Summon's resist/special abilities


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Summon's resist/special abilities

Ok I remember reading somewhere about the spirits having special immunities and so I have 2 quick questions for you guys.

1. What immunites does HOW have, if any?
2. Do my summons (HOW, Grizzly, Carrion vine) have resists and if so how much?

As always thank you for your replies and have a great day :).

Edit: I thought of another question since the guys at statistics can't/won't answer it for me and you guys all seem like smart people :). Ok here's the question which i'll divide into 3 parts.
1. Will cannot be frozen on a wpn switch take away the "chill" if i switch to it after i've been frozen.
2. If now will half freeze duration work in the same situation.
3 If half freeze does work, can i stack it with a wpn and shield that both have the mod.

Ok guys sorry for all these questions lol so a big thanks goes out to anyone that responds.


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i THINK theres a thread on this somewhere unless it was one of the ones deleted..look around ^^

sorry i cant help..havent played in a while


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1/ raven

Raven hp : 0 so cannot be killed
Raven lv = char lv + skill lv - 2
speed : 10 / 20 (walk/run)]
5% chance to Critical Strike

2/ Poison Creeper?Solar Creeper?Carrion Vine (cannot be leeched)

mon lv = 3/4 char lv + skill lv
speed : 7/7 (walk/run)

3/ Oak Sage?Heart of Wolverine N Spirit of Barbs (cannot be leeched)
mon lv = char lv
speed : 6/6 (walk/run)

4/ wolvs and bear 5% chance to Critical Strike MAX res = 85%
Dire Wolf have a skill : Rage (can ed100% in 20sec)
Grizzly can stun and knock back : bear smite (ed = 15% + 15% * skill lv ; stun = 0.6sec + 0.2sec * skill lv , max stun 10sec)

spirit wolf speed : 5 / 10
Dire Wolf speed : 5 / 9
Grizzly speed : 5/9

last: Im not begood at english , I wish can hope u alot.


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Normal and Hell modes: All thre sipirts are immune to poison
Nightmare mode: All three spirits are immune to both poison and physical damage.

I think that some of the pets may get resistances at high levels, but I'm not convinced on that. I know they don't get the resistance penatlies for NM and hel.


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To find out what your summoned creatures/spirits are imune towards. Just pick the unsommon "skill" and put the cursor on the creature/spirit, then a bar will apear like if you were placing the cursor on an enemy. It will say wheter or not the pet is immune towards something!

Good Gaming !! :thumbsup:

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ravens CAN be killed. with certain area effect spells and probably other abilities which my corrupted brain cannot remember.


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raven can be killed by shiver or frozen armor..the one that deals damage back..the 2nd one