Sunday(atleast it will be, sometime)


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Sunday(atleast it will be, sometime)

Dont see a Sunday thread yet so here it goes, although I will probably discover one after I've posted this.

Didnt play much yesterday as I had some sort of Bday party. But I am trying to do Eldritch- Meph-Countess-Andy runs as many times as I can.

Yay, my bday today.

Have a nice one.


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This is usually the 4th website I check in the AM after sports, news, and another forum for computer/tech deals. Found this statement over there:

"The Roomba wasn't offered in my Gold Box today either. It was ranked 39 in sales last night and is ranked 209 today... I keep up with Amazon stats. I need to get a life. "

ohh-kay then. kinda puts us in perspective, huh?


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Since it's clearly past Saturday night and into Sunday, this seems to be the place to post that I just found a Corona off the last monster in the Pit. I was thinking, gosh, I deserve something cool from this place since I've run it >70 times with >400MF and have gotten 1 worthwile item. Sounds like the game was listening. :)

In other news, my Shockadin went from 20-27, gained Holy Shock, destroyed Duriel easily, and was breezing through the jungle when his map dead-ended on him. There is no Flayer Jungle in Pellanor's world. Neh. I'll reroll his map tomorrow.

Earlier in the day, I had forgotten to change some item permissions, since I had been playing him over at a friend's place, and his .ma2 was set to be owned by the wrong user, so every time that I changed areas, the map visibility would reset to nothing. Quite the lack of short-term memory with him. He visited Ormus, though, who cast something on him to get it worked out. Either that or I just repaired permissions...

Anyway, happy birthday, Dolph! I know that I already posted that, but happy birthday again. Hope this year treats you well.


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Nice weather outside, lots of snow and sun is shining :) And I am spending my time in my room... :lol:

Im in Pit with my hammerdin as always :xrollseye: Today I have had 2 nice drops, Myrmidon Greaves and Balrog Spear. Finding those boots means I need "only" 33 items to complete my grail. Still so long way to go...

I also would gladly join hell WSK runs with my WW druid, but it seems no-one is hosting those today.

I have been hoping for Hydra Bow for 2 weeks now so I could start my first 1.10 amazon. I just want to see how badly they are nerfed

I hope you all have a nice day!



sometimes the entrance to Flayer Jungle is in Spider Forest. I have had map where there was no road to Flayer Jungle from Great Marsh. Maybe you already know this, but if you don't, just keep on searching


Im blind, I didn't notice you had birthday :uhhuh: Congrats!


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Today wasn't much diablo for me since my friends and i were having a regular sunday get together. Hope to get more items tommorrow. And Happy Birthday Dolph


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oh yeah Happy Birthday Dolph! :xparty:

First Meph run of the morning and picked up Gorefoot, Hellclap and this nice little shield:

Chromatic Heraldic Shield
Defense: 25
Chance to Block: 40%
Smite Damage: 3 to 9
Durability: 40 of 40
(Paladin Only)
Required Strength: 40
Required Level: 42
Item Version: Expansion
Item Level: 75
Fingerprint: 0xea002002
All Resistances +67

unfortunately it only got 2 sockets from the quest.
any ideas what to stick in it?


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Well as ususal Sunday finds me hard at work, hehe. Last night I did a few runs and came up with a couple of noteworthy items.

Arioc's Needle
Messerschmidt's Reaver
Carrion Wind ring
Onald's Wisdom

Naj's Puzzler
Tal Rasha's Lidless Eye

Enjoy your Sunday everyone!


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Thanks for all the congratz, really warms :)

1 hour until dinner and then its songwriting time, which I am looking forward to :)

Have a good one.


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Happy bday ta dolph.
Foudnd my first unique on sp last night...the ultimate helm btw.

No not a shako,
Cap-Bigon's Bonnet


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I did a WSK run with Jezzwashere, and that is it! It had Black Souls and OK everywhere so that was nice. :grrr: Nothing good dropped though.


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Morning all,

My 1.09 Titan WhirlBarb completed Nightmare. He started wielding his oh-so-hurty Cruel War Pike of Non-Quickness at level 66. Compared to the Hone Sundan he was using it does more than double the damage to just over half as many targets. I'm not sure whether that means I'm ahead or not. Max damage for Whirlwind is around 7200, although that should go up as my Might merc levels (I only hired him after the Chaos Sanctuary).

I also hosted some cow games, and Destiny the Titan Zealot reached level 90.

In 1.10 I worked on my untwinked Stormmaiden lightning javazon Halo. She's a ladder character but doesn't qualify for the SPF ladder on a technicality (started too early). She completed Act V Nightmare and Act I Hell. I'm quite happy with the combination of Charged Strike and Lightning Fury. I'm currently running the Countess trying to find a Sol for a "Lore" helm. So far Halo has found 3 Shaels and 1 Dol but no Sols or Amns. :rant: Time to change the map I think. She's about level 50 now.



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BSJoker said:
the ultimate helm btw.
No not a shako,
Cap-Bigon's Bonnet
Hey, don't knock that little cap, once you get into serious grailing, you'll be glad you have one... I know I've been looking for one for about a week now, running the act 1 superuniques...

Happy Birthday Dolph! Although it may already be past whereever you are in the world by now.

In my news, I gambled Death's Hand last night. I was overjoyed, until I found out what I really wanted was Death's Guard. Sigh. Oh well, more running for Bob the Hammerdin tonight. And maybe I'll find that pesky Lenymo too. He's gone up 3 levels since he started running the act 1 SUs, just having hit 22 last night.

Later in the week I think I'll try to advance SalmonOfDoom to hell, so I can start doing pit runs, and see what all the hubbub is all about. MadMardigan cleared the pit once, and decided to move on because he's too fragile :teeth:

Luck to all,


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Still working my Skellimancer through Act 2 Normal, about to finish the Claw Viper Temple.. then its onto the horror that is the Arcane Sanctuary, where my previous attempt at this build died, however I managed the Maggot Lair, so I should be able to pull this off.. fingers crossed.


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Hi All,
Some 1.09 Hell Cow games hosted by Icebird and D2A helped me get my Paladin within 20 million XP from level 95. Lots of Ancient's Way runs are getting my former MF Barbarian Ãrpád closer to level 94, but I need some hurtier weapons than my dual Lightsabres to speed it up a little. Sky, my 7/99 Sorceress, is really rocketing through the game up to level 70 from level 59 in just a couple of hours...

cheers, especially to Dolph of course,



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Whatever I was about to add has been changed to ...

Happy Birthday, Dolph! Have one on Durf's tab. :drink: