Sunday daily

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Sunday daily

A bit late to start the daily, but since I don't seem to be able to find one I'll do it nevertheless.

After doing two exams today, both of which I failed horribly, I wanted to sleep, but didn't manage to. So instead I started doing Meph runs after watching a bit of the Tour De France. I did loads of runs with Meteorb, and found only two grailies (Kira's Guardian and Trang-Oul's Scales (?, the armour)). I even managed to get Meteorb killed once, a one hit kill by Meph, he hit while she was putting life tap at him, and in spite of her being at full or nearly full health she was dead in one hit, she lost some 14 megaexperience in that hit, and of course no chance of even thinking about getting her corpse back (she did not kill anything in Durance 2 on the way). Hopefully those in the MFO have more luck.


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well, did some 200+ pindle runs with my meteorb...
other than that, nothing much happened really...
RL had me busy today, so no game related breakthroughs...

anyway, cheers to everyone, and may all your you know what be burlywood...



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Heh. I, too got to do some Pindle runs today.. at long last. My own comp is slow.. I can't bother to do runs on this, the loading would take at least a third of the time away, compared to the time it would take on my big bros comp.

Hmm.. If I got about 250 mil exp, and I got about 360 k exp a run, how many runs did I do?

oh yeah.. And results: Two elite thingys, the shield of Heavens Brethren, Taebaks Glory or something, and Wizardspike. Four exceptional uniques, The Scalper, Corpsemourn, Arm of King Leoric and Thundergod's Vigor. Not bad, I guess?


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Wedding yesterday; pool party today. Drinking=no Diablo. WAH. But it's better not to die. Tomorrow I hope to get my loner Druid off past the Countess and onward. For now, I am eating a sammitch. MMMMMMM.