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No daily thread yet? Better start one then

I've started taking my meteorb on a particular mf-run (countess->andariel->Ancient Tunnels->Mephisto->Pindle) and I'm really starting to like all the bosses on the way to the Countess. On the one run I did today I got Stone Raven, Rockstopper and Langer Briser. Continued on to andariel (nothing good) and then Ancient Tunnels. Second boss down there, Bonehew drops:clap: . My mercs damage tripled (finally put away the Kelpie Snare, the extra damage helps more when killing cold/fire immunes than the slow) and I still have to socket it. Meph dropped the Iron Jang Bong, another first for me.

As I've probably used up all my luck for today, I think I'll continue with my nova sorc (going on a theme with both frost nova and nova), since I've gotten some nice-ish staves recently.


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Today was a crazy D2 day for me. Started a TS/DTail/PS/some synergy assassin today and got her to NM Act 4 with huge amounts of MP gaming. Quite nice. Mat tomorrow? Maybe. We'll see. After talking the talk for long enough, I figure I need a 95ish perfectly built MA assassin. This should be the one. :) At lvl 55ish, she was doing 11k-16k LCS damage, which is nice. :) The way that I projected her, she should get about 24k-36k when she's done. That'll be nice. Nothing near jrichard's massively amazing glass cannon sin (somewhere around 70k!), but still some respectable damage. :)

Backdoor Bandit

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Looks like I will have close to no time for some gaming today...

Got a bunch of work to do for tomorrow...oh well, just browsing the forums a little I guess.

-Backdoor Bandit


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After a long time away from the game and an even longer time away from the SPF, I returned to both earlier this week. I don't remember what day I did it, but I finally got my first SP Patriarch! I give you Patriach Spinnur, clvl 83 S/S WW barb, created way back in the day well before 1.10 and for ages used just for NM Meph runs to equip my other characters, hence the possibly artificially high level.

Once I got him questing again, he made short work of Hell, and actually found it easier than 1.09 Hell despite not having the 1337 1.10 itamz. The elimination of the 50% physical resistance and the addition of one measly poison damage charm more than compensated for the fixed critical strike on masteries, increased monster life, and faster life regeneration for monsters(something I'm sure most of you knew, but it was new to me, what with him being my first 1.10 character in Hell). I leeched more, more importantly, my HF merc leeched more (there's not much worse than losing your support mid-fight), and most importantly, far fewer PI, Extra Strong, Cursed bosses to try to take down with Berserk.

It took me a short while to get used to the changed physics of WW, but nothing major. Still, I found myself using Concentrate a lot more than I'd ever done before just for mana efficiency and safety, since even with a shield it's no longer very safe to go spinning past a crowd of monsters. I also wound up using Stun, a skill I always use from levels 12 to 18 but then promptly un-hotkey when I get Concentrate, on archers and other monsters fond of running way as well as unravellers, shamen, cantors, and uh... whatever species Shenk is. Using those one-on-one skills also forced me to adopt tactics I was used to with melee zons and paladins, but never needed before with barbs: thinning herds, taking up positions just past the doorway monsters had to come through, etc. (Again, this is probably nothing new to you folks, but it was a startling find for me. ) This has re-awakened my interest in playing a Concentrate barb, or even something I've never seen or heard of since the days of D2C, a Stun barb. I know, I know, War Cry would work better on crowds, but I grew to enjoy the challenge of finding defensible positions, and managing to divide monster packs in areas without chokepoints; plus, it's been literally years since I've played a real variant barb. :)

Hell Ancients were an utter horrorshow. Five or six deaths, due mostly to bad tactics on my part. The Leap Attacking and WWing ones were a breeze once I pinned them in one spot, but the thrower was trouble and took forever to kill. I don't remember the mods, but given how long he took, he had to have been Extra Strong and/or Stone Skin.

I didn't even bother to fight my way through the Worldstone Keep, choosing instead to run around, WW through, and Leap Attack over everything. I could've slowly cleared the levels, at least until I found the stairs and the WP, but I didn't see much point in risking it. Still suffered a couple deaths from unseen Oblivion Knights IMing me as I began to whirl through a solid wall of monsters, though. I shudder to think how many corpse retrieval runs I would've needed had I been more patient.

Even on players 1, Hell Baal was a PITA. He was by no means difficult, but the damage output from my Lightsaber just wasn't up to the task, so it was a good 20 minutes of standing mostly in spot clicking on him. It was more of a war of attrition, with me having to portal back to town every few minutes for more potions then returning to slowly whittle him down. Since I'd switched to survival gear instead of MF gear (having no idea what to expect), the only decent drop was yet another Aldur's jagged star, but my first socketed one, so I won't complain much. My long-dormant mace frenzy barb was also pleased. :D

Final Stats: I don't recall exact numbers, but these are close.

STR: 180
DEX: 200 (thanks to my Rhyme shield, I maintained 75% blocking at all times)
VIT: everything else
NRG: 10

Final Gear: I'm not about to go digging in ATMA for the exact info, especially since everything has been transferred to other characters or mules already, but these are the items.

Weapon 1: Lightsabre
Weapon Switch: Heart Carver/Blade of Ali Baba
Armor: Atma's
Helm: Natalya's (filled in some badly needed resistances, and the +dex helped my flagging AR)
Shield: Rhyme grim shield
Gloves, Belt, Boots: Sigon's
Rings: rares with LL, resists, +AR
Amulet: rare with ML, resists
Charms: various resists, +AR, +damage, poison damage, +life

All told, my experiences with 1.10 Hell were so much fun and not nearly as hard as I'd expected them to be (despite some troubles in the second half of Act 5) that I'm now really excited about playing the game again! :clap: Still, I'm going to put all of my current and planned future barbs on hold for a while longer, scrap them, or restart them with the changes in 1.10 in mind and focus now on a few paladins (fanatic zealot, fanatic martyr, possibly a vigor charger and/or elemental ranger), zons (javelin fender, magezon), and if I feel like being a real glutton for punishment, a minionless venomancer. :D

Have a good day, everybody!


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Congrats, Spiral55! A Pat is important enough that you could have put it in its own thread rather than adding it to the daily, though...

Anyway, as for myself, I'm working on a Meteorb sorceress. She's in Normal Act 5 and is now doing around 1800 damage with her Meteors. Frozen Orb is extremely low level at the moment, though; however, since Cold Immunes are uncommon before Hell difficulty I'm comfortable enough at the moment.


It seems like my necro will defeat Mephisto today. He's at the causeway now, going to clear the two temples.

I propably won't play more than Mephisto, but then again act IV is so short that I might tackle that if I don't find anything else to do.

Let's see.

Yours: Topi


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Finally got my much wanted griswold set today(thanks beau) by helping him knock off plenty of items from the grail. I am happy and so its time for 7 new characters each that is gonna use the respective character set. Already have a mavina zon in hell act 5. The problem is that i intend to play the aldur druid going melee so i am thinking of a build for him. Dont really want to use elemental as i already have one going on. Probelm is that the aldur mace will probably be kinda doing low damage unless i socket lots of ED/IAS jewels.

Hmm decisions decisions and not to mention my trang oul necro which i still have not decide what to make. Definately not summon as i already have a fishymancer. The rest are already planned. Time to get much time into playing them and pat/mat them.


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Did my first ever bit of tradeing last night, managing to swap some Skills charms around so I now have some for my fishymancer. Talking of my Fishymancer, he just beat Hell Mephisto, and is moving into Act 4. I was rather suprised how fast Meph droped, had expected him to be a tougher fight.

Anyways, onwards, am hopeing to complete Trang Oul's set on my Fishymancer before he makes Pat, got most of it already and offers from my go at tradeing, will look so cool as a vampire thing ;)

Hope everyone has a good day

El Communisto

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I have returned! I bet you all thought (or wished) I'd gone and died, right? :D

Nope. Real life reared it's ugly head, and D2 just hasn't been as high on the priority list as it was. I haven't done much playing lately, but hopefully I can squeak an hour or two in today. Time will tell however.



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played some bball last night, won by 20 points so wasnt really a challenge, played some mp before that with my firebear, he is really cruising along and for today well, i got a huge hang-over, too much booze hoping for some cool mp games today, so host people :rant:




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Ha, I haven't played D2 for a while, but that hasn't stopped me spammi... I mean, posting on the forums :)

Nice to see you back again EC!

Started a new character for Hordes of the Underdark last night. It's meant to carry on from a previous campaign but I have no intention of losing all my hard-looted gear to some accursed Drow!

Have a good day everyone!


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Katana got the Staff and the Headpiece in tonight, so Jerhyn should allow her to clean out his pig sty in the basement from now. So If I don't do something very stupid against Harazon or Kaa, she should meet that ugly slug Duriel some time next week.

Additionally tried to clean up some of my own pig sty, which is my computer/flytying/washing/reading/ironing/tv/video/radio room. Needless to say it hardly made any impact, but it's the thought that counts, right? :innocent:

Managed to reduce 300-odd CD's into three nice CD "books" , though. Anybody in need of 300 jewel cases? :teeth:


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Well i did a couple baal runs with my new Pat Mr Jones the fishy today, and in 2 runs baal was nice enough to drop me a stack of Ceremonial Javelins and a nice Collosus Crossbow :drink:

(btw what colors do u guys use for the gold and green? a bit noobish but i'd like to know plz)Thanks!



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There's a Monday thread, but it's still Sunday here, so....

Today, I pretty much MF'd all day long. I didn't have as much luck today as I did yesterday. But I did grab another Trang-Oul's Scales and a Dwarf Star ring. Everything else was a low level set or unique that I don't even pick up anymore.

I did make it to level 85, so that is one small achievement.

I also spent about an hour muling stuff off to the appropriate stashes. I'm on a mac, so it takes me forever to start a game, mule a couple items, close that char, join a game, mule a couple items, close that char, etc, etc. Needs to be done, but it's painful.


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Pb_pal said:
(btw what colors do u guys use for the gold and green? a bit noobish but i'd like to know plz)Thanks!
I use burlywood and lime, although you could just as easily use, say, tan or wheat or green or anything that looks right, really.

I have few enough Sets and Uniques to post about that it doesn't matter most of the time anyhow :)


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hi guys just joined SP and im currently working in a necromancer named nefeticus in HC. He is a Overlord abd currently is at lvl 18 and he has yes no items at all :( but that will change soon enough i hope.. just came to say hi :howdy:


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If you know a nice colour by its RGB values you can type it in using standard hex notation, like (color=#ffffff)this(/color). The other recognised colour names are probably listed somewhere but I have no idea where (I just picked up the colours from other people anyhow :lol: )