corpses.
4) Mindblast and skip... bah, why kill things that don't drop ph4t l3wtz and take forever when you can just ignore them?
Edit 5) Forgot the merc, also the shadow won't help much in the damage department, but a strong one can make them stand still for a while while whatever other method does the job.

Also, just about any build (that is actually designed in a way as to not intentionally gimp itself) can survive and kill in hell, it's just a question of speed.


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"awful fireblast" with fully synergized LS traps and about +15 skills does about 4000 damage every 9 frames (almost 3 times a second).

Even a partially synergized FB (20LS/20DS, 20FB) at +10 skills (you can buy +3trap claws VERY easily, and easily find/gamble +2 traps ammy, +10 skills should not be hard to get) FB is 1500 damage, 3 times a second. On my 82 Trapper, I've found this is PLENTY. In fact, when pit running, despite being a LS trapper (nearly fully synergized) with my FB doing 1500, I usually run into group of mobs, toss up 4 - 8 FBs, and as they hit the ground I lay a couple DS's, and cleared.

FB benefits from +skills like nothing else after level 20. Keep that in mind.


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24 DTalon? CB? Use 1 point in Blade Furry......toaa and move toss and move.....respawn Shadow as needed.

Mindblast the hell out of him until shadow and Merc kill him

Got to use all your tools and play smart without BO.......


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If you just want to survive, I would suggest a necromancer, summons of course.

I think a lightning trap assassin survives very well though, especially with a shadow master and a holy freeze merc, but there might be better options.

Have you tried going dual claws with fade? That works well for me.
I just use my merc, shadow master, and death sentry to kill lightning immunes, with a lower resist wand on switch.


Like mouse_wiz said any character can kill in hell. You just need to learn some tricks of the trade. I personally have never played a hybrid like yours was, but I don't think they would do much damage. Would they?