Sunny Saturdaily


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Sunny Saturdaily

Never started one of these before but I have exciting news and since its technically Saturday (1:27am), here goes!

D2: I was questing my Lightning sorc through act 4 nm and I was having a bit of a tough time with the gloams (due to low resists) when out poped a Lum rune! my very first SP Lum rune for that matter.

I considered going to bed at this point but decided to carry on and when I finally made it to the NM Hell Forge I gave it a swat and out poped an Um run! My very first SP Um rune as well!

At this rate I'll have a Lem (for my mercs future Treachery) and Ber Mal Ber Ist before I finish Hell!.... or something like that! :rolleyes:

RL: Bah, wont get to play with my new runes all weekend because I'm visiting my folks.



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Hp_Sauce said:
RL: Bah, wont get to play with my new runes all weekend because I'm visiting my folks.
Lol. You say it as if it's one of the worst things in the world. :grin:

D2: Nothing much. Cousins and uncle were up for a week, so I was busy with them and going the the beach! Been pretty busy.

RL: Cousins/uncle were up visiting, so went to the beach a bit this week. My Uni holidays end tomorrow, so it's back to uni. Back to assignments! Got some pretty sweet new music (a new favourite band!) and learning the guitar (trying to.) If anyone has any advice, I'd appreciate it. I'm beginning to learn the Peter Gunn theme and Dueling Banjos.


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D2: well im at work, so anyone that read one of my threads knows that i am currently working on v1.00 tri sorc.

RL: work. 200pm to 1000pm.


Hp_Sauce: I got myself an Um from NM Hellforge as well. Yeah!

RL: Done patting Archimonde, so gonna spent more time with Skullcaptain instead. After all i was devoted to pat him, even forgot to reply his text message.

D2: No, gonna take some rest from now. Maybe will do Baaling tomorrow.


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Greetings everyone.

I'm currently working ... and it's quiet ... so i'm going to break out the laptop after I post this and get some MF runs going. Need to find a Ber rune!

Wish me luck. :laugh:


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@bil im not gona wish you look im gona wish you your sanity remains intact.

Rl:gona meet up with a load of my mates in a while and probly have another dawn of war lan (gogo deepstrike mahahaha)

D2:getting realy borred with piddling with my ammazon after bout 100 runs iv yet to find a useful item i dont already have,


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g'luck bill, you'll probably need it.

RL: ~4:45 a.m. awake and still feeling kindof crappy from my recent illness. The fevor just broke, so I hope a little more sleep will do the trick.

I hope to buy a new(ish) car today. I spent some of Friday evening discussing 'tactics' with a friend, and I hope I'm all set. ~$20k is a lot to spend at one time, but I've been saving for a long while, and Dirty (my Honda) has ~300k+ km on her - and I still drive her like a race car :grin:. Ski season is too close to worry about minor influences like 'automotive reliability' - I want to hit the mountains hard and often this winter. ~25 days to go until opening day/'poops Xmas.

D2: Earlier, after completing my IK variant project, I returned to playing my /players8 Frenzy barb, George. He was able to 'slog' through the Great Marsh and most of the Flayer Jungle, so my least favourite part of the game is almost past. I've killed everything in my way so far, and only died once (to my own stupidity).

I didn't invest any skills yet in Berserk, and encounted a couple of 'same-place' Gloam packs with overlapping auras/mods that took ~15 minutes to kill. Still pretty safe, but pretty boring to kill at that super-slow speed. It made me decide that Berserk is worth 3 extra skill points afterall - c'mon Izual quest.

have fun


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Real Life: Really irritated because I was trying to download the new iTunes and Quicktime while I was asleep, but I woke (from nightmares, again), to find the my crappy dial up connection had disconnected before the downloads were finished, and they won't continue, so I have to start over. :sad2: Once again, I won't get enough sleep, and the sleep I did get was not relaxing...

@Drystan: Try some Michel Legrand songs (he wrote a lot of movie soundtracks). The songs are catchy, but there are a lot of accidentals (Flats & Sharps thrown in at weitd points in the song), which are quite tricky (and stay in effect until negated), so it's good practice. My other advice is to get a good teacher, one-on-one, and take a lesson every week, and let the teacher know that you want to learn ALL the chords and ALL the details of reading/writing sheet music, too. My teacher, Harold Weaver, was an old session musician who used to play with people like Cab Calloway and Ronnie Gilbert when they came to town.

@sirpoopsalot: Take it easy and rest up, if you can. I hope you feel better really soon. :flowers:

Diablo II; Nothing yet, but I plan to very soon. I need to kill lots of monsters to get rid of some stress!



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RL made wine
D2 need to restart the wolfbarb (91) , but i'm borred of playing right now.
need a Lo and another.maybe some begging here and there should do the trick


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RL/D2: Well I couldn't play any D2 because my PC made problems in the last days. At first I had some trojan horses and viruses and after I got rid of them my PC didn't want to boot properly anymore. However, in the end I found out that my CMOS battery was empty. I just bought a new one, cleaned my whole PC and updated all drivers, programs and windows itself. Now the only thing I need to do is to defragment my hdd. :thumbsup:


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RL: Havn't been able to sleep for the past 2 days and rather restless so any D2 sessions may have lasted 30 minutes so no real progress there. I've got to leave in 10 minutes for clinic duties at the school. No sleep and I have to massage 8 freakin' people today, I just wish I would have gotten some sleep before all of this but oh well, all will be fine I suppose. Also just got back home from staying at my girls for a week and scan my computer and found 2 viruses my mum managed to get onto the computer. On top of that, before I came home I found out that one of our cats only gave birth to 2 kittens and was still pregnant. $480 emercency C-Section at 11pm and 1 alive kitten later everything is fine and she is on antibiotics. Rather eventful week and just ready to get today over with and just relax the weekend away. Have to rest up for my 18th birthday next Saturday!!

Bit of a rant but I had to let it out I suppose, hopefully I didn't bring down the mood for today and I hope you all have a wonderful day!


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Whoa. HP, you've gone SP?

Well... I kinda have, too. /players 8 is really attractive, and I can quit anytime I want to. Honest. I mean it. This time.

Anyhow, work beckons. Woo woo Saturday night slaving... honestly? I don't know if I can take working here in Malaysia too long.

Meh. I'll figure it out at some point.