Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!


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Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

Well since there is no Sunday thread I will kick one off. As usuall Sunday finds me hard at work. I had a mixed weekend, blew both computers with an overvoltage spike in the house so those are off to the shop. Glad I'm insured. On the plus side I got 100 different chile pepper seeds planted for the 04 crop. I am finding that without a computer I have time to actually work around the house and get stuff done. Not sure which I prefer there....

Have a good Sunday everyone!


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Same old things again, MFing for MFO :D

Im sure I will find something sweet which fit perfectly to my grail, then someone finds freaking Mighty Scepter and takes my items :lol:

But yeah, there still is plenty of time... :drool:

Have a nice Sunday!


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same as lpr, this sunday means MFing for the MFO for me

I have been running pindle for probarbly thousands of times and with some great luck.

first run today gave me a reeeeeaaaally nice item but sadly its not that high ranked so its just one of those typical items that gets taken from the winner :p

now moooooore pindling

have lvled my bonecaster necro from 79 to ** in just a couple of days from 2 wsk runs, 1 pit run and then the rest is from pindle.
i havent even pated him yet :lol:


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Decided to take a break from my Fishymancer before taking him into Hell, so have picked up my Swordbarb and outfitted him with the full Sigon's set, a rare ammy, couple of Nagelrings and Culwin's Point. He's currently level 29 and about to kill Meph in Normal, the fastest I've ever got to this stage, mabye I'll complete normal before the day is out :)


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Let's just say yesterday's party was home at 6:30 am, I think I got all of 3 hrs of sleep before I woke up for the first time, then slept for another hour. Of course I was late for our sunday morning swim, but my gf knew to expect that =)
Did some studying after swimming (since this assignment is due monday before 12:30) but now I'm just worn out...went to lay on my bed for a bit, but since I'll end up falling asleep and feeling really crappy afterwards, I decided to D2 some...get my Enchantress to level 30 for Fire Mastery so she'll start dissing out some serious damage.


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No D2 for me yet today, as I just got up about an hour ago :lol:

I've got a church thing to go to this afternoon, but maybe once I'm done with that I can get back to killing some demons.



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Played Diablo 2 for the first time in about a week today. Took my Hunter through some more of Act 1 Hell. I was pretty happy when a Bul-Kathos' Sacred Charge dropped while I was clearing the Mausoleum after defeating Blood Raven--nothing much else of note has dropped, though.

Currently sitting at Catacombs Lvl 2 waypoint, ready to do some MF runs on Andariel...


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decided my atma stash was growing to big and decided to cube my crap runes

after i was done i had ~110 THUL runes :scratch: (most of those were already thuls so i didn´t cube them all ofc)

i kept cube them and together with some higher runes i managed to get up to a LEM rune and since i already have another LEM, i just need one more to cube to pul. And since i already have a PUL i can cube UM, and since i already have like 8 UM´s i can cube 4 MAL´s =2 ist =1gul + i have 1 gul = VEX = i will have the runes for HOTO and can return the one im borrowing from my friend :lol: :thumbsup: :clap:

im tired after all the cubing so i have probarbly done alot of errors but it should be something like that.

now its time for some countess runs so i can find/cube that LEM rune

whats the countess odds of droping a LEM? PUL? UM? MAL? IST?

have a good day people!


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Well been running the Chaos sanctuary and Diablo like a mofo and I can't find diddly squat. There may only be 4 people in diablo category but I may come in last :teeth: . Who knows still a lot of week ahead. But I've been finding quite a few runes so far. Hel, Lum, Fal and Io not too bad.

Backdoor Bandit

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After doing all my damn homework I did some solo baal runs but didnt find anything worth mentioning...

School tomorrow...really not looking forward to this week.

-Backdoor Bandit

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Today, I played very little D2. I had some conversations with by friend Jack Daniels, and although they didn't lead to Enubriated HC pt. 2, they were still enjoyable.

As for MFing, I did some baal runs, and my first one, I got smoked by a two black soul boss pack right as I left bridge. I found nothing usable in my 5 runs at the guy.



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Didn't play much today, but Katana the HC 'sin found the NM malus just a couple of minutes ago.

She's really having a hard time now, despite the fact she's got all brand-new "strength" claws, and her Rogue just started using Blastbark.

Both of the minions are stronger than she is, and she needs to keep out of the action, especially with her low resists. But I'm not about to runeword a "large shield" just for the resists. I want a three-socketed barbed shield at least.

Maybe tomorrow....