Sunday? No sunday's in your area?


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Sunday? No sunday's in your area?

I don't see a sunday thread... lol...

Anyways, today the highlight of my mephisto runs in hell, is a pair of hotspurs he dropped... Yeah... the uber unique Boots.

That's cool =D. Besides that, i added a third razor's edge to my collection, which i have absolutely no use for at the moment.. any suggestions? lol... and some other cool stuff as well.


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Well, the forum's seemed to down earlier, or I'd have started one myself :grrr:

For today my fishymancer made Slayer! :clap:

Not very impressive perhaps for those who make Patriarchs in a few days, but I'm pleased with him. Baal kindly droped me Sigon's Wrap, Rite of Passage and Rockfleece which really made up for the fact that none of his minions droped anything decent. Infact I dont think I even saw any blues from them, which seemed strange. :scratch:

Anyway, after Diablo was so hard to kill, I was expecting a really difficult battle.. but infact I lost a total of one Skelli to the Lister, and one Mage to Baal himself... now to start Nightmare


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Well as usual Sunday has me hard at work so no gaming today. Yesterday however I did find a couple of items worth mentioning.

Atma's Scarab

This puts me at 76% complete for my grail, getting closer!

Have a good Sunday everyone :drink:


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While flipping back and forth to the Soccernet live updates for the FA Cup, my sorc managed to add a fourth Hawkmail to my SC grail set. But she hasn't seen hide nor hair of the ubiquitous Breast Plate. :lol:


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Hmmm... no D2 for me for a while now. Too much UT2004. :D That's what I did yesterday, and I went out and watch The Shinning with a couple of friends on Valentins day, how nice. :rolleyes:


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Welp, decided to burn the midnight oil and do one of those 50 Pit run deals for all you stat monsters out there ;)
Did all 50 runs on P1 with my lvl 91 WindyZon, loaded with ~400%MF. Each Pit run took ~7min from Outer Cloister WP to entire Pit clear.

The results:

1.) zip
2.) zip
3.) Grims Burning Dead
4.) zip
5.) Sigons Boots
6.) The Ward
7.) Sigons Boots
8.) zip
9.) zip
10.) zip
11.) zip
12.) Sigons Belt, LEM
13.) Hellmouth, 5 sox Phaseblade
14.) zip
15.) Spire of Lazarus, 6 sox Giant Thresher
16.) Nightwings Veil
17.) Skystrike
18.) Guilleaum's Face
19.) Dark Clan Crusher
20.) zip
21.) Razortail
22.) zip
23.) zip
24.) zip
25.) zip
26.) 5 sox Giant Thresher
27.) zip
28.) zip
29.) zip
30.) Laying of Hands, TIR
31.) 6 sox Collossus Blade
32.) 4 sox Flail, TAL
33.) Viscerataunt
34.) zip
35.) zip
36.) Aldurs Guise, Nats Armor, Djinn Slayer, Fire Skiller
37.) RAL
38.) zip
39.) Dark Clan Crusher
40.) Lacerator, AMN
41.) Earthshaker
42.) Tals Belt
43.) zip
44.) zip
45.) Trangs Guise, Tanr Gorerod
46.) Hellmouth, Wilhelms Pride
47.) zip
48.) zip
49.) zip
50.) zip

Not TOO bad a haul I would say, didn't take too long either. Next up we'll see how Meph ol buddy stands up to 50 poundings ;)



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Well I'm chuffed - Krista my Trapassin (SPFSC Ladder)is now my highest ever character - level 59. OK, I know it's nothing compared to most everyone else here, but I'm happy :D Also found my highest ever rune - a Hel !!


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I had a pretty cool Sunday.

As I posted on another thread, on Saturday, my bowazon found a Stormshield in The Pit, my first ever elite unique. Just one problem - the only character I had that met the level 73 requirement was that bowazon. Since it's a little hard to use a bow and a shield at the same time, it was time to level up someone else.

My next best char was a level 66 sword & shield concentrate-barb, who had reached Hell, done the Den and Bloodraven, but at such great cost that he had basically been spanked back into Nightmare. It literally felt like I could not step out of the rogue's camp without the strong risk of meeting an unbeatable boss pack.

Anyway, he's a bit tougher now than he was then, primarily due to an "Honour" runeword Colossus Sword (my zon found the 5-socket sword, and I had all the runes handy), and also I feel I'm a much better player now than I was then, so I gave it another go. And it went well! There were still some boss packs that had me absolutely panicked, running around in circles for many minutes, doing the hit and run tactics, but I won through and completed Act 1, with only a couple of deaths, and also did the sewers and claimed my skill point from Radament.

Another item which proved surprisingly valuable was his Berserker's Great Sword of Vileness, which I have on switch (along with an Echoing Reinforced Mace) for war cry boosting. If I felt that a fight was going to be a hit-and-run affair, I switched weapon, quickly tagged the enemies with the sword for PMH, and went to it.

No glorious finds in the day's play: I think a Sigon's Belt and an ethereal Skewer of Krintiz were the only set and unique I saw! But I did get another Lum rune (yay!) from a random idiot in the Tamoe Highlands, and my regime of cubing all my useless rings and amulets led to a nice prize: a Slayer's Amulet of Teleportation (+1 to all barb skills, 22 teleport charges), yay!

And now he's level 71.. only 2 more to go before I can wield the Stormshield! Now I just need to figure out how I'm going to live without the "Cannot Be Frozen" from his Rhyme shield..


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Stormie-Think ravenfrost. It will increase the freeze time of your attack and will solve your "can not be frozen" prob.

I got my NF clone to slayer status. I'm currently working on getting him to Act III so I can kill NM memph over and over. I could use some 1.10 stuff. I hate converting my high end 1.09 items.

cheers all. :drink:


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chase_encode said:
Stormie-Think ravenfrost. It will increase the freeze time of your attack and will solve your "can not be frozen" prob.
I have one Ravenfrost, currently being used by my Magezon (my top character). I expect I probably will pass it over to my Barb when he upgrades to Stormshield. It'll hurt to take it away from the Zon (the dex! the mana! the extra cold damage! the extra 4 seconds of freezing arrow time!), but not nearly as much as getting chilled hurts a melee character. :( She can have the Dwarf Star that the Barb is wearing. That's fair, isn't it? :)


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I had a really weird day running Hell Meph with my lvl 80 SCL Hammerdin WhirlingDervish. In a span of 7 runs Meph dropped two Marrowwalks :eek: Notice the other items dropped aswell ..... weird .... very weird ..... I'm scared .... I want my mommy ..... :)

I know the 1.10 drop rates were increased but cmon you've got to be kidding me.

Other notable finds included

Blood Raven's Charge
Djinn Slayer
Highlord' Wrath
Gheed's Fortune
The Rising Sun
Trang-Oul's Scales

All in all a good MFing day!


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It's Monday afternoon here. :p

I played a bit with my lvl87 axe barb, and he shopped a Cruel Colossus Sword of Ease (I think; it has lower reqs and about 250% ED). Not bad. I also played some more with Sparky_V, my "tournament character" . . .

Why the quotes? Because first of all I don't know where the tournament went (jiansonz is my only competition, and Blazie hasn't gone anywhere in weeks and weeks now) and second of all because I'm addicted to MFing with this girl now and I don't want to go up against NM Diablo just yet. Just today during lunch I found Whitstan's Guard and a pair of Chance Guards, which bring my MF up to about 270%. Lots of yellows are dropping for me these days . . .


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Love the 'tar Durf.

No D2 for me today. Between wishing I was studying, accomplishing nothing, and playing Ulimate Frisbeem, I didn't manage to fit any into my busy schedule ;)


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Well I did get a chance to get a couple runs in after all. The first unique that drops for me is a set of 38% chancies...ethereal. I guess you can tell how the rest of my night went. White sacred armor was the next thing worth mentioning :teeth:

well off to bed with me then.