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So im looking to make a summonmancer for my first char since all my old ones expired like a year ago. Basically im looking for a char that can run most of the game efficently without uber gear. So the build i found was basically like this

Core Build:

20 Raise Skeleton (RS)
20 Skeleton Mastery (SM)
1 Raise Mage
1 Clay Golem
1 Blood Golem
1 Iron Golem
1 Fire Golem
1+ Revive
1+ Golem Mastery
1+ Summon Resist (SR)

Poison & Bone:
1 Teeth
20 Corpse Explosion (CE)

1+ Amplify Damage (Amp)
1 Dim Vison (DV)
1 Attract
1 Decrepify (Decrep)

Will this build still work? Do max skeletons really work in like an 8 player hell game? Or do they get owned like they used to? Any other comments or char builds/types or suggestions are welcome


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For starters, not that it will kil lyou, but there is no reason for the point into fire golem.

Yes that is the build, a fishymancer. Mine is alright, I must say it is incredibly hyped though, because I have better than normal gear (not godly, but fair) and it takes forever to kill Hell Diablo, much less Baal for mf'ing, but the crowds aren't bad. He is just a slow killer.

Yes the skeletons own with Amp Dmg. because it essentially doubles your skeleton damage, and you will have about 10+ with bad gear. Also it destroys most physical immunes, only a few Act 4/5 Hell monsters can be beaten.

The skill setup is spot on. Some good low level gear can be bought from merchants, hell you can even get a +3 to summoning wand. Heads can be found through cow games and such. I found one head that gave a few points to skeletons and mastery, so I made a Rhyme out of it. Low armor such as Skins or Spirit Shroud makes for useful cheap stuff too.

A really good setup that isn't expensive is Trang Oul's Avatar. I won't get into the Unique Vs. Trang Summoner setup, but rest assured, a Trang summoner can solo hell with no problem. Plus, you can get full Trang's for an soj maybe, or get individual parts for free (in the case of the armor or gloves, for example) or for a few keys perhaps. This is a fantastic set, because aside from all the great bonuses (and there is maybe one useless stat) you can wear Marrowalks for the Skeleton Mastery boost and use a sweet wand. (Arm of King Leoric is the best summoners wand.)

If you were to get the Trang set, use it to it's full potential: If your not very rich, you can still make good use of socketing with a Diamond in the Shield, a Shael in the helm, and a Shael or rare jewel with resist, life and mana in the armor. I've given a lot of thought as to what to socket into a wand/orb. I suppose the best option for King Leoric for example, would be another resist/life/mana jewel, or maybe even a Fal rune for the 10 to strength, since Trang Oul's belt, helm, and the Marrowalks have a pretty high strength requirement.

Also, since this build finishes at around level 60, I used my spare points for golem mastery. None of the golems are good for damage, and there aren't enough skills to make use of poison/bone spells, and mages/revives make for more lag/not enough corpses for Corpse Explosion. So maxing golem mastery makes for a very heafty tank. Use Iron Golem, it is the best. If you find any worthwhile items to make him out of, use them if you don't need them. Here's a small list of the important attributes IG gets from items:

-Defensive Bonus (Armor, or Fort Weapon)
-Damage Bonus
-Elemental Damage
-Chance to Cast on hit, strike, or death
-Aura When Equipped
-Life Leech
-Crushing Blow, Deadly Strike, and Open Wounds

As you can see there are many options here. If I were SUPER RICH, I would make an Iron golem out of a Faith bow (fana aura), or maybe a Death axe. Crushing Blow is a well-deserved stat to have an Iron Golem have. Since his damage will always be crap, but he will live through hell, just 30-40% Crushing Blow from an iron golem can make bosses go by much faster. Also, you can pheasably make IG's immune to all elemental damage, but it would cost a great item. IG's come immune to poison. Between your summon resist an a high resist item (60 or more of course), you could make him only succeptable to magic and physical. Here's another list of good items to make Iron golem's out of, expensive and other...

Damage/Crushing Blow:

-Bonesnap (CB, good resist too.)
-Immortal King's Stone Crusher (Very good choice! High CB, socket with Amn for life leech.)
-Tiamat's Rebuke (Elemental Damage, lots of chance to cast.)
-Black (Runeword, cheap for a little CB)
-Aldur's Rythm (Leech, ele damage, 3 sockets for customizability.)


-Silence (Runeword weapon, not bad damage, but the 75 resist to make your golem a gloam's nightmare makes it shine.)
-Herald of Zakarum (With a P. Diamond, you can get great resist, plus a hefty life bonus and good defense.)
-Chain of Honors (Runeword, if you can spare the wealth. This will make him immune, give him big damage to demons/undead, and give him a little physical resist!)
-Sanctuary (Runeword, huge resist, awesome defense. What more do you need for one mid-high rune?)


Well that was rather long, I got off on a tangent, but between the build you dug up and my tips, you should be able to build quite a powerful necromancer. They have always been one of my favorite character classes, so I hope you can use my advice to make them one of yours as well. Enjoy!


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Hmm well i might do that. But in reality I dont want a really slow killer....but I dont see many other good start up char designs. I dont know what im gonna do yet but ty for all the advice it was very helpful. How do you fair against like super duriel or super izzy? If you have tried them with this setup.


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I won't say necro is a slow killer, i do agree they dun kill baal and diablo as fast.
I do not recommand those who use necro as a mf char to run those two anyway..
Simply because the IM there, it would kill your merc and make your run so much slower
Also if you are making your rusty out of something good, you don't want to risk the chance of it dyin'

I personally like to mf casually using my necro.
First i enter a game, go straight to pindle, rise 16 skellies. kill pindle
Next stop eritch, shank, by now i have full mage too and thats under 20 secs
Next tranvincl, then meph
Next pits, andy

These can be done pretty fast if you have nigma

Because it is better for necro to have full army to run safely and efficiently (in case of merc or rusty dyin'), that you really want to "suck the game dry" before you create another game. thats why I prefer multiple mf per game when I use necro

I would suggest you to get nigma, you will kill so much faster. Once you got it, mage would be a nice skill to consider. An insight rusty would be magical. You will most likly be needing infinit mana when you tele around and CE everywhere.
That is when your merc get a better weapon then insight of course (infinity +your CE and mage + and +skelly.. the ultimate i guess).


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Iron G? If you are rich enough to afford to make Iron G even worth the thought to use, you can easily afford uber super godly ultra equipment :p Theoretically Iron G has great potential...until you uber, and Mephisto decides to attack him first, and he goes kaboom, and then you just lost that great item you made him out of. Personally I'd promote Gumby (Clay Golem) Because of 3 very simple, logical reasons: 1) MASSIVE HP, mine has not died except against Uber Meph (but only when I didn't have urdars) and with 1 pt put into him he has about 18K with +skills 2) He slows down monsters and, more importantly, ubers, by a LOTTT, and finally 3) He is CHEAP. Not even much mana. Iron G decides to kick the bucket in the middle of a heated uber run and you're screwed; Gumby dies, hit F1, rightclcik, and the super tank is miraculously restored (and has a natural 25% resistance to physical attacks). Amazing:shocked:

Otherwise that build is nice and efficient. I prefer to master mages also (added pvp, cold/poison bosses [poison is essential when ubers regain 16K a second]), and for more targets for damage to be dispersed upon. But as far as golems one almost always goes with Iron or Gumby. I think both have been pretty well shown; I mean if Iron could get the same durability as clay I'd definately make him out of a Pride weapon. WooWee! I'd say check with some charts and notice the differences hp wise, then decide which one you'd prefer.

Although I can't say I have ever experienced a "slow killing" phenomenon with my summoner, not even at low levels with no equip except what I could buy and trade for (he was my first character online you see). Especially bosses. Of course now my merc uses Infinity for the CB (which I suppose Iron G could help there; I have to admit the idea of an extra CB soldier is rather tasty), and I had him with Guillame's before I made Infinity. Baal and D drop in under a minute with revives in play.

*whew* seems like this is an easy topic to write too much Im going to stop. Good luck and all. Oh and I'd say you're right...Infinity+Amp+CE =Pwnage to any and all :smiley:


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Well yes, it isn't something you really would make a BOTD or anything, but while mf'ing I came across countless IK Mauls, good low-mid level armor, and I just played around a bit. Besides, wouldn't it be just as easy to cast Gumby after IG dies as a backup? No bother, just a preference. Your main point is true, about the hp, but vs. any standard hell monster he lives fine, and the Thorns aura is very sexy.


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Just found out i dont need 1 point in fire golem... I think im gonna cry. My hopes for my perfect char are all down the drain. *tears up*


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Ah tou che! I suppose one could simply use Gumby in a back-up situation. Intersting and very logical point *bow* I may have to look into that more since I'm constantly sellling stuff like that anyhow. The only thing is that I would only want to make him out of an item with aura so it could benefit the rest of the party, and unfortunately all of those (with the exception of two weapons I can think of, and both of those have damage auras) they are either rare or runewords. But still I may have to experiment a bit myself. Thank you for the insight

Oh. Don't worry bud; Incarante is my 4th reincarnation of my summoner. The 1 one I was building for Iron Maiden + Bgolem (not aware that that bug had been fixed), the 2 I didn't max skellies and instead maxed Fire golem (OUCH), and the 3rd one I did exactly what you did...put that pt into FireG. Right now the 4th reincarnation is lvl90 and, thank God, won't have to be remade.


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By all means run baal and diablo.

IM or not, the necro is one of the few characters along with the hammerdin that cannot be stopped or slowed in either place.

There is nothing (with lots of points in dim vision) that is even mildly dangerous.

So your merc dies to an ig? Maybe 1/7 baal runs. Takes all of 15 seconds to respawn him.

I think WSK is an extremely good place to run with a summoning necro.


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Summoners are SLOW!!! BLASPHEMER!!! :shocked: Summoners are some of the fastest chars around with gear (beats my hammerdin by faaaaar), you might say hammerdins are faster.... but they need enigma too now dont they??!! Some pretty cheap gear that you will be able to gather together by endgame

1. +3 summon wand (easy to get, just keep checking wand vendors)
2. +1-3 raise skele head, +1-3 skele mastery on the head as well
3. LORE runeword (ort+sol) for a helm. It gives +1 all skills and some other decent mods, cheap runes + good mods = awesome beginners item.
4. +3 summon ammy, you can gamble in act 5 for one of these.
5. Trang's armor, this is a very cheap item that you can get for Pgems, just collect a few from questing (and forges) and then trade them off for it. (You could probably get it for free as well)
6. Look out for Pgems, as after trang, you could buy an arm of king leoric nowadays on east ladder for Pgems.

With this very cheap gear you could get anywhere from 10-12 to your skeles and mastery. I would also consider putting points into mages, as they help killing the PI's and they will add crucial damage when you just arent inflicting enough with low +skills. Also, if you manage to grab a high rune off your hell forge, you could trade it for either a Ntorch (low-medium ones go for a hr less) or a homunculus + shako. Lots of opportunities to build your wealth.

Hope you have fun building your fishy!!! :grin:


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I wont say necros are faster, but no character in the game combines speed with just about immunity like a summon necro.

I'll never match a sorc or hammerdin.

But, I'll never run into a room that wipes me out.


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My necro is a very fast killer, everyone has to see my gear. Then they act all stupid when i show them mf gear. Having the fast killer in the game with 600% mf is very nice.

Three keys to my method, two have been mentioned:

-infinite mana, no amount of damage or cb or life on any other golem can replace this. CE is your main killer, the skeletons and magi just help out. Your merc makes kill, you CE, boss group is dead. (always kill ALL boss groups, the bosses are never immune and half the time fall first).


-CE is your main killer. Radius of conviction is about the same as radius of CE. That + amp makes your CE kill very fast, specially in the tombs (overlooked place to mf, heavily populated with boss monsters in a room that fits your CE radius). Bonuses to using infinity also mean your merc is badass, your skellies hit every time (often overlooked, very helpful) and your magi do pretty good damage now.


-It takes only a second to switch on +skill gear and jump to pindle, raise 13 skellis + mages (13 is what i have after i switch mf gear, more than enough), then run back to stash and put on mf ammy/weap/boots/whatever. The higher the SM, the faster your guys will kill.

I have mine set up as a gold finder as well, so i just CE a few, pick up gold, then CE a few to finish off everyone and pick up goodies and leave. I do have enigma, but if you have infinity you pry have enigma.

Personally, I do not like running diablo or WSK because my golem can die. Your speed slows way down if you lose insight. If you can't afford a decent setup, use an insight merc. Then you are open to make clay golem (but you don't need another tank) or iron golem. I suggest iron golem out of items that slow too. Minotaur Ancient Axe is absolutely perfect with CB and slow.


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I agree with those who prefer to invest on mages rather than on Golems, I find the mages very usefull, especially those poison Mages, their poison completely negates the healing rate of all monsters including bosses. However I never keep Ice mages around, when I get those I unsummon them and replace them hoping to get another kind with the next corpse because they make bodies shatter and I want those for CE.
As almost every other summoner I use the Clay Golem by deafult I can see the benefits of a good Iron Golem too but I dont use it for 2 reasons 1) If I have to use a good item then I can t unsummon him if I feel I need another type of Golem (Clay to slow perhaps) so I d be stuck with just the Iron Golem. 2) Golems and the rest of the summons sometimes dissapear espontaneusly, due to lag maybe or other reasons, so I personally wouldn t risk loosing a valuable item. This is just my sad experience :-/
I have recently been reading the thread in this forum about the Fire Golem and decided to have some fun with it, my summoner doesnt have more than 1 point on each golem and GM but still the fire Golem has its fun side, his main virtue is to atract monsters, he doesnt kill anything by himself but he herds everything right to him which means right to my skellies which means right to my CE, getting more enemies packed toghether each time I cast CE is very nice.
My summoner was my first character too so Im still using him to MF in areas, not bosses, although I did solo Baal for quest in Hell and finished the game with him. Summoners do well with bosses too but they excell in areas against large crowds.


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I just give my merc an insight.

I still have way more power than I know what to do with.

Give the merc a 35 percent CB helm and BAMMO. Anything is dead anyways.

You cannot beat the clay golem.


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I wont say necros are faster, but no character in the game combines speed with just about immunity like a summon necro.

I'll never match a sorc or hammerdin.

But, I'll never run into a room that wipes me out.
Im going to have to say that Im quite the opposite. I suppos that I COULD tele only once in a while and raise up all of my skeles, golem, mages, revives, oak and bo on. But that's a tad to slow for me, Im a very offensive oriented summoner. I tele everywhere, telestack everything, and beat up the monsters myself if things are getting to slow :prop:



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I actually tried today killing baal with my necro because I have never really timed how fast a necro can do baal. The result was pretty impressive, under 20 secs. Seriously thats pretty fast I think