summoning ubering necro give me a hand plz


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summoning ubering necro give me a hand plz

helm - shako
ammy - maras
weap - king leoric arm/hoto
shiled - um'd homo
weap cta
shiled - spirit
armor - enigma
gloves - trangs
belt - spiders
rings - sojs
boots - Marrowwalk
about 5 summon GCs

act 2 merc - might
weap - Infinity
armor - fort
helm -gaze

20 skele master
20 skele wars
20 skele mage
20 clay golme
1 revives
1 summon resist
1 CE
1 in to cures going stright down and all to the right
rest in revives

so what do you all think for the ubers think he can do plz help


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ubers arent really that hard.. and there are many posts like this alredy.

foosoft made 2 godly videos about this and i think prettey mutch every quetsion has been answered alredy :rolleyes:

but im going to answert to you this:
your nec would be abel to do ubers, but i dont know about you and your experience with necros

Eilo Rytyj

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don't put 20 points into clay golem... whatever you do. Golem mastery is far more useful, in case you want to make an Iron Golem from something useful later on.

You'll want at least slvl 40-45 skeletons/mastery/mages for them to survive that place.

You may also want a merc weapon with crushing blow on it. Infinity is probably the best for that job, but Obedience is almost as good. It's not necessary, but it helps speed things up for your Urdar/Gorebelly revives. Your merc will also need to have stacked resists against Meph. Kira's guardian, ethereal CoH, Obedience etc. will help toward this.

Watch Foosoft's videos, see how it's done. He makes skillful use of his curses (e.g. Terror) to keep him and his army alive.