Sup Eth Balrog Blade, good for Oath?


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Sup Eth Balrog Blade, good for Oath?

I just found one of these on ladder, is it worth making Oath in or should I sell it to vendors?


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for the price of a Mal to make Oath you can instead get a HR on east ladder (i'm guessing west too)

gather a bunch of pgems to get another HR/um and you can make a weapon runeword that destroys oath, like botd

that and the 210-340 ed range on oath is ridiculous


I've been considering Oath for several weapons, like Cryptic Sword, Highland Blade, Balrog Blade, and Small Crescent (all eth, of course). I have several of these weapons, but I've been hesitating, as Oath requires not only Mal but Um too, I think.

Thanks to Omikron's post, I'm not gonna bother. However, I have a question that is pertinent to this subject: Supposing one was going to make Oath, would Cryptic Sword make a good base weapon for a character that needs a single handed weapon, or is the minimum damage too low? I see that Highland Blades and Balrog Blades are pretty similar, so it wouldn't really matter which one one used. HB has a lower str req, a higher dex req, a smaller damage range, a slightly smaller average damage, and a faster speed than BB. I think the biggest determinant of quality here will be the roll on the Oath %ED.

Edit: The problem with BOTD is that it requires an eth BA, CB, GPA, Ghost Spear or Thunder Maul, which will cost extra.


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I have made one in a cryptic sword, it works ok but I don't like the crappy minimum damage of this weapon as well as the one found on Flail family weapons. If you need a good one hand sword, I suggest conquest sword. Agreed, it might not be as good as BOTD but for the price it gets you a pretty good weapon nevertheless. Also, in my book, you got style points if that matters. Everyone and his grandmother uses BOTD.


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I also have an eth cryptic sword just laying around, but I figured since this balrog blade was superior, why not make oath. It came out about 283% so right in the middle. Probably could have traded my mal + pul + lum for a couple of HRs and made something else, but there is some satisfaction in having entirely self-found runewords, plus I know it'll never poof. Meanwhile I found another eth balrog blade... and I do have a bunch of mals laying around. Unfortunately the only barb I can use it on right now is my gold find barb :duh:


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Yeah, I will necro this thread!
I'm reading this in 2021 and be like "woooot, Mal vs HR??"

Then I remembered all the dupes back in these days... Ofc HR price was totally messed up!

I am glad "Blizzard" finally seems to have a working bot/dupe fence. All baal/Dia runs are gone though and only Trade games exist... But thats fine!

OT: I would love a category for games in gamelist on PC like console players have. Filter out all those tradegames when baaling and vice versa!

Happy Gaming!