Sundailly - XL


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Sundailly - XL

Well, I can't remember I ever started this thread, but I don't see it around.

Sunday is here already for me, and it's XL. Over here we have what is called "wintertime", so the clock went back an hour last night. That means that I woke up at about 9:00, but it was actually 8:00! Which means?

You're right, one hour extra today!

RL: not much, maybe I'll sand and lacquer the kitchen table today, if I'm in the mood in about a few hours.

Diablo: I'll continue with my paladin (Shock + vengeance) and I made some new plans for a lightning sorc and zon.

Have a nice day all!


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I think I have put all the house/car clocks and watches back one hour. I usually forget the cooker or central heating timer.

RL: Undecided what to do.

D2: Pindle.


"If I were you, holding the world right in my hand, first thing i do, is thank the stars for all that i have, if i were you" - short lyrics from Hoobastank's If I Were You.

RL: Exam is three weeks away, and i guess i better stp playing. It's hot here, i wish it may rain tonight.

D2: Rerolling Tunnel maps for a better design. And may do some Tunneling later.


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RL: It has been quite possibly my longest night at work ever. Very slow at the hospital, add to it I came in 2 hours early so a co-worker could go to a Halloween party, plus the extra hour from Day light Savings, plus fark being down= 12.5 hours of banging my head against the wall with 2.5 hours left.

D2: nada-football today...maybe tonite...


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D2: Got pretty burned out of the MFing so decided to give HC another try. Created a hydra/orb sorc. I forgot how hard untwinked is. Though she did find a Skin of the Vipermagi and a Blade of Ali Baba so I guess some NM Meph runs are in her future before she trys to get to hell. She's level 56 (or 58 can't remember) and just rescued Anya in NM. I've never gotten past NM with any HC character so I'll be pretty psyched if she makes it.

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Got to remember to turn the clock back. Knew I'd forget something today.

RL: Work until 5. It does give me chance to get out to the deer stand but, with that way they have been moving it would really be to late. I did get an offer to try out another stand and I may do that late this week when I get off a little earlier.

D2: Will probably play my WW barb unless something comes up and makes it so I can't play.


Currently shuffling through Youtube trying to compile the links of the videos of "Rodrigo y Gabriela" (which, in my opinion, are friggin' awesome!). The 2 comments of a guy (and an Irish one!) cracked me up. LOL, that's the 1337357 (re: leetest) piece of writing I've ever seen! yeah, never played :wink3:

The 1st and the 3rd comments, made by barrywalsh789


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RL: Nothin much. Dont want to think about yesterday so I will just sit around and try to relax and clear my mind. Maybe ill workout at the gym if I find the energy.

D2: I took my new summoner from act1 to act4 last nite grabbing all quests and wp's. Today I will finish up baal and run nm meph a bit.


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RL: Work stunk today. Blah.

D2: JerryLeeLewis my fireball templar killed normal andy last night, and has made it up to the palace in act 2 today. So far I've had him zealing with a spear, and I'm thinking I definately want to make a spearzealot with either spire of honor or steel pillar at some point.

Off to save those poor harem girls!


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RL: Recovering nicely from surgery... I'll save you the gorey details, but let's just say, parts of me are black and blue that I'd prefer weren't.

D2: Running WSK with a level 90 Lightning-zon. Pretty safe, no near deaths. No great drops either... a couple EUs.


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Yep, I was pretty ugly in places after my hernia. I'll also skip the details. Was yours open or laproscopic? If it was laproscopic, you're 1/2 way to the good point. The swelling went down for me on days 3-4, and that took 90% of the pain away. After that it was mostly remembering to take it easy (which isn't entirely my style - I get stir-crazy).

RL: My spanish friend is coming by for a visit later. She flys back tomorrow. The wine is 'breathing' at the moment.

D2: Aye, but I don't know what I'll play. Probably my necro. I may only have a minute or two anyways.