Surreal Saturday.


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Surreal Saturdaily.

Ah, it's saturday. Taking a break from endless pindle runs to stretch my legs.

RL: I'm getting sick of everyone talking about how wonderful the weather is. It isn't wonderful at all. The monsoon is absolutely battering this place. Not that I particularly mind rain, don't get me wrong. But when it's not raining it's a sweltering 40 degrees outside. Not fun. You start to wish the weather would make up it's mind.
Finished off the last chapter of The Solitude of Prime Numbers. Great book. Gut-wrenchingly tragic ending.
Another thing is that an old girlfriend is getting married today. Groan. Nothing like an ex getting hitched to make you realize exactly how much of a no-hoper you are.

D2: Endless Pindle runs... Basically the MFO has taken over my life. Had a severe case of the munchies, so stopped in the middle of it all and baked a cake. A cake! I hope everybody likes pineapple.
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Re: Surreal Saturday.

I happen to like pineapple cake...... btw way i hope you ment 40 degrees cels because 40 degrees fer isnt that hot.

Rl: since its not quite saturday yet here, about 5 hours away, I will go ahead and post anyways. Tomorrow I mean today er.... anyway probably nothing on the agenda as far as I know.

D2: reek havoc with my botd nuf said.

Ovg: gear up with full found new set.

In the name of Zod

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Re: Surreal Saturday.

Updated In the life of a Bronze Barb last night. Here's a snippet.
Caught by the dead, trapped by the risen the barb knows. His heart of life, his exits closing. The point of his cold steal blades can freeze. Potions of life so low, they rise to fight again. Back in the corner no sight no way out as the reaper encloses. Then with his last breath they shatter by luck. One, two, then three the skeletons break. He breaths for his life, his life then he's free.
D2: Glibs. Enjoying him immensely. Started screenshot'ing every new way point to track his progress better. Starting in arcane sanctuary with that idea. I'll try to remember to screenshot every broken weapon from here on too, try.

RL: Hopefully none as I intend of getting Glibnox the hell out of Act 2 today then another write up. Coffee time. :coffee:


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Re: Surreal Saturday.

RL: It's still Friday in my time zone :) About 5 hours to go...

D2: MFO. Baal. The stingy buggar...


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Re: Surreal Saturday.

RL: wife going out for the day... supposedly to sing. Yah right. That leaves me to either bike or goof off. I'll decide in the morning.

D2: Druid pissed me off running council. I'm taking a break for a bit.


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Re: Surreal Saturday.

RL: Need to come up with a topic, research it, and do a pretty extensive writeup. We'll see how long that takes. Still feeling some of the effects of yesterday's 3000+ kilocalorie lunch. Not trying that again anytime soon (especially considering I usually get only ~ 1500-1800 a day), even if it did save some time this evening for running.

D2: At the 143 song mark. Just 7 more to go, then calling it a night. More later today, probably.


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Re: Surreal Saturday.

RL: Been working late all week on a customer project. I finally completed the last of the testing at 1 this morning, but tomorrow the management will go over it and tell me if anything needs redone. I'm really hoping not, as I don't want to work tomorrow. If I'm not working, I need to hit the wholesale club and then

D2: Still slowly questing my amazon through. Found a Kuko, so I can kill NM Andy effectively, so I do about 3 Andy kills per waypoint found. Got a couple of items so far If I can get a few more, I should be able to get a sorc going for some more MFing.

Have a good day SPF.

And Happy Birthday L_E, belatedly


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Re: Surreal Saturday.

RL: I'm going to Italy with my gf for 2 weeks - my first holiday since I started working *yay* But I'm really not looking forward to driving for 10 hours straight :rolleyes:
Haven't been around much lately, because we were busy buying a house. Construction should be finished next year - I can't wait :)

D2: It's been a long time...still making some progress once in a while with my random character, but it's slooooooooooow...

Good luck to all you MFOers and see you all in 2 weeks!


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Re: Surreal Saturday.

@grisu - have fun in italy.

RL: wakeing up, coffee breakfest foruming, nothing special.

D2: My HC druid died to hell meph last night (stupid unique blood lords ><) oh well it was my first HC death so i guess i had to get it out of the way eventually. going to start over today perhaps with a ninja themed assassin, or a throw barb not sure which yet.

Fast Eddie

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Re: Surreal Saturday.

@Grisu: Have fun on holiday!

RL: Inception was awesome last night, a great choice of film on Date Night. A bit of laziness today, watching ER, before work at 4.

D2: Maybe after work, to catch up my HC char.

OVG: Depends if anyone's online after work.


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Re: Surreal Saturday.

@FE: I was hoping you'd be up for some D2 today before work. Nevermind I guess. I looked Inception up on imdb, and it had a score of 9.6 yesterday. About one more week 'fore I can see it. Also have to go to the dentist before then.

D2: Haven't yet.

OVG: Oddly enough, I played a bit of Titan Quest today.

It's too hot to think.

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Re: Surreal Saturday.

RL: Big day at the house. The wife is excited about remodeling the dining room and kitchen, so we're doing all the cheap stuff now.

D2: Can I squeeze in my last two sessions for 99? Might be tough with all we have planned. I can't believe I'm so old and boring! Back in college I would have tried to knock out the last 10 million in a day. :(


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Re: Surreal Saturday.

RL: up early with plans to hit the Apple store in an attempt to purchase an iPhone... started my early-Saturday-Morning chores and thinking, decided against getting making any attempt to get an iPhone this weekend (though i may order one next week if I can get it shipped to workies, emphasis on may) and suddenly wished I'd stayed in bed for another hour or two. Oh well.

So: clothes washed, dried and hung; counters cleaned, floors swept; now washing sheets. When they go in the dryer, I'll head to the grocery and be all done with chores for the weekend.

After that, nothing, or not much. Likely interwebsurfing, maybe some writing/reading, definitely a shower, probably a nap, likely some food or food-like products, some movies and/or XFiles (in mid season 6 now: woo.), and general lazy Saturday loafing. I might go get a swimming suit, but I might continue using an old pair of shorts. I might go over to a buddy's place for some swimming and general hanging out, but I might wait for tomorrow for that.

Hooray for lazy Saturdays! (and, likely, Sundays!)

D2: maybe. who knows? Likely unlikely, though.


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Re: Surreal Saturday.

RL: At work today and that means...........
D2: Time to get paid to MFO!


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Re: Surreal Saturday.

RL: Haven't received a return response from the woman who was calling me gorgeous last night, but I know she's started playing WoW again and will likely be forever busy. I may be helping that girl I met a couple weeks ago by driving her to pick up her car, then potentially dinner and a movie on my projector at home later tonight. If she's coming over, I need to clean. ...everything. And I don't feel like moving at all...

D2: Not yet.

OVG: Torchlight. The Vanquisher's up to around clvl23 and about to tackle Floor#25. She could use some gear upgrades at this point, but it's just not happening so far.